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For proud little girls .. just like those real mothers have



Happi-Time 26-inch Folding Doll Carriage. Tu-

bular chrome-plated handle "grows" with little

mama ... adjusts from 28)4 inches to 30



high. Quilted vinyl plastic body in blue, with white

trim. Chrome-plated snap-on hub caps, hood spread–

ers. Roomy toe extension. Fiberboard insert. Full

draft rail. 4-bow hood. Duchess-type shackle gear.

Double-action foot brake. 7)4-inch wire wheels. %-in.

white rubber tires. Body 26x12



in. deep.

79 N 08278L-Doll not included. Shpg. wt. 11 lbs..... $9.67


Our Best 30-inch Folding Doll Carriage. A little

mother will beam with pride when she takes dolly

for a walk in this carriage of quilted vinyl plastic;

silver color on deep blue. Metal emblems on sides.

Clear vinyl storm shield, 4-bow folding hood. Chrome–

plated fenders. Full draft rail on steel frame. Chrome–

plated handle 31 inches high. Shackle-type Duchess

gear. Double-action foot brake.


wire wheels

with 1-inch white rubber tires. Body is 30xl2}2x10

inches deep overall.

79 N 08284L-Shipping weight 14 pounds.••.......$15.97


23-inch Doll Carriage with Special Lift-out Body

is really two-in-one! Body lifts out to form con–

venient bassinet for dolly's nap or a handy auto bed

when dolly goes traveling. The red-and-white vinyl

plastic body wipes clean with a damp doth. Snap-on

hub caps, chrome-plated hood spreaders. Vinyl cov–

ered half-draft rail. 4-bow folding hood with sun–

visor. Folding steel frame has aluminum finish; two

metal ribs hold body firm. Chrome-plated handle is

30 inches high. Duchess-type shackle gear, double–

action foot brake. 77!1-inch wire wheels have %-inch

black rubber tires. Body is 23xl2x9 inches deep over–

all. Doll not included.


N 08279L-Shipping weight 11 pounds.... ... .... $9.67


22!!2 -inch Folding Doll Carriage has clear "see-

through" vinyl sides with pink apple blossoms

and bows to please little girls. Pink with blue trim.

3-bow folding hood has sun-visor. Vinyl-covered

half-draft rail. 7!1-in. tubular steel chrome-plated

handle is 28)-2 inches high. Duchess-type shackle

gear, double-action foot brake. 67!!-inch wire wheels,

7!1-inch black rubber tires. Body 2272xl0x9 inches

deep. Doll not included.


N 08277L-Shipping weight 10 pounds..•........ $7,64


Quilt and Pillow Set of printed


21-inch Folding Doll Carriage. How she'll love

showing off her d.:illy in this pretty bnggy. Clear

vinyl plastic sides have snowfiake design in pink, blue

and white with pink bows. Bottom and end panels

are solid blue plastic material. 3-how folding hood,

sun visor. 72-in. tubular chrome-plated handle, 26)4

inches high. Foot brake. 4U-in. stamped steel wheels

have 72-in. black rubber tires. Body is 21x9x77!!

inches deep.

49 N 8274-Shipping weight 7 pounds .............$4.72

[] 17!12 -'.nch




in gay


pink vmyl plastic. Blue tnm. Wipes clean wtth a

damp cloth. Toe extension for lots of room. Rigid

fiberboard insert gives dolly plenty of support. 3-bow

folding hood. Durable fiat steel frame has aluminum

finish, folds fiat for storage. Handle is 21 inches from

ground. Hi-inch stamped steel wheels with Vs-inch

black rubber tires. Body is 17)4x7x6


inches deep.

A delightful gift.

49 N 8270-Shipping weight


pounds . •. .......... $2.80


Woven Fiber Buggy is a long-time favorite with

little girls. Fancy 3-color design on loom-woven

fiber with braid trim, enameled yellow. Reversible

hood; always keeps sun away from dolly's delicate

skin. Sturdy aluminum-color steel frame. Tubular

steel handle 23 inches high. 5-inch stamped spoke

wheels; Vs-inch rubber tires.


inches deep.

Order early in time for Christmas.

49 N 8288-Shipping weight 7 pounds ......... .. . .$5.67


New! Bermuda-style Stroller with cute remov-

able parasol! Keeps sun off Dolly, or serves as a

parasol for her little mama. Parasol is made of clear

vinyl plastic with pretty pink-and-white apple blos–

som design; has white enameled wood arm and strong

brass ribs. Raises and lowers like a real parasol.

Stroller body is washable pink vinyl plastic with blue

trim; removable shopping bag has carrying strap,

matches parasol. Chrome-plated tubular steel handle

is 28 inches from grolmd. Adjustable footrest. Easy–

action foot brake.


stamped spoke wheels

with .Ji-inch black rubber tires. Seat 1lx8



deep. Going to market or strolling down the "board–

walk" . . . she'll be pleased as punch with this

Christmas gift.

49 N 8282-Shipping weight 6 pounds..............$6.67

New! Dolly Travels






Just drop the seat back, lift the footrest, and

dolly is all ready for her afternoon nap!

Safety strap keeps her from falling. Chrome–

plated wire footrest; shopping basket is re–

movable. Brightly colored heavy quilted

plastic seat and back have snap fasteners

... easily removed for cleaning. Body is

yellow and white quilted vinyl plastic.

Matching removable canopy. Vs-in. chrome–

plated tubular steel handle is 28 inches from

ground. Polished aluminum frame folds fiat

for storage or



-inch steel disc

wheels, 72-inch black rubber tires. Seat 7x8

in.; 10)1-in.


Doll not included.

49 N 8283-Shipping weight 6 lbs. a' oz.... $7.74

taffeta. Ruffled edges. One

side flowered design, other side

solid pink. Comforter 17x23 in.,

pillow 11x7 in.


Folding Doll Stroller.

Detachable shopping

bag with strap, matches

vinyl plastic black and

yellow plaid body. Fiber–

board insert. Steel frame.

Handle 2272 in. high. 5 in.

stamped spoke wheels, )1-

in. black rubber tires. Seat

7x8x5 in. deep.


All-metal Dall Stroller.


pretty baby colors

with delightful playtime

design. Bright beads on

safety rod. Footrest. Stur–

dy channel-steel handle is

21 in. from ground. 5 in.

plated s tamped-s tee!

wheels, .Ji-in. molded rub–

ber tires. Seat 8x7x5 7!! in.

49 N 8287-Wt. 3 lbs. $1.94


Folding Stroller with

heads and bells. Red–

and-white quilted-vinyl

body. Detachable fringed

canopy, shopping bag.


in. chrome-plated tubular

handle 25 in. high.



stamped spoke wheels, rub–

ber tires. Seat 772x8x8 in.



large Folding Doll Stroller.

Detachable matching fringed

canopy, shopping bag. Blue and

white quiltedplastic. 72-in. chrome–

plated steel arms, handle. Pusher

29 in. high. Brake. Footrest. 6-in.

wire spoke wheels, rubber tires.

Seat 7x9x10 in. deep.

49N 8266-Shpg.


12 oz ... $1.77


Mattress and Pillow Set are

cotton filled. Vinyl plastic

cover has gay nursery print. Mat–

tress 12x21 in., pillow 7xl0 in. Or–

der with your favorite carriage.

49 N 8289-Shpg. wt. 12 oz ..... 91 c

49 N 8285-Wt. 3 lbs.. $2.83


N 08241 -Shpg. wt.


lbs.... $6.77

49 N 8286-Wt. 4 lbs.. $4.76