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Pro-style Junior Hockey Ska tes

Juvenile Single, Double Runners

Junior Figure Skates for Boys and Girls


Junior High-cut Figure Skates. Gleaming imported steel


Our Best! Zinc-plated tool steel blades,

tough welded cups. Rugged black split lea–

ther shoes, tan trim. Hard box toe protects foot.

Padded tongue. Arch support. Wt. 3 lbs.


Plated single runners built low to ground

to give child confidence. Split leather.

blades, true stay-sharp figure teeth. Laminated rubber

sole, fiber heel. Smooth white split cowhide shoe, nylon

stitched. Warm plaid lining. Comfortable padded tongue.

6 N 1044- State size 1, 2, 3, 4,



. . ..


$7 .7


Lockstitched sole.

State size

10, 11, 12, 13, 1, 2.

6 N 1055-White. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. l oz. Pair $3.77

6 N 1056-Black. Shpg.


2 lbs. I oz. Pair 3



N 101 4-State size 1, 2, 3. Shipping weight 3 lbs...... . ... Pair $7.97


Junior Figures with shiJlY zinc-plated tool steel blades.

Hollow-ground for control. Split cowhide shoe, nylon

stitched. Plaid lining, padded tongue. Arch support. Wt. 3 lbs.


Economy-priced! Tool steel blades. Black

split cowhide shoes. Ankle strap. Hard box

toe. Padded tongue, arch support. Wt. 3 lbs.

6 N 1001-State size 11, 12, 13, 1, 2, 3.... Pair $6.84

[] Double steel runners


in. apart. Split


State size

10, 11, 12, 13, 1, 2.

6 N 1051-White. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs..... Pair $4.29

6 N 1052-Block. Shpg.


3 lbs.. . . .. Pair


6N1041 -Black. State size 11, 12, 13, I, 2, 3 ..... . . .. .... Pair



N 1015-White.


size 11, 12, 13, l, 2, 3 ............ Pair 6.77

HOW TO ORDER: full-size shoe, order next full-size skate; 72-size shoe, 172-size larger skate

Steel wheels mode

quiet with neoprene

rubber cushions


· Quiet Rubber·Wheel Skates


Full-sizecomposition rubber wheels

J.C. HIGGINS "Quiet-Wheel" Sidewalk Ska tes

Our Best! Roll faster, give proper side slip on turns! Neoprene

cushions cut vibration in half, absorb noise of hardened steel

rims! Outwear all-steel wheels 4 to 1 in laboratorv tests! Rubber

shock absorbers on front, rear trucks. 16 double-row ball bear–

ings in each wheel, 128 bearings per pair. Shaped toe clamps.

Ankle pad. Bright-plated tubular steel frame. Skate key.

glide freely, mean less noise for

Mom indoors or out! Won't mark

floors. Transmit less vibration to

youngsters feet. Rubber shock ab–

sorbers cushion bumps. 16 ball bear–

ings per


128 bearings per pair.

Plated steel frame resists rust. Soft

rubber ankle pad. Shaped toe clamps.

Bright red wheel discs. Skate key.

Adjusts from 8 to 10%' inches.


N 2364-Adjusts from 8 to 11 in. Shpg. wt.


lbs. ......... Poir



N 2363-Shpg. wt. 4 lbs. 8 oz. Poir $4.67

New! Juvenile Rink Roller Skates



The new rink skate for the young,

younger, youngest skaters in the family!

Perfect miniatures of professional-style

grown-up models, designed · to meet the

needs. of tiny feet. Soft, pliable full-grain

elk leather in white or black. Lightweight

all-aluminum chassis mounted completely in

rubber. Smooth-rolling jumbo ball-bearing


State size

10, 11, 12, 13, 1, 2.

(K) 6 N 2397-Whlte. Shpg. wt.


lbs. . Pair $9.66

(l )

6 N 2398- Black. Shpg. wt.


lbs.... Pait 9.66




New! Mickey Mouse, Mouseketeer Skates!


Mickey Mouse Skate; for beginners. With a gay pic-

ture of Mickey right on the heel plate. And Mickey's

own imprint on the laced yellow toe strap! Imagine how

your youngster will treasure these gay roller skates. No

key needed-just tie toe strap, buckle yellow heel strap.

Blued steel wheels. Carry-along cardboard skate case.


N 2307-Adjusts




in. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.......... $2.07


Mouseketeer Ska tes have ball bearing steel wheels for

faster fun! Official Mouseketeer sponge-rubber ankle

pad. Yellow heel strap. Blued toe clamps. 2-color dust

caps. Bright-plated finish. Carry-along case. Skate key.

6 N 2308-Adjusts 7




in. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 4 oz..... $3.37

J. C. HIGGINS Steel-Wheel Sidewalk Ska tes


Heavy-duty Skates. 500-mile wheels glide on 16

double-row ball bearings per wheel. 128 bearings

per pair. Rubber shock absorbers. Red dust caps.

Shaped toe clamp. Rubber ankle pad. Steel chassis,

flanged sides. Plated to resist rust. Skate key.

6N2301-Adju_sts from 8


101" in. Wt. 4 lbs. Pair $3.34


Economy-priced skates have 64 steel ball bearings

in each pair. Rubber shock absorbers reduce

vibration. Rust-resistant steel girder chassis. Flanged–

side foot plates eliminate sharp edges. Skate key.

6 N 2303-Adjusts from

7V. to


in. Wt. 3 lbs. Pair $2.07

Sidewalk Skates Designed for Beginners


Steel-wheel skates do not build up dangerous speeds.

Safer for youngsters to age 7. Plated steel girder

chassis resists rust. No key needed! Just buckle ankle

strap, tie red leather toe strap for firm, sure support.

6 N 2361 -Adjusts from 6


to 8


in. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.... $1.47


ZipeesRollerSkates withwhisper-quietnylon wheels.

Sturdy, lightweight, self-lubricating. Roll smoothly

indoors or out. Durable molded plastic straps and

chassis adjust for children with shoe sizes up tb size one.

Bright attractive colors. No sharp edges or corners.

Youngsters really love 'em. Fully guaranteed.


N 2360-Shipping weight 1 pound... , .......... Pair $2.67