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Without Wires, Cables, Connections!

Make it turn, reverse, go forward .. all by radar

Send this mysterious "space-ship" on any course by sound

waves. The Sonic acts instantly as you blow the special

whistle. Goes wherever you choose . . responds indoors or

outdoors up to 30 or 40 feet away under good acoustical

conditions. The radar screen catches the sound .. makes the

Sonic go forward or reverse, turn left or right on a dime!

Colorful body of high-impact plastic. Uses 4 batteries (incl.).

49 N'5745-19 inches long: Shipping weight 4 lbs.......... $17.95


Operate realistic miniatures below from

battery box. Push buttons ... they go for–

ward or back; wheel steers them right or left.

Jet plane fires rockets by remote control!

Mixer drum revolves

whel' truck moves, stops

Three Exciting New Action-packed Remote Control Toys


Cement Mixer Truck. Drum revolves, lights flash as truck moves forward,

back, left or right, or stands still. Steel; rubber wb.eels. Uses 2 batteries.

49 N


in. long. Batteries not incl., order below. Wt. I lb. 8 oz... . . $2.57


Police Car. Light flashes, siren wails, as you go forwatd, back, left or

right. Sturdy metal, baked-enamel finish; rubber wheels. Uses 2 batteries.

49 N 5767- 7Y2 in. long. Batteries not included, order below. Shipping wt. I lb..... $1.57


Jet Fighter with Shooting Rockets. Plane goes forward, back, right or

left. Press another button- 2 harmesss rockets shoot out from wings.

Sturdy metali rubber wheels. Uses 2 batteries.

49 N 5779- 13 in. long. Batteries not included, order below. Wt. 12 oz........ $2.77

Above items mode in Japan

2 Standard Dry Cell Flashlight Batteries for above toys.

34 N 4650--Shipping weight 8 ounces for two..........................2 for 35c

New! Jeep with MP $1.77

Here comes theMP in hisrugged Army

jeep .. goes forward, left or right as

light flashes; MP "signals" left-hand

turns. Controlled by push buttons on

battery box. Heavy-gauge steel with

rubber tires. Uses 2 batteries (not incl.,

order below left). Made in Japan.

49 N


in. long. Wt. 1 lb.. . $ 1.77

Walking, Barking Dog $2.77

Pup walks gaily, her tail wagging, eyes

flashing, bell on collar tinkling; barks,

shakes head when standing still. Con–

trolled by lever on battery "basket."

Rayon plush on metal frame. Uses 2

batteries (not included, order at left).

Made in Japan.

49 N

5773- 7

in. long. Wt. 1 lb.. . . . $2 .77

New! Tank with Cannon $2.77

Goes forward or reverse, turns, climbs

over obstacles; cannon swivels, makes

loud "ack-ack" noise as light flashes.

Push buttons, wheel on hand control.

Steel; rubber treads. Uses 3 batteries

(not incl.). Made in Japan.

49N5781-8 in. long. Wt. I lb. 8 oz... $2.77

34N4650-3 Batteries. Wt. 12 oz..3 for 52c

Mickey Mouse Drummer $2.67

Mickey Mouse, the toytown drummer,

beats out a merry tune as he saunters

along, his eyes flashing, head turning.

Guided by push-button control on bat–

tery box. Fabric costume over metal

frame. Uses 2 batteries, not incl. see

left. Made in Japan.

49 N 5774- 11 in. toll. Wt. 12 oz... . . $2.67

New! Remote Control Military Transport Set $2.57

Staff car, wrecker truck and dump truck comprise this push–

button army vehicle unit. Go forward or reverse . . directed by

push buttons on electric motorized battery control box. The one

control box with cable can be attached and detached for each

vehicle. Polyethylene. Each vehicle 7 inches long. Set uses 2

batteries (not inclu_ded, order above left).

49 N 5738- Shipping weight I pound 10 ounces. .. .. . . . . .. .Set $2.57