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Ten records and ten record story books included at no extra charge

with Phonographs (D), (E). Phonographs (A), (F) available with records,

rack for just $2.00 more than phonograph only

Acoustically amplified .. play all 78-rpm r ecords!

A welcome gift for any child-an Electric Phonograph of his or her very own! Easy to use .. plays 78-rpm

records up to 12-in. size. Built-in chamber amplification gives full, rich tone. Balanced tone arm has

tone-set playing head that locks in playing or rest position for safe carrying and storage. Self-starting

electric turntable motor; on-off switch. UL listed. 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC. Each phonograph includes

2 packages of needles (loud and soft). Stands, where included, are shipped flat; easily assembled.


luggage-type Portable Electric Phonograph

PLUS 10 popular children's records, 10 record

story books, handy metal rack that holds up to

35 records, 2 packages of needles. An ever-popular

favorite because it's so smart and easy to carry

everywhere. Attractive locked-corner wood-frame

case has hinged cover and has washable scuff–

resistant 3-tone pyroxylin covering. Plastic han–

dle; durable, bright-finish hardware. Double–

braced metal panel. 13x14x6


inches high.

49N592-Complete as described. Shpg.


9 lbs.


49N552- Phanograph only with needles. Wt. 8 lbs. 10.50


Matching Record Case for carrying or storing

up to 29 records (6-in. diameter only). Easiest

and best way to carry records to parties, school,

beach, etc. Protects against dust and damage.

Sturdy fiber case has washable scuff-resistant 2-

tone pyroxylin covering. Plastic carrying handle.

Bright-finish hardware. Records not included.

49 N 578-7x7x7 in. high. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 8 oz•. ...



Streamlined Electric Phonograph with

wrought-metal stand, 39-record metal record

rack and 2 packages of needles. Metal case has

washable scuff-resistant, pyroxylin-coated cover–

ing. Wrought-metal stand holds it at playing

height or use phonograph without stand. Phono–

graph and stand

11~x12 ~x27~

in. high overall.

79N0666-Records not included. Shpg. wt. 14 lbs.



Streamlined Electric Phonograph with wrought-

metal stand, 39-record metal record rack, 10

children's records, 10 record story books, 4 record

albums, 2 packages of


Gaily decorated,

blue enameled metal phonograph can be used with

or without the stand. Stand ·has space for 4 albums

which are included.

79N0671-19Y2X12x28!4 in. high. Shpg.


18 lbs.. .


[] luggage-type Portable Electric Phonograph

with wrought-metal stand and lamp, 39-record

metal record rack, 10 children's records, 10 record

story books, 4 record albums, 2 packages of needles.

Hinged-cover phonograph has locked-corner wood–

frame case, washable, scuff-resistant 3-tone pyro–

xylin covering. Plastic carrying handle; bright–

finish hardware. Double-braced metal panel. Stand

has storage compartments for 4 record albums.

Lamp with blending shade has separate on-off

switch .


. use with or without phonograph. Bulb

not included. 19x12x45 inches high with lamp.

79 N 0673-Completo as described. Shpg.


19 lbs.



Tear-drop design Electric Phonograph with 35-

record metal record rack, 10 children's records,

10 story books, 2 packages of needles. Light blue

and gray enameled all-metal case with rigid inter–

channel construction for durability. 13x8x7 in. high.

49 N 591 -Complete


described. Shpg.


7 lbs..


49 ty577- Phonograph with needles only. Wt.




New 3-speed Electric Juke Box

with colorful flashing lights






$3.00 down on

low, low priceI

Easy Terms


Perfect for the children's roomor rumpus room!

It's tops with the "teen-age" set, as well as

with younger children- built to take the steady

grind that fun-loving youngsters will give it.

• Intermittently flashing lights at the front give

it a realistic "juke-box" appearance.

• Plays 3 speeds of records (33


45 and 78-

rpm) up to 12-inch. Records not included.


an electrically-driven turntable PLUS an

electronic amplifier that produces sound that

compares with adult-standard phonographs.

Amplifier uses one tube and a rectifier.

• Full-range volume control gives any degree of

loudness or softness desired. On-off switch.

• Lightweight crystal pickup has permanent–

type needle for better tone and less record

wear than regular needles. 4-in. PM speaker.

Pyroxylin-covered fiber body 15



inches high. 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC.


N 0679L- Ul ll>tod. Shpg. wt. 16 lbs. ....


Phonograph with stand

and record rack

Phonograph only, without

stand and record rock


Records not included

New 3-speed Electronically Amplified

Phonograph with Wrought-metal Stand

It's all-electric, with electrically-operated turntable

PLUS built-in electronic amplifier and 4-inch perma–

nent-magnet speaker for bigger and better listening

pleasure than with acoustically-amplified phono–

graphs! Smart black wrought-metal stand holds

phonograph at handy 28-in. playing height. Stand has

record rack for 39 records (records not included).

• Plays three speeds of records-33


45 and 78-

rpm-right up to the big 12-inch size.

• Has electric turntable, built-in electronic amplifier

(one tube plus rectifier) and 4-in. permanent–

magnet (PM) speaker. Gives rich, clear, full-tone

reproductions comparable to adult phonographs.

• Full-range volume control may be adjusted to any

degree of loudness or softness. On-off switch.

• Light, high-gain crystal pickup has permanent

needle for better tone, less record wear.

Red enameled metal phonograph,12


in. high,

attractively decorated. Wrought-metal stand sent un–

assembled; easily assembled. 14x12x28 in. high (with

phonograph). UL listed. 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC.

79 N 0674-Phonogroph complete with wrought·metal stand

and metal record rack. Shipping weight 15 lbs. . . ....


49 N 608- Phonogroph only. Shipping weight


lbs. 8 oz.16.95