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Famous Top Quality Revere Smm

Complete Home Movie Outflt

Features the popular Revere "50" 8mm

Roll-load Movie Camera. Fixed-focus

f:2.8 lens. Normal and



speeds. Continuous lock run lets operator

get into scene. Sturdy, compact all-metal

body. Makes movie taking easy.

For extra-brilliant projection .. fea–

tures the Revere "85-D" 8mm Movie

Projector with 500-watt lamp. Coated

f:l.6 lens. 300-ft. reel capacity. Auto–

matic rewind. Rheostat speed control.

;Efficient double blower cooling. With

slip-over carrying case. 110-120-volt, 60-

cycle AC-DC. UL listed. Includes

genuine leather carrying bag for camera,

plus 30x40-in. glass-beaded screen.

Capture those precious Christmas memories

relive them in lifelike action and color


Outfit includes: Camera,

Projector, Screen, Light

Bar with Lamps, Kodak Film


$20.00 down

Start a lifetime of happy movie making with this New TOWER Movie

Outfit-start this Christmas, by taking movies of your family and

friends. Home movies are so easy to take with a TOWER Camera . . and,

always a thrill to show with the New TOWER Projector. It's easy to buy

this complete TOWER Movie Outfit when you use Sears Easy Terms ..



down, $13.00 monthly.

Outfit includes: (1) New TOWER Single-lens Spool-load Camera

with fixed-focus f:l.9 lens. Has two-tone gray crackle finish on modern,

die-cast aluminul)l body. Five speeds for normal and slow motion

movies. Single frame exposure for special effects. Interchangeable lens

mount for standard "D" type screw-in lenses. Lens has built-in adapter

accepting Series 4 filters. Uses standard 8mm color or black-and-white

film. With hand carrying strap. Exposure guide on camera. (2) New

TowER 8mm Movie Projector with powerful 750-watt lamp; fine


f:l.6 coated lens. 400-ft. reel capacity. Forw,ard, reverse and still pro–

jection. Rapid automatic rewind. Tilt control. Nylon gears. Swing-out

film gate for easy threading, cleaning. Die-cast aluminum body. Built

into carrying case, with handle. UL listed. 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC–

DC. (3) 30x40-in. glass-beaded screen. (4) Tov.iER 2-light Bar with two

300-watt reflector bulbs. (5) 25-ft. roll Kodachrome 8mm color film.

3 N T9811 K-Complete TOWER 8mm Movie Outnt. Shpg. wt.


lbs.. Cosh $197.50



larger selection of Photographic Equipment and Supplies, see



General Catalog. FREE-send for the latest edition of Sears Camera Catalog

646N ..

write to Sears, Roebuck and




Send for FREE copy today/

Kodachrome Color

Movie Film .•

toke beautiful movies

8-pc. Bell


Howell Movie Outfits

With Exclusive "Sun Dial" Camero

3-pc. Kodak Movie Outfits

Camero .. Projector .• Screen

Top quality color movie


Price does not inclnde


(See Sears Gen–

.era! or Camera Catalogs for

processing service.)


for their quality features, simplicity of

operation, and low prices. Includes:



Index 10

For use indoors. Almost

grainless for clear, vivid

projection. Shpg. wts.:

8mm, 4 oz.; 16mm, 8 oz.



. roll.$1 .89

3N6927-8mm. 25-ft. mag.



3N6959-16mm.ICXJ.ft.roll 5.69

3N6957-16mm.50.ft.mag. 4.69

3 N

T9838K- Postpaid.



lbs.I $159. 97

Everything needed to take and show home

movies. Outfit includes: B


H 220 "Wil–

shire" Smm Movie Camel'a with f:2.5 fixed

focus lens; "Sun Dial" for automatic exposure

setting; roll loading; 16 frames per second;

leather camera case. B


H "253-A" 8mm



500-watt lamp; built into

carrying case; 400-ft. reel capacity; f:l.6

coated lens; die-cast aluminum housing;

lubricated for life; 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC

only; UL listed. Also, portable light bar with

2 reflector-type 300-watt


bulbs; one roll

8mm Kodachrome


one 8mm Castle home

movie. Order today! Use Sears Easy Terms.

3 N T9836-0utfit. Shpg. wt. 25 lbs..Cash


3 N

09839K- Complete Outfit, like above, but with



H 2528 "Monterey" De luxe 8mm Movie Camero




1.9 lens, fixed focus; and B


H ''235-AR"

Projector, with reverse end still. Shipping weight

Brownie Turret Camera (A) with 3

lenses . . normal focusing £:1.9 lens,

2X f:l.9 telephoto lens, and 9mm f:l.9

wide angle lens. Also includes Brownie

500-watt Projector; built into its own

carrying case. 200-ft. reel capacity,

(50-ft. reel


Blower cooling.

Reverse, still, automatic rewind.

Fe>cusing lens. 110-120-volt, 60-cycle

AC only. UL listed. 22x30-in. glass–

beaded screen. Use Sears Easy Terms.

3NT9843-0utfot. Wt. 21 lbs.Cash


3NT9842-3-pc. Brownie Outfit. 8mm Movie

Camero IBJ, fixed focus f:2.7 lens, 16 frames

per sec., exposure guide on camera; plus, 300-

watt Projector; 18x24-in. screen. Shipping


Type A Indoor: Index 16

For use with artificial

lights. Shpg. wts.: 8mm, 4

oz.; 16mm, 8 oz.

3N6922-8mm.25-ft. roll. $1 .89

3N6928-8mm. 25-ft. mag.


3N6960-16mm.1QO.ft.roll 5.69

3N6958-16mm.50-ft.mag. 4.69




28 pounds.


down ...


Cash $169.97

19 lbs.


dawn ..........

Cash $81.97

Use Sears convenient Easy


. .

see page 347