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Skills, thrills, educational fun for everyone!


Tripoley, an intriguing adult card

game that combines the challenge, fun

and suspense of Hearts, Poker and Rum–

my. Played with a standard deck of cards

(not incl.) on special layout. 27x27-in.

vinyl plastic table layout. 2 to 9 players.

49 N 358-Shipping weight I pound ..... $ 1.67


Bes-ket. Aim celluloid ball from any

position, press lever, see the ball whizz

through the basket. Steel mechanism,

fiberboard court, rules and scoring instruc–

tions. One to six players. 20)."\lxl2Y,x3-

inch box. An ideal gift for sports fans.

49 N 202-Shipping weight 3 pounds. ... $3.37

[] New! Math Magic. Three educator-

approved games that make it fun to

increase your skill in addition, subtrac–

tion, multiplication and division. Spinner,

number and symbol cards, tokens, score

registers, 3 layouts.13

Y.xl OY.xl

Y,-in. box.

2 to 4 players. For adults and children.

49 N 360- Shipping weight 2 pounds.•. . . $2.67



grophy. Race against time as

you peg in cities, oceans, islands, seas

and rivers. Spin dial for starting letter.

The first person to use up his pegs, wins.

Peg map board of world, dial and timer.

Two to six players. 13Y,x22x1Y,-in. box.

49 N 302-Shipping weight 2 pounds.. . .. $2.67


De Luxe Spell


Makes it fun to learn

to spell, multiply, add or subtract.

Dial letters to spell anything or solve

problems on 22xl3Y,xl Y.-inch board.

49 N 389- Shipping weight 2 pounds.. . .$2.24

Sme ller e dition of a bove. 14x14 in. board.

49 N 207- Shipping weight I lb.



[] New! Top Scholer. Exciting competi-

tion as you learn to identify famous

landmarks, principal cities and capitals,

world currencies, historical events, na–

tional heroes. Big question 'book, peg

board with answer panels and dial, etc.

19Y,x12Y,x1)1-in. box. 2 to 4 players.

49 N 359- Shipping weight 2 pounds.... $1.67

Coach your team to victory in Foto-Electric Football

Choose from over 1,000 thrilling pla ys!

From kick-off to the final gun, here's all the action, color and excite–

ment of the real gridiron. See the ball carrier hit the line, dodge

tacklers, make end runs. Set up defenses to stop your opponents cold.

Plan your strategy as you choose from over 1,000 possible plays. ·

Colorful heavy fiberboard gridiron, dice shaker, play sheets. and

complete rules make it almost as realistic as the real sport. Playviewer

operates on 110- 120 volt, 60-cycle AC or DC. All electrical parts


approved. 14x18x4 in. Hours of fun for future all-star and his dad.

49 N 201-Shipping weight 4 pounds 8 ounces . . .... . ..... . .... ...


Little Black Sambo


Follow the footsteps of Lit-

tle Black Sambo through the

jungle, meet tigers, win rewards.

First home with the pancakes,

wins. Board, pawns, spinner. 20x

lOxl-inch box. 2 to



49 N 227- Wt. l lb. 12 oz...

$1 .67

Woody Woodpecker

[[] Fly 'round the world with

Woody ! First to mail post–

card from


countries, then re–

turn to U.S.A., wins. Board,

dial, pegs, etc. 19x12 .)1xl Y.-in.

box. 2 to 4 players.

49 N 275-Wt. I lb.8 oz . •..


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