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17-inch Snowsuit Baby.


in her cotton flannel snowsuit and

hood. Rooted Saran hair to comb, brush

and set. All vinyl. Head turns. 1-piece

cotton-stuffed body. Lashed, go-to-sleep

glassene eyes. Coos. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.

49 N 3217......................... $4.47

49 N 3216-With molded hoir. INot shown.I 3.72


20-inch Baby,

a big bundle of joy at a

thrifty price. Rayon taffeta coat and

bonnet. Acetate ninon dress with sewn-in

half slip. Rooted Saran hair. Vinyl head

turns. 1-pc. cotton-stuffed vinyl-skin body.

Lashed, sleeping glassene eyes. Coo voice.

Panties, socks, shoes.

49 N 3188-Shipping weight 3 lbs.......$5.77


New! Happi-Time Flirt

rolls her lashed

glassene eyes back and forth; closes

them to sleep. Rooted Saran hair. Vinyl

head turns. 1-pc. cotton-stuffed, vinyl–

skin body. Coos. Cotton dress, bonnet,

slip. Panties, socks, shoes. Curlers.


N 3225-19-ln. Wt. 3 lbs.


oz.. . ....$7.74


N 3227-21-in. Wt. 4 lbs.......... . .



23-inch Happi-Time Baby Big Eyes

rolls saucer-size, lashed glassene eyes

back and forth; closes them to nap. Has

diaper, cotton flannel p.j.'s and hooded

bunting. Rooted Saran hair. Vinyl head,

hands, feet. Head turns. 1-pc. cotton–

stuffed, vinyl-coated clothbody. Cry voice.


N 3260-Shipping weight


lbs.. .....




It's love at first sight when your tot sees these darlings!

New! Mickey, the 11 -inch All-Vinyl Boy


Easy to wipe clean; molded in fine

detail. The head turns, arms and legs are

jointed so you can pose him. Authentically

detailed cotton uniforms and molded-on

hats. Painted features. Socks and shoes.


49 N 3345- Mickey the Baseball Player.


Shipping weight I pound... ... . Each $2.67

[] 49 N 3343- Mickey the Football Player.

Shipping weight 1 pound..... .. Each $2.67



N 3344- Mickey the Sailor.

Shipping weight I pound. ...... Each $2.67


15-inch Dennis the Menace.



plastic, wipes clean. One-piece cotton–

stuffed body. Head turns. Stationary glass–

enc eyes. Coo voice. Dressed in Overalls,

shirt, socks and shoes.

49 N 3543- Shpg. wt. I lb. 8 oz. .. .... . $2.67


15-inch Sleepyheod,

baby's bedtime

pal. Soft cotton-backed rayon plush;

feather-foam stuffed. Tuft of Saran hair.

Vinyl face; painted features. Pastel colors.


N 3527- Woshoble. Shpg. wt. I lb.. . $2.97


One of the biggest outfits we've seen at this low price! This

darling damsel has rooted Saran hair to comb, brush, set; wired

legs so she can sit alone and kneel. All vinyl plastic; head turns.

1-pc. cotton-stuffed body. Lashed, go-to-sleep glassene eyes.

Coo voice. She wears a dainty acetate ninon dress, slip, panties,

socks, shoes. Wardrobe includes cotton gabardine coat, straw

hat, cotton and acetate ninon peasant dress, cotton sun suit,

rayon satin lounging pajamas, embossed cotton house coat.

Mirror, hair brush, comb, 4 curlers, Kleenex. Play set of lip–

stick, rouge, powder. 15%'x5%'x12-in. fiberboard trunk.

49 N 3798- Trunk hos metal latch, plastic handle. Wt. 4 lbs.. . . . $7.34