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An old-fashioned holiday tradition ..

trimming the Christmas tree with goodies

From the fairy tole land of enchantment .. this chorming candy cottage

So easy to assemble . . it provides hours of fun for the entire family


Old Fashioned Candy Christmas Tree Trimming Kit. Nos-

talgic for the days when the whole family gathered

around a tree laden down with colorful goodies? Here's a

kit that's bound to bring back pleasant memories for the

adults, make little folks' eyes shine! Contains 4 candy-filled

cellophane cornucopias, 2 foiled chocolate ornaments,


large candy canes,


small candy canes,


snirkle candy–

filled stockings, 8 pink and green bells, 4 chocolate deco–

rated trees,


candy-filled butterflies,


cherries on a wire.

Many shapes, flavors, colors to hang on the tree. Buy a

second set to use as colorful, unusual package decorations.

Order early .. in plenty of time before Christmas!


Candy House Kit. Children and adults alike will

be captivated by this adorable cottage con–

structed of delicious candy. As delightful and pic–

turesque as the one in "Hansel and Gretel." Imag–

ine how


this would be under the Christ–

mas tree, as a mantle decoration, or as the center–

piece for a child's birthday party. Loads of fun for

adults to make, but so simple a child can easily

follow the instructions that are included with kit.

Form and base for the house are pre-cut of sturdy

cardboard. Plenty of wholesome candy included

for the house with enough extra for nibbling while

it is being assembled. Candies in this kit are: sugar

87N 8787-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs..Set $1.98.Buy 2; save 27c. 2 sets $3.69







Do-it-yourself, novelty holiday treats promote "togetherness"

New! Treats that odd to the merriment ... perfect for gifts that are different


Smucker's Old Fashioned Pre-

serves. Table delicacies made

from best fruits obtainable. Nine

J,.2-lb. jars .. 3 strawberry and 2

each of boysenberry, grape jams

and orange marmalade. Each

one fresh, deliciously flavorful.

87 N 8788-Shpg. wt. 11 lbs... ...$4.69


Home Style Assortment of Cook-

ies. Some plain, some fancy.



lbs. 21 kinds in colonial-de:

sign, basket tin with handles.

87 N 8799-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs . . ....$2.39




Sweets ... Your favor-

ite little "podnuh" will go for

the gay one-half pound assori–

ment of delicious, wrapped can–

dies in tl1e "saddle bags." When

the candy is all gone, he'll enjoy

playing with him out on the range,

too. Taffy-colored horse is authen–

tically molded of plastic, has re–

movable saddle. Measures



8711 inches. Order one for each

cowpoke on your list! He'll be

proud to have it in his room.

87 N 8789- Shpg. wt. 1 lb..... •..$1.98


Popcorn Ball Kit. What fun!

Special mold makes delicious

popcorn balls so easily. Also

contains: 12711-ounce popcorn

and plastic measurer;



Kraft caramels;


U-ounce min–

iature marshmallows; 6 '\.vooden

sticks for caramel apples; re–

cipes; tree, Santa, snowman

molds; directions. Decorate these

goodies with m arshmallows,

fill stockings with them, string

them on the tree.

87 N 8790- Shpg. wt.2 lbs. 8 oz. $1.98



you can add your holiday candies to


Sears Easy Terms order, see page 313

wafers, snirkles, candy cigarettes, candy hearts,

spearmint leaves, wintergreen lozenges, spice

drops, fairy breathlets, and green sugar.

Assembled cottage measures 127:\x8 inches.

Make this exciting candy house for the holidays

or as a surprise for a children's party. Or give the

children the kit and let them have the fun of

putting it together. A wonderful way for them to

spend several happy hours. Everything necessary

for the construction of this candy cottage, inclu–

ding two pounds of candy in this kit. Order now–

do your Christmas shopping early.

87 N 8731-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs.... . ...... .....•. .$1.98


Colorful wreath that you assemble .. . it's

easy and fun! Kit has


711 lbs. assorted

Bunte Rainbow Mix hard candies


lb. extra

for munching),


J,.2-in. pre-tied red ribbon bow,

15 yds. copper wire, 10 yds. pressure-sensitive

tape, instructions. What a cheery greeting!


N 8792-Shipping weight 5 pounds 8 ounces...$3.39


Styrofoam® bose says "Merry Christmas."

Santa center, 32 peppermint sticks around.

When candy's gone, attractive wreath remains.

87 N 8791--Shpg. wt. 3 lbs............... 2