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New "Fanner" Fast-shooting Single Holster Set

Realistic copy of "Wild West" lO:ii-inch cap pistol has fanning action.

Authentic holster of top grain cowhide leather. saddle-stitched and buckled,

with cutaway neck for a fast draw. 18 all-metal "coppercfad" bullets in

leather bullet loops. Hipsling, contoured belt. All-metal buckle, rawhide leg–

tie cord. Four-color comic book tells how to do-western shooting tricks.

49 N 2785-8elt adjustable for up to 34-inch waist. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs........ . ....



Young Buffalo Bill Single Holster Set

Here comes the marshal with the jailhouse keys and his trusty "38" repeater

cap pistol, 8 inches long, "break-barrel" action. Black and beige leather

holster, white border and center design, nickel-plated nailheads and scalloped

concha, with pretend jewel. Black leather contour belt, western center bar

buckle and 2 conchas. 2 large metal keys with metallic finish; marshal's badge.

49 N 2851-Belt fits waist sizes 23 to 28 inches. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 8 oz..•........ $1.73

Miniature Holster Set

2 single-shot cap guns.



in. long, just right for little

fingers. Pull back hammer,

load fire! Western-style hol–

sters have white backs, dark

brown fronts with shiny

metal star medallions on

fancy white daisy streamer

design. Colorful leather belt

fits waist sizes up to 22 in.

49 N 2849-Shpg. wt. 8 oz..87c

NOTE: Ohio


sole of cap–



to minors under 16 years



Cap Pistols to Thrill little Straight Shooters


"Dyna -Mite" in Clip. 3-inch Hide-

a-Way, vest-pocket Derringer with

realistically-etched features. Chromed

finish. Single shot. Load cap in 2-piece

cartridge that holds flash in gun.

White ftexible polyethylene clip with

2 extra cartridges is slotted to slip

onto belt.

49 N 2782 -Shipping weight


oz ..... 87c


Texan 38-col iber Cop Gun.

Breaks open to load and eject cart–

ridges like a real gun. 11


inches long,

with bright nickel-plated finish. Real–

istically engraved stock and barrel.

Revolving cylinder holds 6 bullets.

Place caps in cylinder with bullets.

Cartridge clip slotted to slip on belt.

49 N 2792-Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 2 oz.... $1.77





Stallion 3 2-coliber. 9-inch six-

shooter for the younger cowboy.


plated finish i11


western design with black handle.

Place caps in two-piece cartridges.

load, fire. Cartridge keeps flash inside

pistol. Revolving cylinder holds six

cartridges. Order now for Christmas.

49 N 2767-Shpg. wt. 12 oz ....... $1.37


Stallion 45-coliber. Big, scale-

model six shooter. Cylinder opens

to load six 2-piece cartridges. Pull

apart shell, load cap. Cartridge holds

flash in pistol. Chrome-plated metal.

Two sets of plastic grips, one white,

one black. Gun


inches long.


cludes polyethylene cartridge clip.

49 N 2727-Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 12 oz ... $3.57

in swaggering western styles

for sharpshooting frontiersmen



Realistic loading action! 2 "Tex-

an" 38-cal. cap pistols. Barrel

breaks to open revolving cylinder.


sert 6 metal bullets, each loaded with

one cap. Flash stays in pistol. Spring

rejects "used" cartridges when barrel

is reopened. Double holster set of gen–

uine top grain

saddle leather.


straps on bolster fronts. Imitation

turquoise "jewels" on holster fronts,

belt. pistol grips. Leather leg ties.

49 N 2874-Belt fits waist sizes 24 to 29

inches. Shipping weight 3 lbs. 9 oz .... $6.47


New! Wild Bill Hickok side -load-

ing Repeater Pistols! Flick lever

and side opens for loading metal bul–

lets. Deeply tooled double holster set

has scalloped backs, nickel-plated

nailbeads and conchas inlaid in black.

Wide cowhide belt with black-inlay

Wild Bill Hickok name and 2-tone

conchas. Leather leg ties. Two 44 cal.

automatic cap pistols. 11 in: long.

Fires 50 shot roll of caps.

49 N 2880-Belt


waist sizes 24 to 30 in.

Shipping weight 3 pounds 8 ounces.. . $7.67


Wild Bill Hickok Double Hipsling-

er Set. Natural top grain cowhide.

Scalloped backs. Tooled fronts inlaid

in black. Fob with fancy nailheads,

black imitation stitching and name

Wild Bill Hickok in black. Wild Bill

Hickok and Jingles brand conchas on

hipslinger belt ... guns at hand level.

Silver-color plastic bullets. Leather leg

ties. Two metal-grip, repeating-ac–

tion cap pistols, 9 inches long.

49 N 2864-Belt


waist sizes 23 to 28

inches. Shipping weight 3 lbs......... $4.67


Tooled leather Double Holster

Set. Genuine top grain cowhide,

holster fronts and belt deeply tooled

in acorn and leaf pattern, shaded in

golden brown. Holster back and belt

bordered with nickel-plated spots. Belt

has adjustment buckle in addition to

regular buckle. 6 silver-color plastic

bullets. Leather leg ties. Texan Jr.

break-barrel repeating-action capguns,

9 inches Jong, with brown grips.

49 N 2871-Belt fits waist sizes 24 to 29

inches. Shipping weight 2 lbs ........



New! Holster Set with spurs, side-

loading pistols! Load revolving

cylinder with metal bullets. Gun holds

roll caps. Top grain topaz-brown

leather holsters heavily tooled, inlaid

in gold color with cross straps. Horse

design in dark brown and shiny gold

color on belt, holster fronts and spur

straps. Belt and backs of holsters lined

in brown felt. Leather leg ties. Two

11-in. cap-firing pistols, 6metal bullets.

49 N 2881 -Belt


waist sizes


to 30

inches. Shipping weight 4 pounds..... $B.70


Double Holster Set with Sta llion

cartridge-loading Cop Pistols.

Place cap in 2-piece cartridge, load

revolving cylinder, flash stays in gun.

Top grain cowhide holsters have natu–

ral backs, natural fronts decorated

with black and white horse head de–

sign, large nailheads. Belt has horse

head design, richly studded with nail–

heads, make-believe jewels. Two 8-in.

32-cal. Stallion pistols. Leather leg ties.

49 N 2870-Belt fits waist sizes 24 to 30

inches. Shipping weight 2 lbs. 8 oz... ..



New! Top Groin leather Double

Holster Set. Side-loading, repeat–

ing-action pistols . .. push slide cham–

ber to open, load with roll caps. Small

cowpokes will love the good-looking

top grain cowhide leather. Scalloped

backs. Beautifully tooled fronts are in–

laid in black. Belt is heavily tooled, has

silver color bullets in bullet clips.

Western-style guns are 8 inches long.

Order early for Christmas.

49 N 2853-Belt fits waist sizes 26 to 31

Inches. Shipping weight 2 lbs•....•... $2.70


Big Special Purchase ... Double

Holster Set. A handsome set to

delight the defender of backyard law

and order. Top grain natural cowhide

backs and fronts with natural leather

cross straps on front. Cross straps are

decorated with smart horsehead de–

sign. Belt has two horsehead designs,

two bullet clips with silver color bul–

lets. Leather leg ties. Two 38 repeat–

ing-action cap pistols, 9 inches long.

49 N 2854-Belt fits waist sizes 25 to 30

inches. Shipping weight 2 lbs. 8 oz.. . . $3.67