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New! Big Capacity Express Transports for long hauls


Refrigereted Express Trcnsport.

Carries "perishables" safely to

market. Reinforced steel construction.

Chrome-plated hub caps, imitation

compressor on front of trailer. Big

swinging double doors. Floating tan–

dem duals. 8 rubber wheels, 2 re–

tractable dolly wheels. 21 inches long.

Order early in time for Christmas.


N 5589- Shpg, wt.


lbs. 4 oz..



Express Heuler end Closed Ven

Trciler. Junior truckers unlock

swinging trailer doors, load, roar down

highway to destination, unload ..

then load up again


return trip.

Lithographed steel cab and trailer.

Rubber tires. Miniature standard

brand cartons, plastic hand truck

included. 23 inches long.


N 5627-Shpg. wt. 3 Jbs.


oz... $2.83

All Aboard for the Rodeo •• Roy Rogers Hauler, Trailer $1.97

Roy and all the gang are ready for the big rodeo tour. Trigger and Trigger

Jr. are waiting to be led up the side and rear gate ramps into the trailer.

Roy, Dale Evans and their dog, Bullet, are there along with Pat Brady

and his famous jeep "Nellybelle." They've got the riding equipment too.

Figures and jeep are 3-dimensional flexible plastic. Sturdy all-steel hauler

and trailer is 15


inches long.


N 5557- Shipping weight 2 pounds .... , .•. • .....

. ...... . . $1.97

Roy Rogers "Nellybelle" Jeep and Plastic Figure Set $2.83

Dale Evans and Pat Brady take a spin in "Nellybelle," the jeep, while Roy

rides Trigger and Roy's dog, Bullet, runs alongside. Steel jeep has movable

windshield and hood,


engine. 5 rubber tires including spare. 3-

dimensional flexible plastic figures. Separate saddle, bridle.

Safely powered by battery motor

Goes forward or backward without pumping $19.95




Glides smoothly at a safe speed powered by its battery-operated electric motor.

Goes forward or backward by moving lever on side .. motor stops automatically

when lever is released. Steel with rubber tires, chrome-plated trim, rubber

bumpers !font and rear. Comfortable trunk-seat. Telescoping footrest.


N 05854- 30 in. Jong. Uses 6-volt battery (not inclvdedl. Shpg. wt. 15 lbs...


N 4702- 6-volt Battery for above. Shipping weight


lb. 6 oz..

. $19.95




New! Rider Fire Truck

with Siren, Searchlight

• Siren screams to clear the road

• Searchlight beams a warning signal

.. tilts, turns in all directions


Ride and steer .to the



· action seated on your big red

fire truck. Turn the crank . . the

siren wails to clear your path. Flick

on your giant battery-operated

searchlight to spot trapped "vic–

tims." 2 steel interlocking ladders

extend to 38 inches. Steel body and

seat. Rubber tires. 30 inches long.

Batteries not included.


N 05610-Shpg. wt. 16 lbs..

. $8.67

34N4650-Batteries. Wt. 8 oz.. . 2 for 35c

New! Rider Wrecker Truck

for roadside rescue work

• Boom has heavy chain, die-cast hook

• "Wrecks" raised and lowered by

easy-to-operate, sturdy hand crank


Moppet mechanics ride and steer

to the rescue of stalled " motorists"

in this big tow truck that looks and

works like those used in real service

stations. Working boom equipped with

heavy duty chain, die-cast hook. Raise

and lower by hand crank, attach

" wrecks" and haul them away for re–


Heavy gauge steel body and

seat. Rubber tires. Colorful baked-on

enamel finish. 34 in. long, 16 in. high.


N 05608- Shpg. wt. 15 lbs.... . $8.67

Shop early from Sears Catalogs


get the widest selection, the biggest values