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(F) through (K)


Pilgrim No-Iron Dacron"' and Cottons with easy care, smart wear styling


New-this-season styling! Two plaids of 65%

Dacron and 35% combed cotton. Especially

handsome Christmas gift shirts in beautiful woven

plaids. The no-iron feature plus smart good looks

make these shirts excellent for both home and travel

wear. The fabric has a soft feel, drapes well and·has a

remarkable ability to shed wrinkles.

This miracle fabric has all the convenience of won–

derful wash and wear ... just wash it, let it dry, then

wear it. Up-to-date sport shirt styling, too, with

medium-spread collar with custom-gauge stitching.

Collar stays give a neat appearance always. Two–

button adjustable cuffs. Maximum fabric shrinkage

only 1%. Washfast colors.

State size







Shipping weight each 13 ounces.

(A) 33 N 455-Ploid. Block with gold accent

(B) 33 N 456-Plold. Brown combination, •.... .. Each


•DuPont. R81. T.M. for polyeeter fiber,


3 solid colors and new fancy check pattern in

choice of short or long sleeve models. Little or

no ironing needed. Washfast colors. Max. shrinkage


State siu



neck), medium

(15-15)11), large


extra large



Solid colors. Long sleeve style. Collar stays.

33 N 569-Ton

33 N 567-White

33 N 568-Blue

Wt. each 1 lb.


size.above...... Each $3.74; 2 for $7.44


Short Sleeve Style. Shpg. wt. ea. 10 oz.

33 N 3023-White 33 N 3024-Blue 33 N 3025-Ton



size above............ Each $2.83; 2 for $5.62

(D) New Foney check pattern. Short sleeve style. Collar has

convenient stays, custom-gouge stitching.

33 N 3013-Blue check

33 N 3014-Red check

Wt. each 13 oz.


size above..... Each $2.83; 2 for $5.62

(E) Fancy check. long

sleeve style.


size above.

33 N 541-Blue check

33 N 542-Red check

Shpg. wt. each 13 oz.... ... ... ... Each $3.74; 2 for $7.44

Pilgrim Wash-and-Wear Wrinkl-Shed® Cotton Sportshirts


Dan River Wrinkl-Shed® with Dri-Don fabric

means washing holidays all year long. Easy

washing. .. fast drying .. . little or no ironing needed.

Resistant to perspiration odor and mildew. Colors are

washfast. Maximum fabric shrinkage is only' 1%.

New this-season styling and Pilgrim tailoring, plus

the wash-and-wear feature, make these sportshirts

appeal to every man. Buy two and save.

State size

small (14-14)1l), medium (15-15)1l), large

(16-16)11). See How to Measure on opposite page.

Solid color chambray.

Please state size above.



(G) 33N522-Blue (H) 33N525-Groy

(JI 33N524-Moize (K) 33N474-Red

Shipping weight ea. 9 oz......... . Each $2.57; 2 for $5.00


New-this-season patterns inDanRiverWrinkl-

Shed® fabrics. Little or no ironing. Max.

shrinkage I%.










Authentic Ivy league Style. 3 button collar. Box pleat.

(LI 33N558- Red miniature tartan

(M) 33N559- Blue stripe


New-this-season plaid. Medium spread collar.

33 N 495-Brown

33 N 496-Blue


New fancy stripe. Medium spread collar.

33 N 545-Red

33 N 546-Blue


New-this-season plaid. Medium spread collar.

33 N 490- Blue

33 N 491 -Red

Wt. ea. 9 oz.


size above...... Each $2.83; 2 for $5.62