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Super full or

twin size

Gifts to treasure through the years


The New "Virginian"


A treasure to receive .


a treasure to give!

The beauty of colonial artistry joins with the magic of modern

machinery to give you elegance at a moderate price.


full draping

super sizes. Skilled craftsmen have captured a hand-loomed look in

finest yarns .. a masterpiece in design, ease of care. Startling star motif

highlights detailed floral pattern .. completely reversible for double

beauty, double wear. Set off with luxurious 4-inch bullion fringe.

vVashfast, preshrunk* cotton, no ironing needed.

Antique while.

24 N 623-Super full Size about 96x110 in. Shpg. wt.


lbs. 8 oz .. Each $12.95

24 N 624-Super Twin Size about 82x110 in. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs. 12 oz .. Each 12.95


A gift you'll always be remembered for .. this beautifully-loomed

·'Baltimore Belle" echoes the hand-woven look of early American

days. Enchanting design detailed in heaviest type cotton yarns, fin–

ished with elegant 3-inch hand-knotted fringe. Full super sizes fall in

deep, graceful lengths on your bed. vVashfast pastels stay clear. Pre–

shrunk* to assure a lasting good fit. Nicely boxed for



24 N 0630--Super Full about 98x110 inches. Choice of french blue, petal pink,

primrose yellow, bleached white or natural white.





weight 9 lbs.

. ... Each $17.95

24 N 0631-Super Twin about 80xll0 inches. Choice of only natural white or

bleached white.




Shipping weight 8 lbs....

. ...

Eoch $17.95


New for Christmas ... a gift of enduring loveliness, the simplest of

care! The majestic •'Jeffersonian" is artfully woven in an elaborate

star and tulip pattern. Superior cotton yarns, exquisite detailing com–

bine with breathtaking heirloom styling .. make it a spread for this

generation to treasure, as well as the next. Available in super full sizes

for richer, more graceful draping. Reversible, too .. equally beautiful

on either side. l'inished with heavy tufted border, luxurious hand

knotted fringe. Wonderfully washfast, preshrunk• .. no ironing re–


In anti1ue white only.

Boxed for Christmas giving, easy storage.

24N 0635-Super Full about 96x110 in. Shpg. wt. JO lbs..

Each $19.95

24N 0636-Super Twin about 82x110 in. Shpg.


9 lbs.. .

. .Each 19.95


The incomporoble "Bride's Bouquet" is an enchanting southern

adaptation, sure to be treasured for its delicacy of



enduring loveliness of its snow soft varns. Fashioned with full rounded

corners, luxurious bullion fringe. R.eversible for twice the wear. Super

full sizes for added elegance. \Vashfast, preshrunk* cotton slays

smooch without

ironin~. Harmonizin~

draperies 36x90 inches long

each side, rod pocket tops. Choice of bleached white or natural white.

Please state color wanted.

24 N 674Y-Super full about 98x110 inches. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs. 15 oz.. Each $9 .85

24 N 675V-Super Twin about 80x\10 inches. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs..

. Each 9.85

24 N 676V-Harmonizing Unlined Draperies. Shpg.


3 lbs.


oz:... Pair


*All Heirlooms preshrunk .


maximum shrinkage 3%

Super full or

twin size