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Electric Rotating Musical Tree Stand

Plays 2 carols . . has 3 outlets for lights




Rotates smoothly as it plays "Silent Night" and "Jingle Bells"

on its Swiss music box. Three built-in outlets in base for lights.

1;'riple-toggle switch controls music, lights and rotation singly or

simultaneously. Holds tree trunks up to 5-in. diam.; trees as

high as 10 ft. tall. Heavy bolts hold tree firmly. Large water

reservoir. 19-in. diameter non-tip base rotates quietly on self–

lubricating nylon bearings; rotation can be stalled without

burning out motor. Made of strong, seamless metal with gold–

color baked-on finish. UL approved. For indoors only. For 110-

120-volt, 60-cycle AC.


N 06489L-Shipping weight 18 pounds... . . . . . . • . . . . . . ... $34.95

Our Good Quality


Thrifty tree stand holds

trees with trunks up to

3% in. Positive-lock screws.

Chrome-plated locking ring

is raised for better balance.

Steel base. Wide mouth for

easy watering.

49 N 6501-Shpg. wl. 3 lbs.$1.83

Our Better Quality


Revolving Tree Stand.

Nickel-plated steel legs,

baked enamel cup. Cup re–

volves for easy trimming.

Folds to 6%x15 in. Holds tree

to 3


diameter. Leg

spread 22 inches.

49 N 6505-Wt. 3 lbs. 8 oz.$2.87

Dazzling new decorations for the gayest Christmas ever



8 Norse Craft Ornaments. Old World

charm with modern Danish design. Each

ornament hung by its gold-color string is

slowly turned by the breeze to create a lovely

scene of changing color. Pretty hung on the

tree, from chandeliers. Ideal also as boxes for

tiny gifts, surprises and party favors. The



cubes of laminated aluminum

foil have a different design on each side. Fold

flat. Order early for Christmas.

49 N 6330-Shipping weight


ounces.......... 87'!:

[]) Meet


Boy •.


sprightly spirit of

the Yuletide season bnngs new gayety .to

your mantel, tree or table. He's covered from

head to toe with fabric holly leaves, buttoned

with red berries and ,sprinkled with snow. 6

inches tall. Comes with a colorful card telling

his quaint story.

49 N 6345-Shipping


ounces......... 87c


Here comes Holly Deer, the handsomest

steed in Santa's stable. He's decked with

shiny acetate-coated metal holly leaves, a

bright braid bridle and red berries to cele–

brate the holiday. 13 inches high, 7 inches

long. Order him now for Christmas.

49 N 6337-Shipping weight 9 ounces..... ..



Ornament Tree. A pretty pyramid of glass

balls flanked by shiny metallic leaves. A

bright touch for your mantel or festive feast

table. About


inches high overall.

49 N 6225-Shipping weight 6 ounces.. . ...... 87c


Door Ornament.


impressive 2-ft. high

old-fashioned ornament that will catch

everybody's eye. Beautifully colored, topped

by a spray of artificial evergreen and a candy–

striped bow. Heavy plastic and cardboard.

49 N 6346-Shipping weight 1 lb. 2 oz . .....



Angel Mobile. Hang them from the

ceiling or in a window, the slightest breeze

sets them twirling in their orbit. Snowflake–

light Styrofoam® with gold-color foil harps,

stars and trumpets. About 22 inches long

overall. Fun to set up.

49 N 6332 -Shipping weight l pound .......



Golden Chandelier . . . captures the

splendor and sparkle of the chandeliers



of old. Stand it upright and it

becomes a bold, glittering centerpiece for

your party table or fold in one of the sides and

attach it to the wall for use as a sconce. Two

feet high over all. Comes with twelve twinkling

glass-like plastic prisms; pretty hung with

matching Christmas balls, too. Folds flat for

storage. Macie of heavy gold-color chip-board.

4 feet of gold-color roping included.

