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Green Dura-tone Chalk Boards with big writing surfaces

A "must" for playroom or den ... write messages, lists or draw pictures.

Wonderful for learning, built for years of hard play. Green writing sur–

face is glare-free, .easy on the eyes. Erases easily. Frame and chalk

tray are made of sturdy extruded aluminum, the same type as used in

costly classroom boards. Resists denting, fracture. Hardboard back

won't warp, crack or peel. Two pieces of chalk and eraser included.


Giant 48x72-in. Board."Ship-


Medium size 24x36-inch

ped by freight or express from

Board. Mom and Dad will

mail order house. S2.50 down on

use it too. A really practical gift

Easy Terms.

for fun all year 'round.

79 N M1709--Wt. 44 lbs ...



79 N 01837L-Wt. 10 lbs . .




Big 36x48-in. Board. Shipped

freight, express or truck from

mail order house.

79 NM1705-Shpg.wt.17 lbs..$9.97


Compact l 8x24-inch Board.

Thrift priced. Ideal for kitch–

en or playroom. Mailable.

79 N 01794-Wt.


lbs..... $3.77

Easel Blackboards make dandy desks •. Hours of fun


Desk-type Easel with green composition writing surface on both

sides, 16x12 inches. Over-all size 38 inches hlgh,



inches wide.

Natural varnish finish on wood frame. Folds flat for storage, metal

hinge plates. Colorful six-picture copying chart rolls down. Chalk

rack. Chalk and eraser included.

79 N 01869L-Shipping weight 7 pounds........ . ..... .. . . .... .



Blackboard Easel has real slate writing surface on both sides, 14x

12 inches. Overall size 18x3872 inches high. Well-constructed

oak frame has natural varnish finish. Folds flat, metal hlnge plates.

Front drops to form convenient desk. Six-picture roll chart. Chalk

rack equipped with chalk and eraser.

79 N 01868L- Shipping.weight 11 pounds......... . ..... . . ... . . . . . $3.97


Our Biggest Desk-type Easel Blackboard. Smooth real slate writ-

ing surface on both sides. 16x14 inches ... plenty of room for

drawing, writing. Over-all size 44


inches high, 20 inches wide. Sturdy

oak frame, natural varnish finish. Folds flat for storage, strong metal

hlnge plates. Gay six-picture copyi..g chart rolls down. Rack, with

chalk, eraser.

79 N 01867L-Shipping weight 14 pounds.. .. . . ........ .. .... .... .



Practical Pointstiks

Sturdy Wallboards, Pin-up Bulletin Boord ore procticof, entertaining


Giant 36x24- inch

Wallboard with big

30xl9-in. writing surface

. . hours of varied fun for

imaginative youngsters.

Masonite Presdwood with

smoothly coated glareless

surface is easy on the eyes,

easy to erase. Gay stenciled

design on sides, alphabet

on top. Xatural finished

wood chalk. rail. Eraser and

chalk included.

79N01704L-Wt. 10 lbs,$1.77


[] Handy Wallboard

with 16x12-inch gen–

uine slate writing surface.

Easy to erase. What's

more fun than a great big

writing surface where

children can write or

draw to their hearts' con–

tent? Sturdy hardwood

frame with chalk rack,

natural varnish finish.

Eyelet hangers.

49 N 1729-Shipping weight


pounds 12 ounces . $2.77


Pin-up Bulletin Board,

32x18 inches hlgh. Kid–

dies ca11 decorate their

rooms with souvenirs

without marring the walls.

Mothers like it in the kitch–

en for shopping lists and

memos. Cork-faced. All

wood frame with off-white

finish. Three-color Penn–

sylvania Dutch design on

top of frame. Wall hangers.

Teens will love it.



lbs.. .$3.67


New! Modeling Compound

Ding Dong School Finger Points

8 plastic, shatter-proof jars of paint;


sheets of treated paper; 4 wooden

spatulas, instruction booklet.

49 N 1815-Shpg. wt.


lbs. ...... $1.77

49 N 1803-Smaller set; 4 jars,


sheets, 2

Paint in stick form ... easy to use

... no mess. Colors won't stain; they

wash out of clothing and off walls. Set

includes 12 paintstiks in bright colors,



roll of art paper.

Ding Dong School .Cofor, Cut Set

For pre-schoolers. 18 jumbo crayons,

large jar paste and brush, 6 sheets col–

ored paper, 30 sheets


paper, pair of safety scissors, picture

of Miss Frances.

An entirely new kind of material-not

a clay. Non toxic, won't stain. Stays

soft for months in air-tight can, but

can be hardened in oven. Quart can

with equal parts red, yellow, blue.

spatulas, booklet. Wt.


lb. 8 oz....... 87c

49 N 1768-Shpg. wt.


lb . .. .... $1.77

49 N 1741-Shpg. wt.


lbs. 8 oz... $1.77

49 N 1872-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 12 oz..... 87c