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New! Nurse Kit and Carrying Case $1.37

Everything the well-equipped junior nurse needs to care

for ailing dollies. Blunt-edge plastic instruments include

play stethoscope, earoscope, play hypo, many others.

Plastic vuescope and films, wash pan, ointment can, box

with cotton, thermometer, scissors plus health certificates,

sick charts, candy pills, nurse shingle, diploma, armband,

instruction booklet. 8%x14-in. case.



1852-Shipping weigh! 1 pound



. $1.37

New! Nurse Kit with Red Plastic Bag $2.27

\Vhether it's a routine "office call" or an "emergency"

you're well prepared with your red plastic nurse's bag filled

with all the latest equipment. Working stethoscope, play

hypo, earoscope, vuescope and films, microbe meter, many

others. Plenty of candy pills, a thermometer, tongue de–

pressors, box with cotton, etc. Nurse's shingle, diploma,

health certificates, sick charts, arm band, plastic wrist

watch, eye chart, appointment slips and instruction booklet

included. 4);2x8x10-in. bag with turnbuckle lock.



1860-Shipping weight




ounces...... .. ... . $2.27

New! Doctor Kit with Black Plastic Bag $2.27

For young medicos on the go .. a sturdy black plastic bag

packed with working stethoscope, play hypo, earoscope,

reflex hammer, head reflector, many others. Play micro–

scope and slides, too, for making "scientific" investigations.

Thermometer, adhesive strips, tongue depressors, candy

pills, etc. Doctor's shingle, diploma, medical forms, instruc–

tions. 4);2x8x10-in. bag with turnbuckle lock.


N 1859-Shipping weight 1 pound 4 ounces ....

.. $2.27

Matching Nursemate Outfits $3.77

1 for dolly, 1 for "mother." 2 caps, 2

capes, 2 pinafores plus a 4-piece medical

kit. Navy and white washable cotton.

State child's sioe small

if height is 35-42

in.; chest is 20-23 in.



if height

is 43-51 in.; chest is 24-28 in. Doll outfit

fits dolls 15 to 22 in.



750-Shipping wt. 1



New! Doctor Kit and Carrying Case $1.37

You can't "practice" medicine without the proper equip–

ment .. blnnt-edge instruments includeworking stethoscope,

play hypo, earoscope, head reflector, reflex hammer, many

others. Plastic microscope and slides for "scientific" tests,

thermometer, candy pills, etc. For doctor's "office" there

are shingle, diploma, office sign, plastic intercom, medical

forms and instruction booklet. 8);2x14-in. carrying case.

49 N 1851-Shipping weight I pound 2 ounces............ $1.37

Prescribed for plenty of playtime pleasure

for junior medicine men and nurses

New! Our Best, most complete Nurse Kit

with Plastic Bag and Cape, Cloth Apron


The little "angel of mercy" dons her cloth apron

and plastic cape, packs her red plastic nurse's

bag, and is ready to visit her " patients." Equip–

ment includes working stethoscope with metal–

ized cone, play hypo, earoscope, many others.

She's ready for "research" too with her plastic

microscope and slides. Candy pills, adhesive

strips, thermometer, etc. plus nurse's shingle,

diploma, arm band, medical forms, health cer–

tificates and instruction booklet. 4);2x8xl0-in.

bag with turnbuckle lock.

49 N 1875-Shipping weight I


10 oz.... . ... $3.37

New! Our Best, most complete Doctor Kit

with Plastic Bag, Scale, Inter-Com


The little "man in white"


be proud to own

this "professional" set. He can give "check-ups"

with the working stethoscope with metalized

cone, play hypo, earoscope, metalized head re–

flector, scale with weights, reflex hammer, etc.;

or he can conduct "scientific research" with the


microscope, microbe meter and slide.s.

Authentic-looking office sign, shingle, diploma

and plastic inter-com. Instructions, many other

supplies in 4);2x8x10-in. black plastic bag with

turnbuckle lock.



1874-Shipping weight 1


10 oz....... $3.37




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