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New Deluxe 5-pc. Tubular Folding Set with



in. high table and 4

matching chairs (each 24- in. high over-all).

Built to Sears own specifications with sturdy

cross-braced table top, shaped chair backs and

shaped llxll-in. seats all covered with Har–

mony House Cherry red plastic material. Chair

frames and table and chair legs are



lar steel, enameled white. Front legs on chairs

are rubber-tipped. Rigid, non-slip locks on

table . . no accidental collapsing! Shipped

freight, express or truck.

79NM9031-Shipped assembled. Shpg. wt. 37 lbs.$19.95

3-pc. Set. (Not shown.) Same as (A) but with

table and 2 chairs only. Freight, express, truck.

79NM9034-Shipped assembled. Shpg. wt. 27 lbs.$14.77


New 3-pc. Tubular Folding Set. Like (A)

above, but only 2 chairs and smaller table,


inches high. Shipped freight,

express, truck.

79N0902BL-Shipped assembled. Shpg.wt.22 lbs.$11.97

79N09035-Extra Matching Chairs for all 3 sets above.

Shipping weight per pair 12 lbs...... . Per pair $6.67


New 3-pc. Birch and Goldtone-enameled

Dinette Set. Natural-finish 17x24-in. birch

plywood table top, chair seats and backs. Gold–

tone-enameled %-in. tubular metal legs, tipped

with white plastic. Table is 19 in. high. The two

chairs are 20 in. high with 1072x87\l-in. seats.'

79N09027-Easy to assemble. Shpg. wt. 21 lbs..



79N0901.5-2 Matching Chairs. Wt. 15 lbs.Pair



New 3-pc. Captain's Set. Big 25-in. diam-

eter table, 20


in. high, and 2 chairs, 19711

in. high. Table top and 13xll-in. chair seats are

beautiful, warp-proof 12-ply imported Finnish

birch plywood in natural blonde finish. Gold–

tone-enameled U-in. tubular metal legs have

white plastic tips. Goldtone-enameled tubular

chair backs and side arms. Shipped freight, ex–

press, truck.

79NM9029-Easy to assemble. Shpg. wt. 27 lbs. $13.94


New 3-pc. Chrome-plated Dinette Set.

Table is 20 in. high with shaped 23%xl77\l–

in. plastic top that resists acids, stains, chipping.

Polished aluminumapron. Two high-styled wire–

back chairs,


in. highover-all, have 1072x13-

in. padded seats covered with Vinyl plastic. Red

and gray color combinations. Chrome-plated


tubular metal legs tipped with black


79N09046L-Easy to assemble. Shpg. wt. 30 lbs. $16.9



Provincial-style 3-pc. Dinette Set. All light

natural-finish solid maple and birch. Heavy

tapered legs. Table has big 26-in. decorated top,

217\l in. high. Two Captain's chairs

big 1372x117\l-in. tub seats; over-all height

2172 in. Shipped freight, express or truck.

79NM9146-Easy to assemble. Shpg. wt. 35 lbs. $19.75


Happi-Time Upholstered Rocker. Harmony

House Cherry red plastic upholstery; three

non-sag springs. Solid hardwood frame; blonde

lacquerfinish on rockers. Seat 13xll-in.,



from floor. Over-all height 23 in.

79N09128L-Shipped assembled. Shpg. wt. 16 lbs. $9.44


New Colonia_I Rocker in Golden-flnish


with 12xll-m. green padded seat, 11 m.

from floor. Three-slat ladder back. 23 in. high.

79N09006-Shipped assembled. Shpg. wt. 10 lbs. $4.97


Happi-Time Overstuffed Platform Rocker

with Matching Ottoman. Harmony House

Cherry red plastic upholstery wipes clean.

Modern platform base; 2 full-size coil springs.

Hardwood frame; blonde lacquer finish. Rocker

has big 15x14-in. seat, 12 in. from floor, Over-all

height 24 in. Matching upholstered Ottoman is

12x10x7 in. high. Freight, express, truck.

79NM9127-Eosytoossemble.Shpg.wt.27 lbs. Set$12.77


New Solid Oak Musical Rocker in natural

flnish. Built-in Swiss musical movement

plays a delightful tune as chair rocks. Seat is

11.l-llxl07\l in., 9.l-ll in. from floor. Pegged seat

back has colorful design. Over-all height 21 in.

79N09023L-Easy to assemble. Shpg. wt. 10 lbs.


[] NewMetal Rockerwith red plastic-covered


padded seat, shaped back. Gray enameled

tubular frame. Plastic-tipped rockers. Seat 12x

12 in., 11 in. from floor. Height 22 in.

