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66xl3x25 inches



x22 inches

without pin set;ter

Fun-pocked Four-In-One Game Alleys


Play shuffieboard, horse racing, skill ball

and bowling on one alley! Pin setter lets

you tilt pins into place with one motion. Hard–

board surface with automatic ball return. 4

each of bowling balls, shuffieboard pucks,

horses. Skill ball board, spinner, 10 pins.

Folds compactly for storage. Easy to set up.

Instructions for games.


N 0339-66x13x2S in. Shpg. wt. 16 lbs... $11.94


N 0338-60x12x24Y2 in. Shpg. wt. 14 lbs. 9.94

79N0211L-52xl1 Y2X22 inches. No pin setter, only

2 bowling bolls. Shipping weight 9 lbs......... $3.44



Games on this triple Alley!


More fun for the whole family. Two alleys

for bowling, skill ball, horse or auto racing

plus center alley for shuffieboard. Each alley

has its own game set. Bell-ringing automatic

ball return. Composition surface is enameled

red and black. Equipment includes 4 bowling

balls, 6 shuffieboard pucks, 4 race horses, 2

skill ball boards, 2 spinners, 20 pins, 4 racing

cars and 2 poles. Easy to set up. Instructions

for games are included.



high. Freight, express or truck.

79 N M385-Shlpping weight 24 lbs....... .. $9.77


New! Every good policeman practices his shooting. Take

aim with either the dart or cork gun and zing! See one of the

four targets on the steel board spin. A complete outfit for small–

fry sergeants with plasticwhistle and gold color badge. Styrene®

plastic gwl.s; cork gun is 6 inches long, dart gun is



long. Suction cup darts, corks. 11 Y,x19x3 inches.

49 N 149-Shipping weight 2 pounds........................ $2.67

Exciting new Nike Launching Dart Game $1.77


Take aim with the


Luger dart gun, hit the bull's

eye on the target and see the Nike missile take off for the

stratosp)lere. 7-inch plastic gun is accurate up to 20 feet. 4

darts. Golorful scene on 16x6x13-inch high fiberboard target.

Order early for Christmas.

49 N 397-Shipping weight 2 pounds ....................... $1.77

Dart Game with lights, automatic scorer $8.50


Brand new and a carnival of fw1! Lights flash when darts

hit scoring area, buzzer sounds when dart hits bull's eye.

Score registers automatically. Fun both indoors and outdoors.

4 darts. 18x24-inch cork target. Batteries incluiled.


N"0386-Shipping weight


pounds ....... ......... .. .... $8.50

Magnetic Hockey .. every play of the rink! $(2.50


New and as fast moving as the real game. Pass, shoot,

block, duplicate all the plays of the rink. You make every

play yourself as though you were on the ice.,You control all the

players of your team with knobs; make them turn in all direc–

tions, move forward and back on the "ice" as you defend your

goal and set up defensive and offensive plays. When magnetic

puck hits the goal, light flashes, buzzer sounds. Wood and fiber–

board. 34 in. long, 23


in. wide. Uses 2 batteries, not included.


N M396-Freight, express or truck. Shpg. wt. 22 lbs...•...... $12.50

34 N 4650-Botteries for above. Shpg. wt. of two 8 oz.... 2 for 35c

Push-button Baseball

Major league thrills for minors. Push

button, pitcher throws curves, fast balls

to batter. 3 magnetic balls and



men. Masonite Presdwood and steel. 19x

18x6 inches. Score sheet and rules.

Electric Football $7.64

Players realistically race down field.

Plastic players, kickers, passers. 2 mag–

netic balls, goal posts. Masonite Presd–

wood field. 28x15x8 inches. UL approv–

ed. 110-120 volt, 60-cycle AC. Rules.

Electric Basketball $5.77

As fast as the real game! 5 red, 5

blue plastic players. 1 shooter scores

with 1 magnetic ball. Masonite

Presdwood, steel. 15x28x2 inches. UL

approved. 110-120 v., 60-cycle AC.

Mickey Mouse Game


Balls roll down the chimney into

Mickey's haunted house, light up

windows to show his pals or they are

caught on surface. Wood and metal.

21x15 inches. 2 batteries included.

49 N 378-Shpg. wt.


lbs. 8 oz.... $4.44


N 0215-Shpg. wt. 6 lbs..........


79 N 0236-Shpg.


7 lbs..........



N 0309-Shpg. wt. 7 lbs.......





Pay only 10% down


orders of $20




Sears Easy Terms .


Sears guarantees satisfaction


money refunded