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New! Carrier Stand Set

Christmas special for San–

ta's helpers! 4-racket bad–

minton set with the clever–

est carrier standwe've seen.

Feather-light enameled

metal! Holds complete out–

fit-even shuttlecocks!

Features built-in thumb–

screw presses to keep rack–

ets in top shape!

Four power-packed rack–

ets feature tough 3-ply

laminated construction.

Eye-catching red and white

, color smartest on the

courts. Waterproof high–

test nylon strings give

sharp, snappy returns.


l~ther g~\ps.

No sk1mpmg on ex–

tras," either! 20x2-ft. net

resist moisture. Leave it

up all season! 3-pc. metal

poles, stakes resist rust.

Poles disassemble quickly

for carrying, lock tightly

for play. Ropes have metal

slides to adjust tension.

Rule book included.

6 N01348-Wt. 8 lbs.$12.47

Badminton •• Lightning-action game thr


ills young and old alike!


Christmas Special! 4-racket set with


American-made 4-racket




laminated, nylon-strung rackets. Im-

Precision made, power-packed. A gift they'll

ported from Pakistan, land of badminton

enjoy for years to come! Pro-style lightweight

great-s. Compares with sets costing dollars

aluminum rackets have built-in whip action for

more! Rackets have sleek leather grips,

sharp returns. High-test twisted nylon strings

tough plastic bindings. Counter-sunk nylon

countersunk in frame to stay true. Neck, shoul-

strings. Shrink-resistant 20x2-ft. tape-bound

der bindings add strength. Tubular rubber grip

net. Two plastic shuttlecocks. 3-pc. galva- adds comfort. Shrink-resistant 20x2-ft. tape-

nized metal poles. Ropes, slides, stakes.

bound net features easy-to-see color. 2 Timpe

6 N01336-Rule book. Shpg. wt. 7 lbs .. $10.94

shuttlecocks. 3-pc. galvanized steel badminton

poles. Ropes, rope slides, stakes.


Our Best American-made 4-racket Ash

Set. Multi-ply rackets stay lively. Hand–



,strung with waterproof DuPont nylon! Spi–

6 N01343-Rule book. Shpg. wt. 7 lbs.. .. . . $19.46


Budget-buy 4-racket Set. Strong lami-

nated wood frames give top performance.


Horseshoe Set

Lightweight! Includes

four lj.i-lb. drop forged

steel shpes for easier

pitching. Also suitablefor

women, youngsters. No.

1 shoes silver-color. No. 2

shoes gold-color. Two

sturdy 22-in. stakes. Fi–

ber carrying case.



Horseshoe Set

Better because it features

official size, weight.


cludes four



forged steel shoes. Paint–

ed, numbered for identi–

fication. Two 27-in. steel

stakes. Carrying box.


6 N2583-4 horseshoes only.

As obove. Wt.




BEST Horseshoe Set

Patented design! Guar–

anteed not to break! 4

professional 2J.i-lb. drop

forged steel shoes. No. 1

shoes silver-color, No. 2

gold-color. 2-pc. drop

forged steel stakes. En–

ameled steel case has han–

dle, snap fasteners.


al-wound imitation leather grips. Shrink–

resistant 20x2-ft. tape-bound net. 3 feath-

---""ered " birds." Ropes, slides, poles, stakes.

6 N01334-Rule book. Shpg. wt. 7 lbs... $1 7.67

6 N 01333-2-racket set. As above, but 2 rackets,

Water-repellent nylon strings. Rubber grip lets

youhandleracketlongerwithoutfatigue. Shrink–

resistant 20x2-ft. tape-bound net. 2 outdoor

shuttlecocks. Ropes, poles, stakes.

2 "birds". Shpg. wt. 6 lbs......... ". ..... $10.44

6 N01331-Rule book. Shpg. wt. 6 lbs....... $8.33

Game-room Shuffleboard, Bowling Set •. Loads of fun all year around!

Exciting Shuffleboard game

with 12x2-ft. linoleum court.

Ideal foi;-game-room parties,

perfect for pack-the-car pic–

nics. Felt-backed linoleum

court rolls up for easy cart"y'–

ing, storage! Lies flat for play.

Slick finish helps bright–

colored disks slide to stenciled

scoring area. Set includes eight


wood disks-four red,

four green. Four 50-in. wood

pushers. Instructions included.

Surprise the family! Buy now!

6N02622-Shpg. wt. 12 lbs. $7.23

Larger Roll-up


game with near-regulation size

14x3-ft. linoleum court. More

room, more fun! Pleasure-packed

for picnics, basement parties,

church socials. Space-saving lin–

oleum court rolls up for storage,

lies flat for play. Easy-to-read

scoring area stenciled on each

end. Felt backing protects floors.

Set includes eight big 4J.i-in.

wood disks-four green, four

red. Four 50-in. wood pushers.

Full instructions included.

6N02623-Shpg. wt. 19 lbs. $13.53

Now! Bowl in your own home! Sharpen



improve your performance with

this thrill-packed bowling game. Set in-.

eludes ten hard rock maple bowling pins.

Big 12-inch size. Bright white enamel fin–

ish with smart red collar stripes. Pins sit

on felt-base linoleum spotter mat. Pin

spots are marked on 24x24-inch wood–

grained surface. Backstop helps contain

pins with Masonite Presdwood sides, stur–

dy steel rod liack. Two 4-inch natural–

grain finish hard rock maple balls. Pad of

score sheets. Complete instructions.

6 N02567K-Shpg. wt. 23 lbs.. . . Set $11.97

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