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Keyboard has 8 keys, a different

color for each note . . play by

color. Easv-action bellows. 6 in.



to almost 1 foot–

just the right size [or the little

musician. Music book and smart

luggage-style case included. Lots

of fun and educational too!

49 N 657-Wt. l lb. 8 oz. .... $1.57

16 tuned reeds produce 8 richmellow

notes. Numbered plastic keys really

work-play simple songs by number.

Easy instructions included. Plastic

body with plastic-coated bellows.

Closed: 7).!olx7x3Yz inches. Ideal for

small beginners. Order early for


49 N 593-Shpg. wt. l lb. 8 oz.. . . $2.67

More than one and a half octaves with rich mellow tone

Here's a real piano accordion made in junior size for talented young

beginning musicians. 13 white keys, 8 black keys play melody, 8

bass notes for left hand harmony. Has tuned brass reeds, easy-action

bellows with metal-bound corners. Attractive red plastic body is

lightweight, easy to handle. Measures 9Yzx5!1?x10Yz inches high

when closed. Expands to 16Yz inches. Order now [or Christmas. Give

your yollilgster a chance to develop musical talent and have fun too.

49 N


Shipping weight 4 pounds 8 ounces. ................... $12


Order regularly


receive Sears catalogs regularly

3-drum Trap Se t $3.47

Deep Field Drum $1.77

13 white and black keys (sharps and flats)

play full scale . . Jots of simple tWles. 26

tuned reeds produce rich notes-wide

tonal range. Durable plastic body is light–

weight. Easy-action bellows. Smart lug–

gage-style case. Closed: 8x7Yzx4).1 inches.

Music book included. Easy and fun for

kiddies to play.

49 N 504-Shipping weight 2 lbs.•...... $3.17

Roy Rogers Guita r $4 .47

11 white and


black keys on right side;

4 bass notes and chords for left hand

harmony and rhythm. 52 tlliled reeds.

Break-resistant plastic body with hand–

some gold-color trim. Easy-action bellows.

12 inches high, extends nearly two feet.

Music book and case included. Agift that's

sure to please boys and girls.

49 N


4-Shipping weight 3 lbs........ $6.37

Endorsed by the "King of the Cowboys," Roy

Rogers. Measures 30x11 inches. Fiberboard,

brightly decorated in red and white. Hardwood

neck with metal frets, real fingerboard, nylon and

metal strings. Pick, music book.

Harmonica 87c

Rich-toned brass reeds give

20-note range . . play all

your favorite tunes. Metal

covered. Roy Rogers em–

blem. Measures 4xl inches.

49 N 622- Shpg. wt. 4 oz.•. 87c

79 N 0597-Shipping weight 3 pounds . ........ . $4.47

Big bass drum measures 16 inches, has

steel foot pedal. Strong cloth on drum–

mer's side of bass drum, snare head

and tomtom head. Brightly colored

metal shells, shiny rims. Cymbal, tri–

angle, 2 bells on metal "T." Druth

sticks are 8 inches long.

A snappy little drum for the marching

band. Bright metal shell in four parade

colors. 12 inches high with four springs.

lOYz-inch drum heads; one cloth, one

heavy parchment. Includes pair of 12-

inch drum sticks, convenient 18-inch

neck sling for carrying.

The "Mousegetar Jr." $1.43

Tum the crank and hear the gay lively

theme song of the Mickey Mouse Club

"Mouseketeers." Or strum away to

your own tune with plastic pick. Nylon

strings. Brightly colored plastic body

has picture of Mickey Mouse, is dura–

ble, lightweight.


inches wide.

49 N 599- Shipping weight 8 oz.... . $1.43

Ukulele and Banjo Set $2.37

Strung with colored nylon. Mahogany

and ivory color, brightly decorated

heads. Fingerboard marked with

chord dots, tuning keys. Uke 21x6x2Yz

in., banjo21x8x2Yz in.

49 N 678- Shipping weight 2 lbs... . . $2.37

49 N 626- Smoller set. Uke 15Y2 x5xl Y2 in.,

Banjo 15Y2 x6xl \,', in. Shpg. wt. I lb... $1.17

79 N 0566- Shipping weight 6 lbs.. . $3.47

49 N 658- Shipping weight 3 lbs.. . .. $1.77

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