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Play sets that stir little minds to make up exciting adventures

Our Biggest Happi-Time Farm Set ever •. 190 pieces of down-to-earth farming fun


Your junior farmer will spend many happy,

wholesome hours running this big, modern farm

-raising crops, caring for livestock, and doing the

hundreds o[ other every-day farm chores.

Big hip4'oofed steel Bam

with attached Shed and

Silo. Strong sheet steel construction with all ed–

ges, windows turned for safety. Lithographed .in

true-to-life detail with plastic cupolas. Haylift

hoists plastic bales of° hay. Open back makes it

easy to bed down animals for the night. 25 in.

long, 9 in. wide, IOY. in. high overall. Silo with

plastic roof. Easy to assemble.

Chicken House


realistic broken-span-type roof. Lithographed steel

with safety-rolled edges. 7


in. long, 3 in. deep,


in. high.

Friction-drive Farm Tractor

of litho–

graphed metal hitches to and pulls spreader, con–

veyor, plow, harrow, rake, mowing machine and

farm wagon-all attachments with moving parts.

Farm Animals and Fowl.

Lifelike models of 3-

dimension molded plastic-horses, cows, colts,

calves, dogs, lambs, kids, pigs, goats, sows, roosters,

pecking hens, ducks, chicks, ducklings, birds, over

100 in all. Horses are 2


in. high, others in propor–


Detailed molded plastic Produce.

24 in all

including cabbage heads, tomato plants, pole beans

and corn stalks.

Farm folks .

Farmer with a hoe, a

farmer to milk the cows and another with a shovel.

The farmer's wife, boy with pail and a scarecrow.

Barn Accessories.

Feedbags, feedbox with movable

cover, block-and-tackle. litter carrier slides along

overhead rail, bales of hay, garbage can with lid,

pail, milking stool, pitchfork, shovel, new cowstall

with wire stanchions, milk cans.

Fence and Trees.


large, 8 small sections of interlocking plastic fence,

2 large shade trees.


N 05976-Shipping weight 8 pounds.... .... . $7.97

Roy Rogers' Double-R-Bar Rodeo Ranch •• over 70 pieces of ridin' and ropin' thrills


All the action and excitement of the old West in

this big ranch layout.

Ranch People.

Roy, Dale

and Pat Brady plus cowhands and badmen in

various action poses .. 3 dimensional polyethylene

plastic. Standing figures about 2U in. high, others

in proportion.

Bunk House

of lithographed steel

with extra-strong rolled edges .. 1lx6x6 in: high.

Rodeo Ch1'te

of sturdy plastic, has gates that ac–

tually swing open ..

8-indt Stage Coach.


cally-detailed molded plastic replica . . with 2

harness horses which readily snap into hitching



True-to-life model of Pat Brady's



in. high. High impact plastic with

easy-rolling wheels.

Western Animals.

Roy's dog,

Bullet plus 6 horses, about 4 in. long, in action

poses, 2 Longhorn steers; polyethylene plastic.

Saddles and Reins.

6 separate saddles and 6 reins

of molded plastic.


Hitching rail, grind–

ing stone, chopping block, logs, anvil, rain barrel,

pump with pail, forge, well, trees, cactus, wagon

wheels; 16 sections of interlocking fence, Roy

Rogers Double-R-Bar Ranch Archway.

49 N 5917-Shipping weight


pounds.. . . . .. .... $4.97

50-piece Roy Rogers Rodeo Ronch Set (not shown).

Includes lithographed steel bunkhouse, l lx6x6 in.

high; plastic Nellybelle jeep and rodeo chute; Roy,

Dale, Pat Brady and Bullet plus 9 cowhands,

of polyethylene plastic in action poses; 3 cow

ponies, 2 steers; 3 separate bridles and saddles; 10

sections of fence; and 13 ranch accessories.

