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Dump Truck


Dump box controlled

from driver's seat. Tail

gate raises and lowers.

Locking device holds box

securely when not in use.

Easy-pedal ball-bearing

drive. All double-disc, 8-

in. wheels; ball bearing in

front wheels.1-in.solid rub–

ber tires. Rubber pedals.

Fiberboard seat. Yellow

and black enameled; white

trim. Plated radiator orna–

ment. 47x17 in. wide.

79N08944L-Wt.381bs. $19.95




Fire Chief's Car


Smooth pedal drive.

Adjustable ball-bear–

ing pull straps. Loud ring–

ing bell. Double-disc 8-in.

wheels; %-in. solid rubber

tires. Rubber pedals. New–

design steering wheel.

Heavy-gauge one-piece

steel body and undergear.

Enameled red with attrac–

tive trim. Hub caps and

separate-stamping bumper

and grille painted silver

color. 38xl 7V2 in. wide.

79N08930L-Wt.261bs. $12.97

All-steel Police Cycle


Has red spotlight, ball-

bearing chain drive.

Ball-bearing 8-in. double–

disc wheels; 1%'-in. semi–

pneumatic front tires, 1Ys–

in. solid rears. Dummy

antenna, gas tank. Fiber–

board seat. Blue enameled;

white and red trim. 36 in.

long, 22 in. wide, 20 in.

high. Uses 2 batteries (not

included .. order below).

79N08966L-Wt.381bs. $25.20

34N4659-2 Batteries.

Wt. 4

oz. for

2. . .. Two




$2.50 down

Pony and Sulky for Junior Jockey

Ball-bearing Chain-drive Racer


What an exciting gift-a "souped-up"


Pony's legs move up and down as child

pedals; steers to right or left when he

pulls the reins. Pressed steel body; molded

rubber mane. Sulky cart is welded tubular

steel. Imported from England. Pressed

steel seat. Nylon bearings on all wheels.

9}1-in. rear wheels, 8-in. front wheel.

%-in. rubber tires. Rubber pedals. Baked–

enamel finish. Dappled white pony, red

sulky. 39x18x28}1 in. high.


N 08960L- Shipping weight 35 lbs.





hot rod like those at the auto races!

Heavy-gauge steel throughout .. built to

take the rough, bruising treatment

youngsters will give it. Speedy ball-bear–

ing chain drive. Nylon-bearing 10-in. steel

artillery wheels; 1%-inch semi-pneumatic

rubber tires. Rubber block pedals, open

windshield. Bright yellow baked-enameled

finish; black and red trim. 20x35 in. long.

Lots of .fun for young drivers.


N 08951L-Shpg. wt. 38 lbs.... . $20.65

Wagon •• Wheelbarrow Set


Steel Cooster Wogon. Red

enameled 20x10x3-in. body.

5-in. double-disc wheels; }1-in.

rubber tires. Plain bearings.

49 N 8052- Shpg. wt. 7 lbs. . . $2.17


Deluxe 33-in. Wheelbarrow



l/2-in. Shovel. En–

ameled steel body, 18x15x6}1

in. Legs, tubular handles are

aluminum color with rubber

grips. 7-in. disc wheel;


semi-pneumatic tire.

79N08010-Shpg. wt. 8 lbs. Set $2.97


$2.50 down

All-steel Ball-bearing Chain-drive "AtorT\iC Missile"



will really go for its realistic, dual, guided–

missile controls, simulated gauges and instruments, realistic motor–

tone gear shift. Metallic-gold-color finish; white and vermilion trim.

Bright reflector. Fully-enclosed ball-bearing chain drive. Rubber

block pedals. Full 360° steering mechanism. Ball-bearing double-disc

8-in. front wheel; 1%-in. semi-pneumatic front tire; lYs-in. solid

rubber rear tires. Measures 45 in. long with 25-in. wing spread. Order

early in time for Christmas.

79 N M8970-Freight, express or truck. Shipping weight 41 pounds.....




Rugged all-steel 2-wheel Scooters for boys and girls

Double-disc wheels; rubber tires. Plastic hand grips. Parking stand.


38x33-in. high Scooter. 8-in.


33x29-in. high Scooter.6-in.

wheels with "Congo" graphite

wheels with steel bearings,


1 ~-in.


%-inch solid rubber tires. Has

tires. Brake.

no brake. Popular low price.

79 N 08812-Shipping weight

79 N



13 pounds .. . ...............


7 pounds ....... : ......... $2.87


3-wheel Scooter for tots. ComfoLtable wide platform. Plain bear-

ings. Plastic hand grips. Y2-in. rubber tires. 24x25 in. high.


N 8814- Enomeled finish. All steel. Shipping weight 6 pounds. . .

. . $2.77


Wheel toy.s shipped partly assembled to save

you shipping charges. Use Sears Easy Terms