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Fast repeating rifles .. outfits to suit every youngster


Complete Outfit



•Air Rifle has Fast, Easy-to-cock Lever Action .. just like Western Carbines

•Big Lightning Loader Magazine holds 450 BB's for really fast shooting fun

• Open Rear and Blade Front Sights for Aiming Accuracy .. 250 BB's included

A boy and his Coctus Carbine Air Rifle .. a combination that adds up to a

Happy Christmas. Exciting 450-shot lever action repeater has flashy, stream–

lined brown plastic !\tock and forearm. Steel barrel resists rust. Plated trigger.

Open rear and blade front sights. Checkering on stock and forearm gives sleek

appearance and provides better gripping surface. Adjustable brown carrying

sling is perfect for those long "scouting trips"- has plated swivels and hard–

ware. Rifle is 32 inches long. Package of 250 BB's included.




02037-Cactus Carbine Rifle and 250


Shipping weight 3 pounds......... $4.87

Mountain Hunter



• Outfit includes Rifle, Vinyl plastic Gun Case, 25 Paper Targets, 750 BB's

•. 450-shot Easy-to-cock Lever Action Repeater has Lightning Loadeio Magazine

•Gun Case for Easy Carrying PLUS Protection .. has snap pocket for BB's

What every young sharpshooter dreams about at Christmas. Rugged 450-shot

lever action repeater has brown plastic stock and forearm. Steel barrel. Plated

trigger. Open rear and blade front sights. Checkered at stock, forearm. Adjust–

able brown carrying sling has plated swivels, hardware. Rifle is 32 in. long.

Gun case is vinyl plastic covered cotton cloth. Styled just like those the big

hunters use. Has snap fastener closing at end and handy snap-shut pocket for

carrying BB's. 750 BB's included. 25 paper targets.

, 6 N 02038-Rifle, Case,


BB's, 25 Targets. Shipping weight 4 lbs..... .. ......... $6.87

450-shot Repeater has 2X Scope for greater shooting fun

A "Scoped" beauty to make any youngster proud

Rifle is 450-shot repeater with lever action. 32 inches

on Christmas mornirig. 2-power scope means

long overall. Lustrous plastic stock and forearm.

greater accuracy-more shooting thrills. Modeled

Checkered. Shiny plated trigger, forearm band,

after scopes just like the big hunters use. Makes

dummy hammer. Sueded leather boot on butt. Ad-

target picture twice as large. Adjustable "cross- justable carrying sling. Outfit includes 750 BB's and

hairs" let shooter "zero-in" on the target. Scope is

SO paper targets.

11 in. long. Attaches easily. Hardware included.



02039-Complete Outfit. Shpg. wt.


lbs....... $9


Outfit Includes Pump Rifle, Gun Case, Cleaning' Kit, 625 BB's

Daisy rifle has fast pump action and dependable

Gun case is vinyl plastic covered cotton doth. Has

forced feed. Holds 50 BB's. Fibron plastic stock has

two handy snap-shut pockets- one for deaning kit,

wood-like grain. Checkered pistol grip. Grooved

one for BB 's. Daisy Cleaning Kit in hinged metal

slide handle. Dark color metallic receiver has "en- box contains rods, brushes, oil, polish cloth, touch-

graved" decal. Adjustable combination peep and

up blu, cleaning patches. 625 BB's in convenient

open sights. Rifle is 37 in. long. "Take-down" screw

plastic storage box included.

driver for cleaning is included.



02042-Complete Outfit. Shpg. wt.


lbs. . .. .. $12 .97

Complete Outfit



C. HIGGINS Finest BB Gun Outfit

The biggest package of BB gun fun J.C. HIGGINS

has ever assembled. Everything the youngster needs.

Rifle is ·HO-shot repeater

with lever action and

lightning loader magazine. Lustrous plastic stock,

forearm. Shiny plated trigger, forearm band.

Rifle is 32 in. long. Adjustable sling.

Daisy "Bulls-Eye" Pistol-spring-type


holds 150 standard-size BB's. Has plastic modified

thumb-rest grip for aiming comfort. Adjustable

peep and open rear sights. Pistol is lOYz-in. over all.

Top Grade Leather Hotsler

for pistol has snap

closing. Belt strap gives " hold tight" fit.

Colorful steel target-score

a hit and ring a bell.


paper targets, 750 BB's, plastic box, included.

6 N 02040-Complete Outfit. Shpg. wt.


lbs..... . $14.97

Daisy lever Action Repeater. Holds

350 BB's. Has plastic stock with

wood-like grain- yet outwears wood.

Checkered grip. Sights: open rear

and blade front. Rifle is 32 in. long.

6 N 0241-Shipping weight 3 lbs...


Build your order to $20.00 and use

Sears Easy Terms.


page 347




Daisy Red Ryder Carbine. Lever action

repeater. Big magazine holds 850 BB's.

Fibron plastic stock is checkered on grip

and fore-end. Genuine leather boot on

stock butt tied with leather thong.

Combination peep and open sights for

aiming accuracy. Overall length of rifle

is 35 inches.

·6 N 0275-Shipping weight 3 lbs.. . ..


Order BB's


facing page

Daisy Pump Action Air Rifle. Easy-to–

work pump action and dependable

forced feed. Holds SO BB's. Stock

made-of lustrous Fibron plastic-with

wood-like grain, yet outwears wood.

Checkered pistol grip. Grooved slide

handle. Rugged metallic receiver. Ad–

justable combination peep and open

sights. Rifje is 37 in. long.

Daisy Eagle Air Rifle with Mounted 2-

power Scope. Fast lever action 36-

inch rifle holds 850 BB's. Stock, fore–

arm are rich, golden-brown color plas–

tic . . looks like hand-finished wood.

Adjustable leather sling. Mounted

scope is 4 lens, 2-power with adjustable

"cross-hairs." Same as scope (F) on

facing page. 600 BB's included.


N 0276-Shipping weight


lbs..... $9.45

6 N 02026-Shipping wt. 6 lbs..... $13 .45