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Relaxing head-to-foot massage right at home!

Perfed for

scalp workouts.

Stimulates blood


Helps relieve

tired muscles

and improve

muscle tone

Easy Terms,

page 373

Ideal gifts for any man or woman. Give healthful, relaxing,

refreshing head-to-foot massage right at home. .Produce

action like that of Swedish massage ... give gentle to

vigorous treatment, according, to pressure of operator's

fingers. The perfect way to help relieve muscular fatigue

due to overexertion ... help eliminate that "all-in" feel–

ing and ease nervous tension. Stimulate blood circula–

tion. Help tone flabby muscles. Ideal for scalp and hair

care. Attach to back of hand by adjustable steel spring

straps. Rubber pads. UL approved. With cord, switch.


GOOD. low-priced Kenmore Vibrator with features of

higher-priced units. Smartly styled 4Ys-inch ivory–

color plastic body with chrome-plated metal trim.

34N 8384-110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. ...... $6.95


BETTER. New, more powerful Kenmore Vibrator-Massager

produces soothed, relaxed, "great-to-be-alive" feeling.

Aquamarine-color4 )1-in. plastic body; chrome-plated trim.

34 N 839(}-Any 110-120-volt AC or DC. Wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz.... $10.95


OUR BEST! New, professional quality Kenmore Heavy-

duty Vibrator-Massager. Sold in our Big Catalog under

other famous brand name for Sl 8.95 .. you save $4.00. Most

powerful Kenmpre we've ever offered! Produces soothing,

deep-down pulsation. 5-in. chrome-plated steel body.

34 N 8391-Any 110-120-volt AC or DC. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs.. .. $14.95


Ideal for Mom .. a "grown-up" gift for Sis!

Practical, low-priced gifts for any woman! Blow hot or cold for quick drying of

hair, nail polish, leg make-up, lingerie, hosiery, etc. Each has separate switches

for "on-off" and "hot-cold." Guaranteed one year.


GOOD. Restyled, low-priced Kenmore in choice of 3 colors. Chrome-plated

trim. Detachable, rubber-mounted stand. Round wood handle. Hold in

hand or set on stand to leave both hands free. Uses 215 watts. UL approved.

110-120-volt, 50 to 60-cycle AC.

State color

pastel pink, pastel blue or ivory-color.

34 N 8312-4%x7Ya x9% in. high. With cord. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. 6 bz................. $4.95


BETTER Kenmo•e Dryer in choice of 3 colors. Includes newest shutter control

plus washable, flameproof plastic head bag for extra-quick, professional

drying of home permanents. Shutter control adjusts heat and air output. Dryer

head tilts up or down to direct warm or cold air where desired. Rubber-mounted

one-piece plastic handle and base. Set dryer on table, hang it on wa,ll or hold

in hand. Uses 215 watts. 110-120-volt, 50 to 60-cycle AC. UL approved.

State color

pastel pink, pastel blue or ivory-color with matching base.

34 N 8317-4'!. x7Yax9% in. high. With cord. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs.. . ........ .. ... .. ...



OUR BEST Kenmore Hair Dryer .. . all chrome-plated with black plastic trim


Outperforms any other Kenmore we've ever sold. Extra-powerful 260-watt

brush-type universal motor blows far more air than (D) or (E). Shutter control

adjusts heat and air output. Washable, flameproof plastic head bag for quick

professional drying of home permanents. Chrome-plated metal head tilts up or

down. Rubber-mounted one-piece plastic handle and base. Hold it in hand,

set on table or hang on wall. Any 110-120-volt AC ar DC. UL approved.

34 N 8322-4'!. x7Ya x9% in. high. With cord. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs.................... $11.95



A gift Mom or Dad will appreciate because they can

save up to


a year giving the family haircuts at

home. It's easy to do, using Kenmore "Stand-Up"

instructions. UL approved Clippers have quiet uni–

versal motor (better than inexpensive vibrator type),

"on-off" switch, 8-ft. cord, ivory-color 611.\-in. plas–

tic housing. Work on any 110-120-volt AC or DC.

Sets are packed in snap-fastened leatherette cases, as

illustrated, for convenient storage.


Kenmore Clipper Set with full-size 10-wott Clipper.

Clipper has fine-cutting blade plus tapering and

crew-cut attachments. Set also includes 7-in. forged

steel shears,


hard rubber comb, neck cloth,

neck brush, can of oil and "Stand-Up" instructions.

34N 7309-With folding case. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 10 oz. $15.50


OUR BEST Kenmore Clipper Set with extra-powerful

35-watt Clipper that has fine-cutting blade with

constant tension ... won't pull hairs. Same quality

professional barbers use! Set also includes snap-on

"bucch" attachment· for


"butch" and crew

cuts, 7)1-in. fine forged steel shears, 7)1-in. tapered

hard rubber comb, plastic neck apron, plastic-bristled

neck brush, can of oil and "Stand·Up" instructions.

34N 7318--With folding case. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs....... $21.95


our Big


Catalog for more Kenmore Clippers






Complete Set




Complete Set





$2.50 down

Both Clipper Sets include attractive

snap-fastened leatherette case

holding oil accessories illustrated