49 N 6333-Shipping weight 10 ounces ......



Eskimo on Skis. This plump little pixie

comes from Santa's shop to bring holiday

merriment to your mantel or table. White

Styrofoam® with braid-trimmed cotton felt

coat, shiny sequin eyes and a sprig of holly

atop his hood. 12 inches tall over all. Order

early in time for Christmas delivery.

49 N 6328-Shipping weight 14 ounces......



Traditional Snow Bell Door Decoration.

Snow-covered filigree half-bell crowned

with a bright bow, frosted pine baughs and

red berries. Lovely on your door or over your

fireplace. 18 inches high overall.

49 N 6329-Shipping weight l lb. 8 oz....•




Four Snow Scene Globes. Fairyland en-

chantment ... shake them and you've

created a miniature snow storm around the

free-standing figures inside. Clear plastic



in. Figures of angels, snow–

men, etc. Pretty on the mantel, practical as


49 N 6229-Shipping weight l lb. 3 oz...... $1.86


Starburst Candle Holders. Glistening

glamour for mantel and table. Gold-color

metallic foil with glass balls. 9-in. diameter.

49 N 6334-Candles not incl. Wt. pr. 11 oz. Pr. $1



Starburst Swag brings the glamour and

glitter of gold color to your mantel, door–

way or buffet table. Shiny metallic gold-color

foil with glass balls. 36 inches long overall.


N 06336-Shipping weight 2 pounds..... $3.47


Starburst Wreath. Shimmering sophisti-

cation for door, mantel or window. Three–

dimensional gold-color foil rays with clusters

of glass balls. Over-all diameter 25 inches.


N 06335-Shipping weight I pound ......


Christmas Candles

.. glowing with holiday cheer


Post Light Candle shines a merry "Wel-

come" on your holiday table or mantel.

Holly leaves and bright berries encircle the

post. Snow-sprinkled base. 15 inches high.

49 N 6206-Shipping weight l lb. 9 oz...... $1



Two Twisted Tapers. Hand-dipped, hand-

carved beauties decked with holly, tiny

cones, berries and sprinkled with twinkling

glitter. 12 inches high overall.

49 N 6205-Shipping weight 11 ounces . . .Pr. $1.12


Fireplace Candle. As warm and cheery as

your own hearth . Detailed multicolor

drippings. 12 in. high. Trimmed with holly.

49 N 6210-Shipping weight I lb. 11 oz.•.....92c


Holiday Cheer Lites. Two 50-hour burn–

ing, red candles in 15-oz. white and gold–

color old-fashioned glasses. Pine scented.

49 N 6236-Shpg. w!. pr. 3 lbs......... Pair $1.86


lantern Lite. Burns at top, later it burns

inside to glow like a real lantern. Four–

color winter scenes on each side. 8 inches.

49 N 6991 -Shpg. wt. 2 lbs............... $1.37


Christmas Console Set. Two 10-inch can–

dles with matching wax holders. Decor–

ated with holly, leaves, berries, bells, glitter.

49 N 6235-Shpg. wt. pr. l lb. 9 oz..... Pair $1.37


Four Colorama Drip Candles. White ta–

pers drip a cascade of many colors as they

burn to produce an icicle effect. 12 inches.

49 N


bottle. Shpg. wt. 12 oz.. Four 92c


the scene for Santa with this realistic Fireplace and Chimney


you don't have a real fireplace here's the perfect setting for a jolly Yuletide. The big


39Y.x9%-inch deep fireplace casts a lovely glow; a reflector with red


bulb rotates as it

shines on the logs to create a realistic blaze. The black mantel top is ideal for displaying pretty

cards, candles and centerpieces. The matching chimney with its make-believe clock attaches

easily to the mantel; adjusts from 38 to 71 inches. Made of heavy corrugated fiberboard with

red brick and white mortar design. Easy to set up. \


fixtures, mantel figures not included.



N 06492-Chimney only. Shipping weight 3 pounds........... . ......... ....... ...... $1.87



N 06743-fireplace only. Shipping weight


pounds............... . • . • . . . . . . . . . . ..



N 06493-fireplace and Chimney Combination. Shipping weight 8 pounds.....•......... '. ........ 4.54