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Fascinating 3-Dimensional Pattern makes this

"Tuxedo" type stole an exquisite gift.



on 29% cotton base, with 16% rayon added for lus–

trous accent, its shell-like rippling texture makes it

drape most gracefully. A wide border of another

novelty stitch forms the becoming collar and pocket


A perfect complement for day or evening

ensembles. About 20x51 inches at widest points.

Hand wash. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 2 oz.

88 N 88.S4- White .. .

. .......... . . . . . . $.S.97

88 N 88.S.S-Pink.......... .




Little Clutch Cape, a real fashion gift

kmtted of 90% virgin wool on 10% mercerized

cotton base. Smartly shaped to curve smoothly over

shoulders and arms, an appealing accessory for

street wear or a chaser of chills in the home.

Tuxedo front. Knit in subtle stripe texture all over

finished at bottom with wool looped yarn. Hand

washable. Fits bust sizes 32 to 42 inches.

88 N 8869- White. Shipping weight l lb..

. .. $4.97

See Sears Fall and Winter General Catalog for a

complete line of our Stoles, Capes and Neckwear



Virgin Nylon Stole sparkling with silver-

color metallic threads. A lovely, fluffy pattern ..

a charming gift for women of any type. Deep fringe,

double knotted. For all its rich appearance it is very

low priced. Stole measures about 17!/:!x72 inches in–

cluding fringe. Hand washable, it dries very fast and

keeps its original fluffiness. Shipping weight 10 oz.

88 N 8861-White with silver.color. .

. ..·..... $3 .97


Spencer Shrug of


High BulkVirgin Orlon•

has a waist-deep shawl collar of puffy rib-knit–

ting that gives it great style. A rhinestone ornament·

clasps the waistline. Lovely soft quality because it's

interlock knit. Ribbed cuffs hold sleeves comfort–

ably at the push-up length you prefer. Very smart

with dresses or separate skirts. Hand washable, fast


State. bust size

medium (34 to 36 in.): large

(36 to 40 in.). Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 3 oz.

88 N 8860- White.

. .... .




for acrylic fiber

[[) Cape Stole of


Virgin Nylon

knitted in novelty zig-zag and tufted

pattern. The back curves down in cape

shape, the front fashioned with button–

trimmed pocket effect. Measures about

60xl7 inches at widest points. Hand wash–

able, fast drying. Shipping weight



88 N 8862- White . . .

. .... .. .. . $3.47

[] Enchanting


Hood. 100% virgin

wool in the bulky rib knit that's so

smart now. Gold and · silver color glass

beads and simulated pearls on each side

add feminine allure .. it's warm as toast.

Closes with simulated pearl button. Hand

washable. Made in Japan.

Fits all head sizes.

Shipping weight 3 oz.


88 N 8868- White . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



Festive Fringe_. Wool Knit Collar. a

gift to delight all. Ribbed turtle neck.

deep double-knotted fringe edi;ng shows

off smartly over sweaters or dresses. But–

tons in back with sham pearl buttons and

wool loops. About 7U inches wide includ–

ing fringe. Hand washable. Made in Japan.

Fits all sizes. Shpg. wt. 3 oz.

88 N 8232- White......... ........ . $1 .97




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