49 N 5933-Shipping weight 3 pounds.. ..... . . .. $3.77

Our Biggest Ever! 165-piece Armed Forces Base .• now with 3 Rocket Launchers


Ready to withstand enemy attack or to launch

an offensive.1lx6x6-in.Headquarters


lithographed steel with rolled edges.


3-dimensional polyethylene figures of soldiers, air–

men, sailors and marines in various action poses,

over 100 in all. Figures average 2 inches in height.




3 sturdy launching platforms,


~x3 }ix4~

inches high.


polyethylene rockets,

3'4 inches long, that actually shoot. Miniature

compass in base of 1 platform.

Field equip111ent.

Machine gun that shoots tiny shells plus rifles,

machine guns,


cans, stretcher, tents, and ba-

zookas .. 22 plastic pieces in all.





impact plastic,



Combat Car.

High-impact plastic,


inches long.

Camp Acces–


Flagpole and flag plus 16 sections of fence.

79 N 05939-Shipping weight


pounds.. . ... ... . $5.74

74-piece Army Training Center (not shown).


cludes lithographed steel headquarters building,


in. high; 50 polyethylene soldiers in

live-action poses; jeep, armored car; 12 pieces of

equipment; and 8 sections of interlocking fence.

49 N 5938-Shipping weight 3 pounds.... . ... . . . $3.47

Realistic, modern farm set with large hip-roofed barn and

chicken house. There's always something for young farmers

to do on this little farm.

Steel Barn.

Open at back so that animals can be put in

barn and hay in loft. Haylift that lifts bales of plastic

hay. Litter carrier that slides on wire rail. 2 plastic cupolas

on roof. Measures


in. high. Sheet steel with

turned edges for safety. Separate Silo is


in. high, has

plastic dome; lithographed sheet steel construction. Easy

to assemble.

Clticken ltouse

with slanted roof. Lithographed

steel, 5x3Yfx2 inches high.

Farm eq1tipment.

Plastic tractor with hitching-hook for

plastic implements. Planter, plow, stone boat, harrow,

tractor scoop, wagon, tractor scraper. Plastic barn acces–

sories include feed bags, feed box with movable cover,

bales of hay, garbage can with lid, shovel, pitchfork, milk–

ing stool, pail .. everything a young farmer needs.

Farm Livestock.

Accurate molded plastic models of farm

animals in natural poses. Horses, cows, colts, calves, dogs,

lambs, kids, goats, pigs, sows, roosters, pecking hens,

ducks, chicks, ducklings, birds . . 76 in all. Horses are 271!

in. high, others in proportion. Animals are kept in farmyard

by 8 sections of interlocking white plastic fence.


N 05936-Shipping weight 6 pounds... . .... . ........ $4.97


There may


a slight variation in play pieces in–

cluded in sets on this page, but you. will receive the total

quantity stated.

New! 18-piece Open-Faced Warehouse

with Mobile Fork


and Platform Truck

Load and unload this realistic open-faced warehouse

with its rubber-tired mobile fork lift. Turn the clicker

crank . . lift the 3 pallets, 3 barrels, 2 blocks and 7 dec–

orated fiberboard boxes to shelves, lower to rubber–

tired platform truck. Draw bar on truck for attaching

to fork lift. 15x3'4x14-inches high building of 3-ply

board on wood frame with 12xl6 inch Masonite Presd–

wood base. (Shipped with base detached.)



gift fo_r imaginative youngsters.

49 N 5926-Easy to assemble. Shpg. wt. 6 lbs.... .

. . $4.47


49N5912-3-dimeosional 47-pc. Plastic Animal Set. Cow,

horse (3 inches long), calf, goat, 18 fowl, 15 small animals in

proportion. Shpg. wt. 12 oz.. . . ... Set 87c; 2 sets. ... .. .$1.67


4.9N5913-3-dlmensional 38-pc. Plastic Soldier Set. 32 sol–

diers about




shooting machine



small guns,

stretcher. Shpg. wt. 12 oz.... ... Set 87c; 2 sets . . .. . . . . $1.67