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Junior Golf Set


Junior Golf Sets .. adult styling

Now! Adult-style golf sets for yow1gsters.

Not toys, but quality golf clubs in "feel" and

construction. Right-handed only. No fill-ins.

Sets include heavy-duty white canvas bag, steel

braced top, bottom. Full comfort-cut shoulder

strap. Molded fiber bottom. Zipper pocket.


New! Junior Golf Set with beautiful, nat-

ural-finish hickory wood shafts. Includes

brassie, 2,5 and putter. Brassie head kiln-dried

persimmon. Irons sport bright chrome-plated

heads. All feature brown vinyl plastic grips.

6 N 0859-Foryoungsters to age 10. Wt.41bs. . .




Better! Junior Golf Set with longer, gleam·

ing chrome-plated shafts. Includes brassie,



putter. Brassie, 2,


boast stepped shafts for

better control. Brassie head kiln-dried persim–

mon. Irons have mirror-like chrome-plated

heads. Spiral-wound leather grips.

6 N 0853-for youngsters to age 12. Wt.


lbs.$ 1


New! Fold-up Game-room. Bowling Alley

Folding Golf Carts


. Special Golf Bag Offer


Golf Cart folds, locks with touch of handle. Rolls when folded !

Non-rust metal. 12-in. ball bearing wheels, jumbo rubber tires.

6 N 0918-Non-chofe brackets


all bogs. Shipping


16 lbs,. .....$13.97


J. C. HIGGINS Golf Cart. Gleaming, chrome-plated. Opens.

closes in


seconds. Folds to locker-size 14-in. width. Positive

lock. 12-in. ball bearing, rubber-tired wheels. Rubber handle grip.

6 N 0930l-Height, width adjusts to ony-<ize bag. Shipping wt. 18 lbs. $21.97

[] Comparto Golf Bag. 14 compartments, 3 zip pockets. Padded

sling, rubber bottom, handle.

State color

green Nylex


nylon-faced cotton)

with oxblood trim; or blue Nylex with red trim.

6 N 0953-Holds 14 clubs or more. Shipping weight 8 pounds .......$12.66

[] Golf Bag and Sport Carrying Bag-both for one low price!

D-ring model golf bag holds 16 clubs. Ball pocket, zipper side

pocket. Detachable hood doubles as extra pocket. Sponge-padded

sling. Umbrella holder. Companion bag has open-wide zipper;

built-in shoe pocket.

Stale set color:

brown ivy-stripe duck with

russet vinyl trim; or yellow-and-black plaid with black vinyl trim.

6 NT 988L-Shpg. wt. 12 lbs. Golf Bag and Sport Carrying Bog ... set $18.87

Game-room Bumper Pool Table


Strike! Strike again! Wow, real action-packed fam-

ily fun! A slick addition to any game room, adds a

special sparkle tbat keeps parties humming. Big 12-ft.

by 32-in. table combines tough Masonite Presdwood

witb natural-finish hardwood. Side grooves form gutter

for gravity-pull ball return. Roll-up wood-grain finish

linoleum alley lies flat for play. Easy to store: legs fold,

table hinges in center to form two 6-ft. sections.


New! Play recreation pool in your home! Relax,

liven-up parties. Full-size set identical with

popular coin-controlled models you've seen! Gray-tan

cabinet has non-wobble lock-corner ends, sides. Glue–

blocked at every joint! Samson-strong hardwood legs.

Hardwood cross-pieces notched for storing cues. 4 leg

adjusters for pertect level. Playfield covered with bright

green 100% wool-faced rubber-backed pool-table cloth.

Special-design backstop confines spilled pins to table

- no matter how hard they're hit! Backstop has chalk–

board scorecard on side. 7)4-ir,i. hardwood pins have

natural finish, red neck stripe. Clever Masonite Presd–

wood pin-setter lets you rack up pins quickly. Two

3Ys-in. composition balls. Score sheet. Full instructions.

6 N M2641-Shipping weight 65 lbs. $4.00 down .......$38.50

12 locked-in, live-action rubber bumpers have plastic

shields. Polystyrene cup inserted in table at each end.

Live-cushion rubber rails. Ten regulation 2Ya-in. phe–

nolic resin balls. Two 48-in. kiln-dried maple cues with

regulation leather tip, rubber base bumper. Regulation

chalk. Instructions with rules, diagrams, tips.

6 NM2642-50x34x31-in. set up. Wt. 84 lbs.

$9.SOdown ..



Gift-priced 7 -club Starter Set

Seven clubs and stylish bag in a complete,

low-priced outfit. Balanced clubs give

better direction control. Bright, chrome- ,

plated stepped steel shafts proportioned

for proper flex throughout length. Compo–

sition grips. Men's right handed only.

Woods: Driver, No. 3 (Spoon) wood.

Persimmon heads with deep mahogany

finish. Scored plastic face insert. Smooth–

riding metal soleplate protects surface.

Irons: Nos. 2, 5, 7,


and putter. Mirror–

like chrome-plated heads. Sand-blasted

faces. Scoring·u.S.G.A. approved.

Bag: Red-and-black plaid, rubber–

backed for extra wear. Tan vinyl plastic

trim. Steel wire frame keeps bag in shape:

Non-skid molded rubber bottom. Stitched

shoulder straps. Large zipper pocket.

6 N 0852l-Wt. 13 lbs.


down ....$38.94

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