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Build Exciting Models by Color with famous Tinkertoys $2.67

215 pieces

A windmill that whirls, a house, all sorts of wonderful structures . . all easy to

make because you select the parts by color, aided by the f!Jll-color idea book

diagrams. Smoothly sanded birch pieces fit firmly together without scre";s, nuts

or bolts. Easy to dismantle, use them over and over. Harmless colonng.



drive in 2 larger sets supplies operating power by use of hand crank. Fiberboard

storage tubes. The larger the set the greater the play value.

Make Model Frontier Forts, Cabins with American logs $5.56

314 pieces

Authentic-looking square-timbered miniatures of pioneer;day bui_ldings.


hewn square-cut Jogs are interlocking-move as a urut without d1smantl1ng. No

toolS 'or glue needed. Sturdy wood is stained natural log color, has splmter-free

edges. Sturdy storage tube. Squar.e logs of assorted


_roof plankmg,

chimney, split logs for firm foundations. Interchangeable pieces


all sets.

49 N4675-54-piece set. Tube 12x4-in. diameter. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 8 oz... . ...... .. .. 87c


N 4681 -The Prep. 78 pieces. 4-page direction book. Shpg. wt. 14 oz.. . . . . .... . 82c

49 N 4676-103-piece set. Tube 13x5·\l.i -in. diameter. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 14 oz.. .

. ... $1.67


N 4682-The Mojor. 149 pieces. 12-page direction book. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 10 oz. . .. $1.67

49 N 4677- 211-piece set. Tube 13J/.x7Y2-in. diameter. Shpg. wt. 6 lbs...



N 4683-The Grad. 215 pieces. 12-page direction book. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 3 oz.. . . . 2.67

49 N 4678-314-piece set. Tube 19\1.i x7Y2-in. diameter. Shpg.


9 lbs..... . ....... 5.56

New! PegTable-Blackboard $3.97

Handsome wood desk-bench set. Easv–

turning scroll has alphabet charts, fuiI–

color pictures. Blackboard top slides

out, reverse- for writing with "wipe–

off" crayons .. may be mounted on

wall. Use inside of desk for peg board

or play table. Mallet, chalk, crayons,

colored pegs, eraser. Desk 16x12 in.



in. overall.


N 01862-Unossembled. Wt. lOlbs.$3.97

Double Slide-away Blackboard and Peg Table .. fun for two $5.97

Two tykes will have twice as much fun playing and working together with

this double desk-bench. "Slide-off" composition top on each desk is reversible

with blackboard on one side and white crayon board on the other. Black–

board has alphabet and numbers printed on sides. Inside of each desk contains

pegboard, provides storage space for accessories: 2 mallets,


boxes of chalk,

2 boxes of crayons. 2 sets of pegs and 2 wood erasers. Made of selected wood

with two built-in benches. Enameled black and red. Desk surface 16xll


inches; over-all size


inches high. Shipped unassembled .. easy

to set up.


N Ol701L-Order early for Christmas. Shipping wt. 13 lbs... .. . ... . ..... . .


Doodle Desk, Supplies $8.94

Composition blackboard top opens up for



"wipe-off" crayon on reverse

white side. Big top has room for every–

thing a young artist needs. Built-on seat

and backrest covered in wipe-clean plas–

tic. Rugged


tubular steel frame,

hard enamel finish. Adjustable runners.

Crayons, chalk, eraser, paints, brush, pic–

tlires included. Easy to assemble.


N 01865L- 31x25xl7!h in. Wt. 19 lbs. . .$8.94

Set of


Mickey Mouse

Club Puzzles.


and his pals caper in full

color as you fit pieces to–

gether. Eachinlaidpuzzle



in. Perma–

nently fastened b<i<ders.

Big, precision-cut pieces

of extra-heavy litho–

graphed cardboard.

New! Set of 10 Inlaid

Children's Puzzles.


cinating fun for tots ..

they "make" pictures by

fitting pieces together.

Each puzzle 9x6%: in.,

has about 14 precision–

cut pieces of heavy card–

board lithographed in

color. Assorted subjects.

New! Set of




Helps teach tots

while they play. Subjects

are map of United States,

clock with movable hands.

alphabet, 4 seasons, 12

months. Each inlaid puzzle

hasbig, precision-cut pieces

of heavy cardboard litho–

graphed in full color.

.Flip-Flop Peg Board.


pound with wood mallet on 8

brightly colored wood pegs, then

flip the top and begin again. Helps

teach hand-eye coordination.

Sturdily made of smoothly var–

nished hardwood.


incheo; wide,

13V2 inches


4 inches high.

49 N 4762- Shpg.


2 lbs. 9 oz. $1.77

Peg Carry Kit.

Four toys i11 one. A

crayon board for budding artists; a

peg board with pegs and mallet for

pounding pleasure; a ·blackboard with

chalk and eraser for playing school;

bright beads to count and twirl. Sturdy

wood kit has handle for car.c,ying ease,

room inside for accessories.

49 N 4658- 16xl2x2 in. Wt. 4 lbs... $1.67

49 N 4655- Wt. 2 lbs. 87c

49N4742- Wt. l lb. l l oz.87c

49N4743- Wt.3 lbs... $1.27

Christmas shop


Sears Easy Terms


10% down


$20 or more