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Books for a better

under.standing of our country




... a special selection suggested by the

American Library Association

You see on the page to the right an

even dozen books on one phase or an–

other of our nation's development.

Selected from a list prepared by the

Ad\1lt Services Division of the Ameri–

can Library Association, these books

present various aspects of the past,

present and future of America. This

listing is a first step in a joint program

undertaken by Sears and the Ameri–

can Library Association.

Why such emphasis on books like

these? Every day of our lives each of

us has reason to be thankful that he

lives in the United States of America.

We very nearly take for granted the

personal liberty, the freedom of

thought and the principles that have

made our country what it is.


In a country like ours, where the gov–

ernment and the way of life are de–

cided by the people, the people them–

selves must have facts, weigh alterna–

tives and make decisions. Th make

decisions effectively all of us must

know a great deal about the origins of

our country and its basic institutions,

and the way in which our system oper–

ates, who contributes to its success,

and how it builds safeguards against

the attacks of individuals or organiza–

tions or ways of thinking which might

tend to destroy it.

All through history books have been

instrumental in changing the world,

but in this day of rapid communica–

tion books don't get the same wi9-e

distribution that other means of com–

munication enjoy. That is why Sears

and the American Library Associa–

tion have undertaken to call to the

attention of the American public a

number of useful and worthwhile

books of a type which would give a

better understanding of our national

life and


as a whole. Other such

lists will appear from time to time.

Different books mean different things

to different people, and in a free de–

mocracy such as ours, freedom of opin–

ion is important. Certainly this is by

no means a complete selection of all

worthwhile writing on these subjects.

Nor do the individual books neces–

sarily reflect the opinions of everyone

at Sears or in the American Library


But you can't lose by having a better

understanding of what makes Amer–

ica "tick." Your public library has

most or all of the books featured here.

We strongly urge you to make full use

of the services of this fine public insti–

tution. Or, if you want to add any of

these volumes to your home library,

you may order them from Sears or

from your local bookseller.