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Whirly Merry-Go-Round

Whirls for about


minutes from

power of toy balloon .. extra bal–

loons included. Molded of durable

polystyrene plastic. Multicolor. 10

inches high.

Magnificent 159-piece Plastic Ski Patrol Set

Includes roof_and base of command post, rockets, launchers,

stands, machineguns, tripods, magazines, pontoons, paddles,

adaptors, cots, stretchers, foot lockers and covers, flag

base, U._S. flag on dowel, ski troopers, skis, ski poles, soldiers,

and 57 mterchangeable accessories (guns, etc.).

Christmas Surprise Packages! Full of Fun

What's Christmas without a Surprise tucked under the tree?

Just imagine the delighted cries when they find this big bright

package waiting to be opened. Full of little folks' favorites in–

cluding exciting action toys.


large variety.

49 N 5318-For boys. Shipping weight 2 pounds.......... Each

$1. 77

49 N 5293-Shpg. wt.




49 N 5237-Commond post


in. high. Wt. 2 lbs...... Set


49 N 5319-For girls. Shipping weight 2 pounds........... Each 1.77

Action Toys •. Train Set, Crazy Joe, The Santa Pops


9 pieces .. engine with tender and coal car, gondola, caboose.


realistic train crew figures. Taxi cab with silver-color trim,

yellow wheels. Bright color truck. Rubber-like vinyl plastic.

49 N 4942-Troin 32 in.


Shipping weight 1 lb. 9 oz......... Set


[[] Pull string' .. Joe spins, climbs and spirals up and down his

colorful pole. Can hover in 1 spot. climb slowly, or jump to the

top. Crazy is the word for this plastic fellow.

49 N 5286-17 inches high. Shipping weight 7 ounces ......... Each



Press down on coats, and h'eads jump 2 feet. Santa has soft red

hat with jingling bell. Mrs. Santa direct from the North Pole

with jingle bell, eye glasses, Christmas attire. Plastic bodies. Order

early .. be sure it arrives in time for Christmas.

49 N 5016-9Y, inches high. Shipping weight 9 ounces ......... Set




Exciting Plastic Train Set •• Hand-operated Accessories Actually Work!

Gives thrill of big set railroading. Includes locomotive, lumber car, auto carrier, cattle car,

coal car with 2 gondolas, caboose. Lumber loader with logs works 'on conveyor system.

Cattle loader loads, unloads by means of 2 ramps .. even has sound effects of mooing cattle!

Coal loader loads coal into gondolas .. levers dump coal into bin, which dumps it back onto

conveyor. Also included are cattle, railroad equipment, and trainmen. An ideal gift for tots

. . order today.


N 05231 -Locomotive is 10 in. long; other items in proportion. Shpg. wt.


lbs............ Set


20-piece Vinyl Plastic Farm Set

Includes wagon, disc, manure spreader, mmver. At–

tach implements to tractor (5 in. long; others in

proportion). Rubber-like vinyl plastic.

75-piece Plastic Cavalry and Indian Set


3-piece Vinyl Plastic City Utility Set

Construct your own little city


here is all you need

to service it. Red fire pumper



in. long; others in

proportion), airport limousine


both with silver-color

trim, rescue truck, telephone truck, police car, taxi.


figurines. Rubber-like vinyl plastic.

49 N 4944-Shipping weight 1 lb.


oz....... Set






up your own battlefield. Miniature figures in

various action poses

. .

hours of fun playing war.

18 blue cavalry figures, 18 Indians, 14 horses. Also in–

cluded are covered wagon with yoke and wheels, fire–

place, 2 tents, 2 teepees,





49 N 4947-Shipping weight 1 lb. 8 oz.......... Set




49 N 4945-Shipping weight•! lb. 9 oz...... .Set