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Good $33.94*





* From focfory

J. C. HIGGINS Official Size Plywood Tables in Choice of 3 Tops

Say "Merry Christmas to us all" with a table

tennis table. These are sturdily constructed to

give years of service.. Each has two 4;1x5-foot

sections which join together to make official

9x5-foot table, 30 inches high. Strong plywood

tops have green non-glare finish, smart white

boundary lines. Metal braces lock legs firmly

in place. Legs fold up. Tops are warp-resistant,

smooth. Can be used as 2 utility tables. Shipped

freight, express· or truck from factory near

Baltimore, Maryland or mail order house.


5x9-ft. Size


Good. 3-ply,


thick top.

10% down.

6 N M2559- from M.0. house. Wt. 90 lbs.... $35 .94

6 N M2559F- from factory. Wt. 90 lbt.


Better. 5-ply, V2 -in. thick top.

Our most popular


Only $-1.00 down. on Easy Terms.

6 N M2558- From M.O.•house. Wt. 110 lbs.. . $39.74

6 N M2558F-from factory. Wt. 110 lbL


Best. 5-ply,


/.i -in . extra thick top

for best match

game performance.

Only $5.00 down.

6 N M2529- From


house. Wt. 140 lbs. . . $49.94

6 N M2529F- From factory. Wt. 140 lbs.. . . . 47.94

Multi-Purpose Utility Tables

Use for table tennis, picnics, banquets or

parties. 1001 year-round uses. Hinged , fold–

up tempered masonite top is extra strong.

Green lacquer, weather-resistant finish. 1


in. fir apron. Aluminized tubular frame.

White acetate tape incl. for table tennis

marking. Shipped freight, e...:press, truck.

Compact 4x8-ft. Size.

Two 4x4-ft. hinged

sections. Folds to 48x48x4-in. size for storage.

6 N M2701 -Shipping weight 50 lbs... ..





Two 4;1x5-ft. hinged

sections. Folds to 54x60x4-in. for storage.

6 N M2702-Shipping weight


lbs. .. ..




Our Finest Roll-Away Table

r '"





close up table,

2 center legs fold up

under table top.

2. Sturdy hinges in

center let you fold 2

halves together.

3. Folds-up on

wheels to move

or store.

Strong 'n' Ste ady 5 -ply, '%-inch thick top

Ideal for rumpus room basement or den. Regulation-size

2 section table folds-up' conveniently when not in use. It's

so easy to operate, you'll be amazed. Saves valuable space.

What's more it's strong and steady enough for tournament

competition.'Casters attached to underside of table touch

floor when table is in folded position. You can roll table out

of the way . . roll it back quickly when you want to play.

5-ply plywood top is % inch thick for best match game

performance. Table has 1% inch apron, doubles as a handy

utility table for banquets or parties. Easy-rolling casters

have tubular arms of rustproof aluminum. Table top and

underside are finished in non-glare green paint. White

striped court lines. 2x2 inch extra strong legs stand 30

inches high. This Christmas, give a gift the entire family

will enjoy. Shipped by freight, express or truck.

6 N M2561 - Shipping wt. 140 lbs. Only $6.50

down .



J. C. HIGGINS 5 -ply, 4-bot Tobie Tennis Sets .. Choose from 3 Qualities

2 and 3-ply Sets

Good Quality Set.

Made to exacting

specifications from flaw-free materials.

Ideal for younger players or beginners

learning the game. Warp-resistant

basswood bats have rubber faces, bev–

elled edges. lacquered handles. 66-inch

tape-bound green net has adjustable

metal ends, clamp-on brackets;'thumb–

screw ·adjustment. 4 regulation table

tennis balls, instruction booklet incl.

6 N 2700--Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. 11 oz.....



Better Quality Set.

Better because bats

are made with tapered, attractively fin–

ished lightweight walnut handles. You'll

get better scores, have more fun playing

with this well-balanced gear. Paddles

are basswood with rubber faces. Better

66 inch


bound metal end green net

has clamp-on extension brackets with

thumb-screw adjustment. 8 regulation

table tennis balls, instructions included.

6 N 2709- Shpg. wt. 4 lbs. 12 oz.... . . $6.83

Our Finest Tournament Grode Tobie Tennis Bats


Bat with Sponge Rubber Facings.

The kind used by world

champion Table tennis team in international games at Helsinki,

Finland. 5-ply bat with handsome walnut finished outer layer.

6N 2595-Shipping weight 10 ounces .................. .. .. Each $1.68


Bat with Molded Finger-Grip Handle.

Patented design for

easier grasp. Made of high impact styrene, pipped rubber facings.

6 N 2596-Shipping weight 12 ounces.. . . ... . ...... . . . . .... Each $1.82




Best Quality Set.

Best because bats have

patented, more comfortable handles with

molded finger grips that are easier to

grasp. Paddles are ma<le of finest high–

impact styrene plastic with pipped rub–

ber faces for fullest control on serve or re–

turn. Heavier, tournament-type 72 inch

net has handy thumb-screw adjustment.

10 regulation table tennis balls and val–

uable instruc.tion booklet included.

6 N 2713- Shipping weight


lbs..... . $8.77


Thrifty2 -ply Set.

Includes four

2-ply basswood bats with sand–

paper facings. 66-in. tape-bound

net. 1 ball, instructions included.

6 N


wt. 2 lbs. 12 oz. $3.74

[[] Sturdy 3-ply Set.

Includes four

3-ply basswood bats with rub–

ber facings. 66-inch tape-bound

net. 2 regulation balls, instructions.

6 N 2707-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 12 oz. $4.44


C. HIGGINS Official Table Tennis


(Not shown.) Jn handy boxes

for Christmas giving.

Tournament Quality.

The finest we

have seen. For match game competi–

tion. Keep a big supply on hand.

6 N 2550- Shipping weight


ounces for

box of 6 . ........ . ..... .. ... 6 for 56c

Standard Quality.

Long lasting.

6 N 2543-Shipping weight


ounces fo r

box of 6 . . . .. . . . ... . . .. . . .. . 6 fo r 39c