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As advertised


the November issue

o f Better Homes and Gardens

Podded Headboards

and Covers

Thickly podded.

Dark walnut finish legs. Quilted

covers sold separately.


<;- ..

the complete Bedroom Ensemble

New gold-frosted multicolor print blends with 5 solids


a nother Sears' " first" and featuring today's most popular trend, the textured look! Everything co–

ordinated ... headboard covers, pillows, dust ruffies and coverlets beautifully fashioned in radiant " Thick 'n' Thin"

Chromefast acetate. Mix or match lavish solids with gold-splashed far eastern print; all colors washfast, sunfast. Finely

quil ted coverlets, extra full dust ruffies button on and off for q uick changes in decorating, easy sudsing. Hand wash

q uilted items. Padded headboards have universal-fit legs and metal slides. Easily attached to any steel bed fra me or holly–

wood type bed with headboard brackets; no boring, drilling, cutting. Bolts, wing nuts included. Quilted slip covers for

both styles come in multicolor print or 5 matching solids.

For brackets see your

G e ne ral



HH means Harm ony House color

Print Coverlet, Unlined pinch pleated Dra–

peries and Headboard Covers.


24 N 723V-Print Coverlet. Full Size. 75x100

in. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. 6 oz ...... . . Each $ 14.50

24 N 724V-Print Coverlet. Twin Size. 60x\OO

in. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 11 oz.

. Each $14.50

24 N 738V-Print Draperies. 24x84 in. tong

ea. side. Wt. I lb. 10 oz.

. ... Pair


24 N 802F-Print Headboard Cover for head–

boord 24i'<M1002. Wt. I lb. I oz.. Each $4.85

24 N 803F-Print Headboard Cover for head–

toord 24NMl003. Wt. I lb. 3 oz. . Each $6.85

24 N 805F-Print Headboard cover for head–

board 24NMl005. Wt. I lb. I oz. . Each $6.85

24 N 806F-Print Headboard Cover for heod–

boord 24NM1006. Wt. I lb. 3 oz. Each


Headboard covers shipped from factory


N.Y.C. Order, pay postage from




Frosty pink


Matching Solid Color Coverlets, Dust Ruffles, Hea dboard Covers, foa m rubber Pillows.

State H H color

Frosty pink, Bronze green, Federal gold, Spice brown, Ming blue.

24 N 721V-Solid Coverlet. Full size. 75xl00

24 N 19014-Solid Squa re Box Pillow abt.

in. Snpg. wt. 3 lb. 6 oz......... Each $12.50

11x1 1 in. Shpg. wt. 1 lb.......... Each $2.95

24 N 722V-Solid Coverlet. Twin size. 60x

24 N 19015-Solid Round Box Pillow obt. 11 -

100 in. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. II oz.... Each $12.50

in. diameter. Shpg. wt. 12 oz..... Each $2.95

24 N 725V-Solid Dust Ruffle. Full Size. Ship-

24 N Ml 002-Modern Headboard. Twin Size.

ping weight I lb. I oz..

. . Each $6.85

39 inches wide. Wt. 15 lbs .. . .... Each $9.95

24 N 726V-Solid Dust Ruffle. Twin size.

Shipping weight 13 ounces.. . .. .. Each $6.85

24 N 808F-Solid Headboard Cover for

heodboord 24NMI002. Wt. I lb. I



24 N 809F-Solid Headboard Co,er for

heod'ooord 24NM1003. Wt.



24 N 811 F-Solid Head?oard Cover for

heod>oord 24NMIOQ5. Wt. 1 lb. l



24 N 8 12F-Solid Headboard Cover for

heodooord 24NM1006. Wt. I lb.3




Federal gold


24 N M1003-Modern Headboard. Full Size.

54 inches wide. Wt. 20 lbs.. . . . Each $11. 50

24 N Ml 005-Chippendole Headboard. Twin

Size. 39 in. wide. Wt. 16 lbs..... Each $13.95

24 N M1006-Chippendole Headboard. Full

Size. 54 in. wide. Wt. 22 lbs .... Each $15.50

24 N 731V-White Cafes. Gold Color lurex


36x36 inches long each side. Ship–

ping weight 11 ounces. . . . .

. Pair $3.88

Items marlced "M" as 24 N M1003 shipped

freight, express or truclc; others mailable.


Ming blue