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without holster

with holster

Has real compass built into end cap!


Fun-for-all Mickey Mouse

or Donald Duck Hand–

operated Puppet included!

Here's a gift your rough and ready "wranglers" will love . . just what

young cowpokes need for their rootin'-tootin' cowboy games. They'll

thrill with its many uses. It's a signal 11asher for Roy Rogers or Morse

Code (included), a danger light and a powerful flashlight with 500-ft.

beam·all in one! A real built-in compass in the end cap tells directions

at a glance! Sturdy, streamlined 6Ys-in. steel body has full color

lithographed picture of Roy Rogers and "Trigger." Attractively

packaged. With bulb, 2 leakproof batteries.

Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck Wrist-Ray Light with Puppet

Christmas morn will be bright with cheer when you give this exciting 2-in-1

gift to your TV "Mouseketeer." Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck Wrist-Ray

lights shine red, green or white at the slide of the dial and push of




ton. Puppet slips over hand;is controlled by finger movement. Antics of thehfe–

like plastic and cotton Mickey Mouse or Donald. Duck give hours of enjoy–

ment to the entire family. Light has yellow plastic case with Mickey Mouse or ·

Donald Duck insignia; straps to wrist, with strong blue-color plastic band.

With bulb, battery. Shipping weight 7 oz. each.

34 N 4442-With holster. Shpg. wt. each 13 oz.. .... Each $1 .39; 2 for

$2 .59

34 N 4403-Mickey Mouse Wrist-Roy lighl end Puppet..... . Each $1.79; 2 for $3.19

34 N 4412-Without holster. Shpg. wt. eoch 12


Each 1.00; 2 for 1.89

34 N 4402-Donold Duck Wrist-Roy light end Puppet. . .. .. . ... Each 1.79; 2 for 3.19

Red Flashing Road Flares and Trouble Ligpts . • a perfect gift for Dad

Buzz! Signal! Honk! with these Flashlights

Homart Red Flasher Lanterns A, B and C have auto–

matic flashing red danger light at top PLUS clear front

beam. Bulbs and 6-volt battery included.


Flasher Lantern with 8-position handle. 750-ft.

beam. Brass case; chrome-plated trim. 8 in. high.

34N4840-Mode in British Hong Kong. Wt. 2 lbs.


oz.. $2.49


Rust-resistant Aluminum Flasher lantern. 1,000-ft.

beam. 8)1 in. high. Shpg. wt.


lbs. 1 oz.

34 N 4815- Red-flosher lantern .................. $5.29

34 N 4810-Some, bul no flesher. Cleor top light only...



Sealed-beam Flasher lantern. Throws clear

5,000 candle-power beam 3,500 ft. Red flasher top.

Swivel head; 4-in. lens. Red crackle-finish aluminum.

34 N 4832-8Y2 in. high. Shpg.


3 lbs. 6 oz... . ... $7.98


New Flashing Flare. Flashes red warning on all

sides to protect you in emergencies. Marks dan–

gerous areas. Compact. 2%"x2%x5)1 in. high. With

"on-off" switch, 4 flashlight batteries, bulb.

34 N 4835-Floshing Flore. Shpg.


2 lbs. .......... $3.69

[] Homart Sealed-beam lantern for mo-

torists, hunters and fishermen. Throws

powerful 5,000 candlepower



%" mile! Sealed-beam bulb burns


longer! Swivel head has 4-inch glass lens,

adjusts up or down. Weatherproof red

crackle-finish aluminum case; hinged cov–

er. Toggle switch. 9 in. long, 8}1! in. high.

One 6-volt lantern battery iucluded.

34 N4830-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. 12 oz. . ....$5.98


Heavy duty Swivel lanternwithl,000-

ft. spot beam. 4-in. lens. Adjustable

aluminum body. 6)4 in. high; 5)1-in. base.

With bulb, 6-volt lantern battery.

34 N 4809-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. 1 oz....... $3.85


Homarl 2,500-ft. Spot Beam lantern.

180° swivel head. 3-position switch

and flasher button. Gray enameled. 8)1 in.

long. With bulb, 6-volt lantern battery.

34 N4825-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. 2 oz.......



3-color Signal light. Exciting 3-in-1 thriller. Flick a

slide switch for 500-ft. white, red or green light. Send

code with flasher button. 2)4-inch plastic lens. Ring hanger

in end cap. Smart chrome-plated metal body 7)4 inch long.

Bulb, 2 leakproof batteries incl. Shpg. wt. 15 oz.

34 N 4419-Mode in British Hong Kong. Eoch $1.19; 2 for $2.29


New Hand-size Horn-light. Signals! Lights! Sounds

loud "BEEP!" danger warning like a car horn. Use it

as a flashlight, to send sound signals or as a bicycle horn–

light combination. 500-ft. spotlight beam. 8;Vz-in. anodized

aluminum body. With bulb, 2 batteries. Wt. 1 lb. 2 oz.

34 N 4409-Mode in British Hong Kong.. Each $1.49; 2 for $2.85


Buck Rogers Sonic Ray Gun.


lights .. buzzes . . sig-

nals! Press the trigger .. light rays shoot out as red side

fins light up and buzz sounds. Use as a flashlight or to send

signals by sight or sound. Secret Sonic Control turns buzzer

off. Red plastic; green and yellow trim. About 7


in. long.

With bulb, 2 batteries. Buck Rogers and Morse codes incl.

34 N 4466-Shpg. wt. each 13 oz...... Each $1.98; 2 for $3.69

Prefocused Auto Work Lights

Rugged Homart Flashlights. Chrome–

plated steel bodies. Non-tarnish alumi–

nized reflectors throw 1,000-ft. beam.

Red plastic lens rings give warning side

glow. Bulb and 2 leakproof batteries.

Has built-in magnet

Decorative Novelty Lights


New Magnetic light. Lifetime Alnico

magnet clings to metal surfaces to

hold light in any position for easiest

work or convenient storage. 2-position

switch; unbreakable plastic lens.

34N4406-7Ya in. long. Wt. 10 oz........ $1.59


Folding Stand light. Holds light in

any position. Has 3-position switch

with flasher button.· Glass lens.

34 N4475-7Va in. long. Wt. 15 oz..... $1.85


Old-time kerosene lamp-style Lan·

tern. Safe! No flames. For young fire–

men or t:ow hands, also novel party lighting.

Enameled metal body


in. high. Wire

handle. "On-off" switch. With bulb, 2 bat–

teries. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 2 oz.

With yellow case; red glass chimney

34 N 4823 ........ Each $2.98; 2 for


With red case; clear glass chimney



4824 . .. ..... Each $2.98; 2 for



New Decorative Toy lantern. Chrome-

plated metal. Hanger-handle. Clear

glass chimney. 3-in. diameter base; 4% in.

high. With red and white bulbs, 2 batteries,

switch. Made in British Hong Kong.

34 N 4839-Wt. 14 oz. Each 89<; 2 fo r $1.69