79N09024-Eosy to assemble. Shpg. wt.


lbs. $6.27


Toy Pickup Wagon. Colorful, sturdy wood

and Masonite Presdwood construction. Cut–

out toy soldiers on sides. 2-in. baseboard keeps

toys from falling out. Swivel handle; 3-in. hard

rubber wheels. Size: 25x13x14 in. high.

79N09134-Easy to assemble. Shpg.



lbs. $4.97

[[] New Clothes Hanger with adjustable trou-

ser bar. Mahogany-finish hardwood post.

Brass-plated assembly collar and top finial for

shirt and tie. Metal coat hanger. Hardwood

tray for accessories. Non-tip 16xll-in. hardwood

base for shoes, other items. About 42 in. high.

49 N 9044-Eosy to assemble. Shpg. wt.


lbs.2 oz. $4.47


New Deluxe Roy Rogers Parade Saddle

Folding TV Seat for tots 2 to 10 years old.

Rubber-tipped, enameled


tubular metal

legs. Finest genuine leather Western-style sad–

dle and fenders are gleaming white with reins,

tie strings, rope, "blanket," Roy Rogers brand

and medallion, other trim. 14 in. to seat.

79 N 09116- Shipped assembled. Shpg. wt.


lbs. $8.66


New low-priced Roy Rogers TV Saddle

Seat. Less elaborately trimmed than (P);

no fenders. Tan-color unfinished-leather seat,

13 in. from floor. Sits firmly on rubber-tipped

waxed hardwood legs. Legs fold.

49 N 9111 - Easy to assemble. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs..


Desk and chair




$3.50 dawn

Maple-finish Roll-top Desk and Swivel Choir


Our Best Children's Desk Set. Built to adult standards of

husky northern maple with glowing golden maple finish.

Roll top pulls down when desk is not in use, keeping playroom

neat. Five pigeonhole compartments and pigeonhble drawer.

Two deep, easy-glide side drawers, slide-out arm rest plus

wide center drawer. Desk has 30x15-in. top, 4.7 in. from floor.

Full panel back and sides. Over-all height


in. Matching

swivel chair has 12.l-llx13-in. seat that adjusts in height from

13 to 16 in. to keep pace with the growing youngster. Over-all

height 30 in. Perfect for the young student. Shipped flat;

easy to assemble.


N M9121-Shipped freight, express or truck. Shpg. wt.




Flat-top Desk and Chair. Like (S), without roll-top or

pigeonholes. 30xl5Y.x2.7-in. high desk andmatching chair.

79NM9124-Shipped freight, express or truck. Shpg. wt.


lbs. $27.50






New Birch and Goldtone-enomeled Desk and Chair

We took out a drawer, changed the finish to save you $10.00.

Big 18x33x26-in. high desk, reversible for left or right-hand

writers .. 972x6xl7Y.-in. drawer slides in either side. Solid

birch drawer pull. Big 97\lx8x18-in. deep shelf for books.

Matching chair, 25 in. high; 1372xl2-in. seat 15


in. from

floor. All pieces natural-finish birch plywood with Goldtone–

enruneled %-in. tubular steel, plastic-tipped legs.

79N09038L-Shipped flat; eosy to assemble. Shpg. wt.


lbs. $18.95

New Sliding-door Toy Chest

Two 18x12-inch sliding fiberboard doors

have green chalkboard surfaces. Chest is

· madeofMasonitePresdwoodwithsturdy

pine frame. Attractive painted finish has

colorful designs. 36x18Y.x20 inches high

overall. Easy to assemble. Has chalk and


New! Western Toy Chest

Helps little cowboys rounq up their

toys. Sturdy pine wood top, sides;

natural finish outside. Masonite

Presdwood bottom. Screwed con–

struction. Strong steel hinges. Rope

handle and air holes at sides. 30x14x

13 in. high. Assembled.

3-piece Ki11dergorten Set

Charming kindergarten-size table

and 2 chairs of natural-finish solid

oak. Perfect for little mother-and–

dolly tea parties! Table has 20x16-

in. top,17 in. high. Matching chairs

are 20.l-ll in. high over-all. 9x9-in.

seats. Easy to assemble.

TV Seat-Desk Combination

Sturdy polished Ji-inch tubular aluminum

kiddie-size Desk-Chair converts to comfort–

able TV armchair with an easy flick! Weighs



pounds; easy to carry. Handy black–

board-surface 15x12-inch desk top, 23 inches

high. Red plastic padded 15xl2-inch seat.

Shipped partially assembled.


N 09040L-Shpg. wt. 21 lbs. .•.... $6.97

79 N 09047L-Shpg. wt. 25 lbs.. . . $9.67

79 N 09136L- Shpg. wt. 17 lbs. $6.84

79 N 09032L-Shipping weight 10 lbs•.. .. .. $7.44

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