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Pixie Hat and Pouch Bag Kit .. a

practical sew-it-yourself kit for a

young girl's wardrobe. Offers an op–

portunity to learn easy sewing steps.

Kit includes all necessary colorful

printed cotton flannel material . .

pre-cut and ready for sewing- also,

thread, scissors, thimble, needle, hat

ring, etc.; nothing more to buy. With

instructions. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 3 oz.

3 N 527-Pixie Hot end Pouch Kit .. $1 .87

De Luxe Combination Embroidery

and Tapest_ry Weaving Set. Easy–

to:follow outlined embroidery pat–

terns and full-color outlined tapes–

try patterns on muslin. Embroider

4 large place mats and 2 handker–

chiefs; also, weave 3 large tapes–

tries. All materials, instructions.

3 N 533-Shpg. wt. l lb. 11 oz.. $2 .87

3 N 532-Tcpestry Weaving Set. !Not



tapestries to weave, plus ma–

terio!s. Shpg. wt. l lb. 11 oz.... . $1 .87

Magnetic Potholder Kit. Little girls

will have fun making these 6 colorful,

magnetic potholders. Decorative mus–

lin potholders cling to the kitchen

stove when not in use. It's easy to em–

broider an elephant, dog, a cat, etc.,

then sew around edges to complete

these attractive, handy kitchen help–

ers. Kit includes all necessary material,

complete instructions.

"Mimi Kay" Felt Doll Kits. Lovable,

unique costume dolls are

Sew E-Z


make. Kits are complete .. have sim–

plified patterns printed on colorful cot–

ton materials and all trimmings to

make 8-inch doll body and costume.

Full color photo of finished doll in–


State doll wanted

Bride, Cow–

girl, Indian Princess, German, Dutch,

Scottish dolls. Shpg. wt. ea. 3 oz.,

Colonial Spinning Wheel Kit. An easy–

to-assemble, fine reproduction of a colo–

nial spinning wheel- will adorn den, liv–

ing room, mantel, etc. Made of beauti–

fully grained hardwoods .. pre-cut and

sanded, ready for assembly.

Handsomely shaped, multi-grooved

wheel has 8 spokes .. all parts smoothly

turned. Size: 13 in. high, 10 in. long.

With instructions.

3 N 528-Shpg. wt. 1 lb.


oz....... $1.87

3 N 542 .. . ........ Each 97c; 2 for $1.87

3 N 545-Shpg. wt. I lb......... Only $2.77

Jewelry Making Sets. Young girls will

spend many enjoyable hours making

beads and bracelets. Each set includes a

large assortment of colorful jewelry ma–

terials, plus all needed supplies, and at–

tractive jewelry box. Instructions.

De luxe set offers largest assortment.

3 N 529-De luxe


Set- beads, sea

shells end plastic charms. Wt. 3 lbs... . .$3.87

3 N 530-Beods and Plastic Charms Jewelry

Set. INot


Wt. l lb. 8 oz....... $1 .87

3 N 531-Seo Shells and Plastic Charms


ry Set. INot shown.I Wt. l lb. 11 oz... ._$1 .87

Charms-'N-Chains Jewelry Set.


excitingly new do-it-yourself

jewelry set for young ladies 6 to

16. Makecharmbraceletsand other

charm jewelry- no clips needed ..

just "snap-in" charms to make

beautiful, useful costume decora–

tions. Set contains an assortment

of charms plus link chains made of

plastic with metal-like finish-like

sterling in color and appearance.

3 N 537-Shpg. ,.;t. l lb. 3 oz.... $2 .87

New! Indian Village Kit. A play and learo

kit .. fun for all :rges. Contains flexible

molds for plaster casting and water colors

for painting. Kit also includes: 6 molds,

plus plaster, to make Indian models; also,

water color discs on palette, plus brush, for

painting plaster molds. Inside of box has

outline of Indian village scene to be painted,

then Indian models can be placed in loca–

tion to complete a colorful, 3-dimension pan–

orama .. gives natural scenic effect.

3 N 538-Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 12 oz........... $2.87

Radio and Motorizing Kits for Boys of all ages

Gear Train

With "Hi-Drive"

Motor for only


Transistar Portable Battery Radio Kit. A

precision-designed radio receiver. Uses tran–

sistor and germanium diode. Special high gain

variable condenser and coil for maximum effi–

ciency over entire broadcast band. Kit includes

all components needed for complete assembly in–

cluding transistor, germanium diode, penlight

battery, antenna wire, ground wire, and 1000-

ohm earphone with headband. Requires no

soldering. Printed template furnished. Com–

plete instructions. Size of plastic cabinet: 5Ysx


inches. Weighs 6 oz. with battery.

3 N 547-Shipping weight 1 lb. 10 oz.. . ....... $6.67


Crystal Radio Receiver Kit. Not just an

ordinary "toy" .. actually brings in clear re–

ception up to 300 miles. No batteries, no elec–

tricity, no operating cost. Kit includes: Bakelite

cabinet, supersensitive crystal, precision wound

tuning coil, single 1000-ohm high impedence

earphone, antenna lead-in wire and necessary

hardware. An educational, entertaining gift.

3 N 636-With instructions. Shpg. wt. l lb........ $3.37


Globe Ranger Radio Kit. Clear reception of

stations as far as 300 miles and more. Uses

no batteries, no electricity, no parts to wear

out. Kit'includes: variable tuning condenser for

accurate station selectivity; newest type ger–

manium diode crystal to supply constant vol–

ume; high


factory-wound and tapped coil;

single 1000-ohm high impedence earphone; ply–

wood base with layout for mounting each part

in place; antenda, hardware accessories.


Signal Corps-type Code Practice Tele-

graph Set. Transmits and receives code.

Two sets can be mounted together for two-way

communication. Assembled with key, buzzer

and battery holder. Also includes Interna–

tional Morse Code. Uses two flashlight bat–

teries (not incl. .. order below).

3 N 638-Shipping weight l lb. 4 oz.. .. . . $4.17

Miniature Electric Motor Kits. Enable hobby–

ists to motorize toys, hobby items or gadgets.

Precision built "Tiny Atom" electric motors

-work on 2 to 6 batteries (not incl... order

below). Size 1x1Ysx172 in. high; weight 2 oz.

Durably constructed. Double extended shafts.

Bronze bearings for 172 to 3 volts; variable

drive shaft speeds, 3500 to 9200 RPM.

[] Super-power Motorizing Kit. "Tiny

Atom" motor with pinion pressed on

shaft; assortment of gear drives, pulleys, etc.

3 N 642-lnstructions. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs.. . . . . . $9.67

De Luxe Motorizing Kit (not shown). "Tiny

Atom" motor, fewer accessories than above.

3 N 641-lnstructions. Shpg. wt. 12 oz....... $4.87

"Tiny Atom" Motor Assembly Kit with Acces–

sories (not shown). Disassembled motor easy

to put together .. extra shafts, pulleys, etc.

3 N 640-lnstructions. Shpg. wt. 8 oz........ $3.37


Gear Train with Precision "Hi-Drive"






Super-power $9



Motorizing Kit


3 N 637-With instructions. Wt. 2 lbs. 6 oz.....



Motor. For high power at low speeds .. 3

to 15 RPM. Size


in., weighs 6 oz.

Single drive shaft. Aluminum gear box. Works

on 2 to 8 batteries (not incl. .. order below).

3 N 639-lnstructions. Shpg. wt. 10 oz... Only


3 N 9718-Stondord Flashlight Batteries. Shipping weight 8 ounces for 2... . ...


................ 2 for 39c