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Actually p lays real tunes

Develops piano playing skill

48 keys, ploys


octaves . : Beautiful Mahogany finish


$4.00 down


Replica of Pianos used by accomplished pianists. Large, realistically detailed repro–

duction of a genuine spinet piano. 48 keys .. ranging over 3)1 octaves. It's an easy

step from this to a full size piano for talented youngsters. Piano is 30)1 in. long,

12)1 in. deep, 26 in. high. Bench is 15)1x7)1xl1)1 in. high. Piano of select plywood.

Hardboard front panel, hardwood front legs, music rack, and bench. Beautiful ma–

hogany finish. An attractive piece o[ furniture for any living room. High-carbon steel

tone rods; chromatic tuning; positive striker action. Full tonal.response.

79NM567-Music book included. Shipped freight, truck, o r express. Shpg. wt. 40 lbs... Eoch


Avoid Christmas crowds .. shop by Sears catalog from the comfort of your own

home. You can buy with Easy Terms . . only 10% down on orders of $20.00 or more.

Electric Bell Organ. One of the most

"wanted" musical toys of the year. Motor–

controlled mechanism produces rich reso–

nant tones. The sustained musical effect

of the keyboard makes it easy for everyone

to learn music more quickly, easily. Artis–

tically-designed case is beautified by the

blend of colors in hi-impact plastic. Deluxe

music book included. Size: 10x6x7)1 in.

Order now. Batteries included.

49 N 670- Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. 8 oz. Eoch $I


8-key Xylophone. Plays entire C-major

scale--8 rich tones. Heavy steel tone bars

mounted on felt base-absolutely true–

toned. Enameled metal case, lyre-shaped

ends. One-rubber mallet, 1 wood mallet,

12-page music book included. Size 12)1x



inches high. Musical fun for your

children. They learn the scale and other

music fundamentals while playing. Order

yours today .. have a musical Christmas.


N 531- Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz... Each


8-bell Plastic Komponile

A majestic bell tower of gray color

plastic. At the slightest touch of the

keyboard, each precision-tuned bell

swings and rings out its own note of

the scale. Keys are colored to match

notes in song book .. play 7 tunes on

children's " hit parade." This musical

tov makes it easy for tiny tots to play

and learn about music.

49 N 585-Size 14xl2 inches high.

Shipping weight 2 lbs.


oz..... Each


De luxe 25-key Xylophone

Floor model. Plays whole and

half tones .. 2 full octaves. Chro–

matically-tuned tone rods


bell-clear quality. 1-in. silver

color steel keys. Red lacquer fin·

ished frame of select lumber. Re–

movable aluminum legs. 2 mal–

lets. Music holder, sheet music.

Easy assembly.

49 N51 6-22xl6x21V2 inches high.

Shpg. wt. 6 lbs. 8 oz..... Each



Delight the children .. help

stimulate interest in music









Electric Vibraphone. Actually 4 instruments in 1 .. vibraphone, marimba,

xylophone, and orchestra bells. Music with tonal richness heard in no other

musical toy. Produced by battery-operated, motor-driven vibrato mecha–

nism. "Special formula" aluminum alloy keyboard gives pure tones .. en–

hanced through use of scientifically-tuned tone chambers. Its resonator

case is a rich blend of color plastic .. accentuates the silver sparkle of the

keyboard. Complete with artistic music rack, 2 mallets, music book fea–

turing popular, sacred, and Christmas selections. Batteries included.

49 N 667-Size, 14x7V2 inches. Shipping weight 4 pounds............. Eoch



13-inch Trumpet. Play bugle calls, marches, etc. Four valves control

full scale. Handsome gold-color plastic makes a professional-looking

instrument. Brass-tuned reed notes for true tones. Complete with lug–

gage-type carrying case, detachable music stand, mute, instructions.

49 N 538- Shipping weight l pound


ounces.... . .

. .. Each



l 8-inch Clarinet. Realistic looking. 10 keys positioned for natural

fingering. Tuned reeds; plays full octave and bass notes. Removable

washable mouthpiece. Carrying case, songbook included.

49 N 659- Block ond silver plastic. Shipping weight 2 pounds. . . . . . . Eoch