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New! Battery-operated Phonograph $3 .57

Amazingly good reproduction for a phonograph priced so

low. Plays all standard children's records, 45 or 78 rpm.

Operates on 2 standard flashlight batteries (not incl.)

49 N 4698-7xl0x4 in. Shpg. wt. I lb. 4 oz..

. .... $3.57

34 N


for above. Wt. of two B oz... .. 2 for 35c

Hand-operated Plastic Phonograph (not shown). Plays

all standard children's records. Hand crank with governor.

49 N 4654-6xl0x8 inches. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 4 oz.. . ........ $ 1.77

Invite the gang over for a Coke party!

Dispenser holds standard bottle-liquid

pours out when handle is pulled down.

Four small 2-inch plastic glasses in–

cluded. Bottle is easily inserted; designed

so cleanliness is assured. Bright red and

white plastic. 6x9x10 inches.

49 N 1819-Shipping wt. 3 lbs..... .... . $2.84




At your fingertips ..


comic cha racters to view, trace or project $8.82

A laugh a minute for children of all ages. Fun

for one .. imaginative tots can create their own.

cartoons with original funny characters; fun for

all .. a wonderful party game-see who can make

the funniest combination. Easy to operate ..

merely set master wheel to funny face profile or

front view, or funny animal; then turn four

small dials to "build" a new picture. Watch it

on lighted self-screen, trace and color it; or pro-

ject it on wall or ceiling. There are 542,000

possible combinations. Keeps children safely

entertained for hours at a time, fascinating fun

for adults, too. Brightly-colored high-impact

plastic case. All parts are enclosed . . nothing

to lose or break. Operates on standard 110-volt,

60-cycle AC-DC current. UL approved. 14 inches

wide, 8 inches high, 9 inches deep.

49 N 1864-Shipping weight 3 lbs. . . .... . .. . .. $8.82

New! Toy Ice Cream Machine $3 .44

Actually freezes a delic1ous dessert in minutes! Just pour

the ingredients into top opening, aod ice and salt, turn the

crank. Shortly you have your own borne-made ice cream.

Sturdily made of bright red and white high-impact plastic.

Freezing cylinder is shiny metal. All parts may be washed

. . completely sanitary. Absolutely harmless. Easy-to–

follow instruction book included.

49 N


in. Shpg. wt. 1 lb... ... ... ... . .. $3.44

Transforms ordinary fruit, vegetables or the foam plastic

heads into many funny-faced characters. Plastic features

(2 complete sets)-eyes, noses, ears, hats, glasses, bodies,

hands, feet, etc. 15x10x2-inch box.

49 N 1835-Shipping weight I pound 4 ounces . . . . .•. ...

$1 .~7

New! Change-A-Face Magnetic Board $2 .67

Make hundreds of different faces and designs by changing

features .. loads of fun for the entire family. Just place

any of the 18 magnetic pieces in position on the magnetic

bulletin board . . they stay firmly in place, yet are easily

removed. Color reverse side with 4 special crayons ..

wipe off .. color again. Sturdy all-metal construction,

lithographed in red, blue, yellow and black. Equipped

with easel for standing, cord for hanging.

49 N 1858-13V2x17 V2 inches. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.. . ... . .... $2.67

Colorful, accurate map of the United

States on one side, the )VOrld on the

other .. ideal way to develop a young–

ster's interest in geography .. teach

state, country names, etc. Durable

Tekwood (3-ply fiberboard, wood cen–

ter) . Interlocking pieces. 20xl4 in.

49 N 406-Shpg. wt. I lb. 8 oz......$1 .22

Scenic Picture Puzzles 87 c

Breathtaking, beautiful outdoor scenes

of coastlines, mountains, etc.,


in. .. approximately 700 pieces in all.

Special heavy board withstands hard

use.Interlocking border. Assorted scenes.

No choice. keeps little hands busy for

hours, helps develop color association.

49 N 434-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.


oz.... . .... 87c

New! Scribble Sketcher$2.57

Everything the young artist needs . .

roll of paper, crayons and storage

drawer. As one picture is completed,

simply tear off and you're ready to

start another. Wonderful for keeping

children happily occupied during stay–

indoors weather. 15xl7x4!.1\ in. high.

49 N 1861-Shpg. wt. 4 lbs. 8 oz....$2


New! Big Blockhead $2 .57

Older children enjoy playing game

testing balancing

skill ..

tots just

like to play with the gaily colored

wood blocks. 25 pieces of various

shapes. Box 9!.1\x13 inches.

49 N 1857-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs.. ..... $2.57