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Story Princess

Dolls and Costumes

Famous Story Princess paper doll and costume set, inspired by

the TV show "The Story Princess," starring Arlene Dalton.


anything can budge the young lady of the house from her fine

Sears Christmas books-this will. Three standing dolls of the

lovely Story Princess and 6 sheets of beautiful new no-tab cos–

tumes (with magic Scribble Glue, no bothersome tabs are

necessary; costumes


on, lift off--easy as 1-2-3).


addition: a plastic standard for each doll; metal scissors; die–

cut stand-up vanity with tiny mirror, comb, and brush; plus


silver-color charms and 2 colored rayon cords for making

sparkling, royal-looking charm bracelets.

Fun with.Fiction for youngsters 3 to 10

Around the World in Eighty

Doys. Ages 6 to 10. Simplified

version of Jules Verne classic.

Story of a man who bets he can

circle the world in 80 days–

in a balloon: his adventures;

how he's detained; how he al–

most doesn't make it--or does

he? Let your youngsters find

out in this most delightful way.

96 pgs. 7Vsx1072 in.

3 N699-lllus. Wt. Boz..... 97c

Uncle Wiggily's Story · Book.

Ages 3 to 7. Awonderful insight

into the world of children. De–

scribes, in a series of stories in–

volving old Uncle Wiggily,

those everyday events that add

up to big things in the life of

every child: the first tumble,

pulling the first tooth, and lots

more. 34 illustrations, 12 in

color. About 12


pgs. 9J;(x7 in.

3 N255-Wt. 1 lb, 9 oz.. . .


Giant Nursery Book •• tops with ages


Hundreds of favorite nursery rhymes, stories, and

poems for happy little folks ages 4 to 8. Including the

finest and most tender works of such authors as

Kenneth Grahame, Robert Louis Stevenson, Edward

Lear, and Clement Moore. Big fun, it's a big book in

every way: big full-color illustrations by Tony Palazzo;

big, easy-reading type (the kind that makes Grandma

happier than ever to read to her bright-eyed little

pals!); and big, big pages-192 of them



high. Order today-and watch sleepy little eyes open

wide with glee Christmas morning!

3 N696-Sturdy binding. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 4 oz........


3-in-one Set for youngsters 6 to 12

A Child's Book of Cats.

Chances are, your young–

sters would be amazed to know all the kinds oi cats.

This book tells them-and shows them, in beautiful

illustrations on every page.

A Child's Book of Butter–


Page after page of the most striking insects in

the world. Approved for accuracy by Dr. Lucy

Clausen, American Museum of Natural History.

A Child's Book of Fishes.

All about sharks, barracu–

da, and many more of the mysterious creatures of

the deep. Three books at one low price. Each 7!4x

10)4 inches, each alive with illustrations.

3 N773-laminated covers. Wt. 1 lb. 4 oz..... Set


"Tiny" Books (Ages 3 to 6)

Tiny Nonsense Stories. Twelve funny

stories about kittens, pigs, bunnies, and

a host of other little animals. 200 illus–

trations by Garth Williams. Boxed.

Combined size:



Total of 264 pages in rich color.

3 N697-12 Tiny Books. Wt. 10 oz...


Tiny Animol Stories. Twelve story books

like above, but' with different animal

stories and pictures.

3 N698-12 Tiny Books. Wt. IO oz...


Ever-popular "First" Book Series .• for boys, girls 7 to 12

Books t'hat provide not only a basic knowledge

on their subjects, but that stimulate curiosity

-arouse interest in reading further. All on

subjects that active young minds love to ex–

plore:science, baseball, submarines, electricity,

codes and ciphers, presidents, ballet. magic,

and more.

All in large, easy-to-read type,



many colorful illustrations. Good quality cloth

binding; stiff covers_ This Christmas, start

your youngsters on a library of their own.

Choose from titles at right.

State catalog number of each book wanted.



inches. Shipping weight 10 oz.

3 N 129-First Book of Bugs.............


3 N130- First Book of Stones...... ... .. 1.87

3 N128-First Book of Magic. . . . . . . . . . . 1.87

3 N342- First Book of Bollet... .. . . . . . . . 1.87

3 N343-First Book of Science Experiments 1.87

3 N236-First Book of Baseball. . . . . . . . . 1.87

3 N238-First Book of Presidents.


3 N749-FirstBookofCodes,Ciphers INewl 1.87

3 N750-First Book of Submorines INewl.. 1.87

3 N751 -First Book of Electricity INewl ... 1.87

Illustrated Bible Stories (Ages 6 up)

Tender Tales to warm the hearts of boys and girls


and up

Bible Story Book. A brand new

edition of a favorite that has

sold over 1 million copies! New

throughout: brieferstories, short–

er paragraphs; simpler sentences,

larger type. More stories (312).

More pictures (179 in


64 in

full color). AU to make it easier

and more interesting for young–

sters to learn the values taught

in the Bible-from Genesis to

Children's Book of Bible Stories. Over 100 Old

and New Testament stories of Adam and Eve,

Abraham, the Prophets, Jesus and His Disciples.

Presented in clear, simple style, easy-to-read type.

47 beautiful illustrations, 28 in rich full color.

About 265 pages. 6%'x10!4 inches. Cloth bound

for long wear. A wonderful addition to your 1957

Sears Christmas Book order.

3 N1660-Shipplng weight 1 lb. 10 oz.... .... . .


The littlest Angel. The tenderest of child classics

with 15 full-color illustrations by Katherine Evans.

A beautiful tale beautifully told. 25 pages.

3 N205-7V.x9V. inches. Shpg. wt.


oz.. .... .. 93c

TheWee Tree's Christmas. A heart-warming tale

in verse. Illustrated in vivid shades of blue, du–

bonnet (red wine color). Printed from hand–

lettered original. One of our finest.

3 N


48-55 pgs. B


x10'!. in. Wt. I lb. 4 oz...


God Loves You. Inspiring children's prayers,

stories by Peter and Catherine Marshall. A beau–

tiful way to teach your youngsters devotion.

3 N208-SO pages.


xlOV. inches. Wt. 12 oz. $1.87

When Jesus Was a Little Boy. A gentle little

story of the Christ Child to warm the hearts of

all young readers. Color illustrated. 32 pages.

3 N331 -8x9Y2 inches. Shpg. wt. 10 oz...... .



Revelation. 640 pages.

3 N2469-Wt. 2 lbs. Boz... $3.87

Bible ABC Book. Ages 6 to 10.

New revised edition. 26 stories,

Scripture references. Full-page,

fyll-color illustrations. Learn

Bible verses with each letter. 64

pages. Cloth bound.


N2468-Shpg. wt. Boz.. ..