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Large-Size Umbrella Play Tent

Davy Crockett Umbrella Tent

Extra-large "Cherokee Brave" Tepee

• It's styled and it looks just like adult tent

• Room for


the neighborhood "Frontiersmen"

• Plenty of room .. sets up indoors or outdoors

• 5 ft. high at peak .. 7x7 ft. square at base

High count cotton tent sheeting. Light green color.

(Not water repellent.) Has wire frame inside tent to

form 272-ft. square eave. Wide awning extension. In–

cludes all stakes, ropes, 2 wooden awning poles, wood

center pole jointed with metal sleeve.

• 5 ft. high at peak .. 7x7 ft. square at base

Cotton tent sheeting is desert tan color with bright–

ly painted Davy Crockett figure on sides. (Not water

repellent.) Wire frame inside tent forms 2);2-ft. sq.

eave. \Vide awning extension. Includes ropes, awning

poles, stakes, center pole jointed with metal sleeve.

• 5-ft. high tepee has 23 square feet of floor area

New! 6-sided tepee made of cotton tent sheeting.

(Not water repellent.) 3 ft. wide on each side. Yel–

low color. Bright red Indian painted on 3 sides. Tri–

pod support by 3 wood poles on outside. Each pole

jointed with metal sleeve. Poles, ropes, stakes me!.

- 6 N 07712-Shipping wt. 7 lbs. Mailable.. . .......


6 N 07758-Shipping wt. 9 lbs. Mailable ...........


6 N 07753-Shipping wt. 7 lbs. Mailable . ..... . ..


Lone Ranger Tepee-Style Tent

Tepee-style tent is made of sturdy tan

color cotton tent material with red,

black, and green figure of Lone Ranger

and Silver painted on 3 sides. (Not water

repellent.) Tent is 4 ft. 9 in. high at peak;

472 ft. squ9're at base. Includes all poles,

stakes anc.l. ropes.

Davy Crockett Tepee-Style Tent

Cotton tent sheeting is bright yellow color

with black Davy Crockett figure painted

on 2 sides. (Not water repellent.) Tent is

4 ft. 9 in. high at peak; 5 ft. 2 in. square at

base. Lightweight, easy to handle. Wide

awning extension. Awning pole, wood

center pole, ropes, stakes included.

Fort Laramie Stockade for Backyard "Indian Fighters"

NEW! Here's realistic 4-ft. high, 6-ft. sq. fort for youngsters who enjoy

backyard "Indian skirmishes''. High count cotton tent sheeting is tan color

with attractive red, black and yellow colored "Indians" painted on 4 sides.

Each side has "lookout slot" so young pioneers can "defend" stockade.

Fold-away entrance on one side for easy, safe access. 4 wood corner poles

support stockade. 4 guy ropeS-{)ne at each corner--for staking to 9-inch

wood stakes. All poles, ropes, stakes included.

6 N 07755-Shpg. wt.


lbs. Mailable .



6 N 07754-Shpg. wt.


lbs. Mailable . ..



6 N 07713-Shipping weight 9 pounds. Mailable.........................



Triangular-shaped Tent Sets Up In–

doors or Out.


ft. 4 in. on each side,

3 ft. 9 in. high at peak. Cotton sheet–

ing is yellow color with mounted

Indian on 2 sides. (Not water re–

pellent.) Sets up indoors with rubber

suction cups, outdoors with steel

wire stakes. Awning poles, center

pole, cups. stakes, ropes included.

6 N 07749- Wt.


lbs. Mailable ...





5-sided Tent Sets Up Indoors or

Out. Bright, 4-color Indian pic–

tures on natural color cotton

sheeting. (Not water repellent.)

Tent is.4 ft. 8 in. across in di–

ameter inside and 3 ft. 9 in.

high at peak. Sets up indoors

with rubber suction cups, out–

doors with steel wire stakes.

Wood center pole,




stakes included. Tent is mailable.

6 N 07773-Shpg. wt.


lbs... $2.87

NEW! "Ranger Cabin" Play Tent! Use

indoors or out. Stenciled cotton tent

sheeting has detailed log walls, simu–

lated shingle roof. (Not water repellent.)

Tent is 4 ft. high at center; 3


ft. high

at wall; 372x372-ft. base. Supported by

tubular steel and metal rod frame. Easy

and quick to erect. No tools, hardware,

poles, ropes or stakes needed. An im–

proved, high quality play tent.



thing for youngsters' "club meetings".

6N07709-Shpg. wt. 9 lbs. Mailable .. $10.


NEW! "Hollywood Drive-In" Play Tent! Set

up indoors or out. Ideal for junior "car-

nops". Cotton tent sheeting is gayly colored

in red, white, yellow and black. (Not water

repellent.) Bright signs on panels. Nylon

mesh side door and front window. Window

has circular cutout for "serving". Strong

tubular steel .and metal rod frame supports

tent. No tools, hardware, ropes, stakes, poles

needed. Easy to erect. 4 ft. high at center;


ft. high at wall; 372x3Yz-ft. base.

6 N 07708-Shpg. wt. 10 lbs. Mailable.. $12.75