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TOWER "Commander" Tape Recorder


speeds, true hi-fl reproduc tion

Luxurious while, charcoal



blue simulated-leather case



For school, business: the brand-new 1958 TOWER "Commander."

Individual recording and erasing heads. Automatic index counter for

instant location of any part of tape. Hi-fi AC amplifier. Low-distortion

4-watt circuit. Dual 6-inch speakers with oversize magpets. New

illuminated VU meter for best recording level. Dual-speed recording

- 33<( and 7


inches per second. Dual-track recording for double

recording time per. reel. Instant reel brake. Edit control button for

correction, dubbing while listening; monitor for listening while you

record. Inputs for mike, radio-phono; output jacks for speaker or hi-fi

amplifier. Variable tone control. Wide-range mike to minimize back–

ground noises. Complete with mike, 5-inch reel of tape (600 ft.), 5-inch

take-up reel. UL listed. 110-120 volt, 60-cycle AC. With instructions.

Order in regular way (cash or Special Easy Terms) and try it for 30

clays; if not fully satisfied, return it for your money back.

3 N 04691 K- TOWER "Commonder." 15xl3x10 in. Wt. 32 lbs.



Cash $149.95

For more values in Tape Recorders and a wide

selection of Typewriters, see our Big Fall General

Catalog. (See especially our finest Tower Office


Typewriter-only $5 down on Terms.)

$5 down, $6 month

on Special Terms


the luxurious Portable TOWER "President"

with key-set tabulator,



Thebrandnew, allnewTowER''Presiclent".

In sand tan with rich brown keys, the fin–

est we've ever offered; the finest anywhere,

we think, in its price class. Dignified,

dramatically styled. But more, it's a port–

able-at a portable price--wilh

all the

major features of t/ze finest standard office


the same big 88-character key–

board; same precise printing; same light

touch and floating action.

Note its features one by one; then un–

derstand why yoll'll look long and far for

a portable like it- in


price class.

Key-set tabulator: Set or clear tab stops


easily-from the keyboard.

Colarspeed keyboard: 88 rimless, non–

glare plastic keys, fingertip molded.

Letters can't wear off.

Page End Indicator: Tells you when you're

27'2 inches from bottom of page, keeps

you posted from there on down.

Super-speed escapement: For faster key

action, less effort in typing.

Plus: quick-set margins; sound and vibra–

tion-deadening devices; line retainer for

free turning of cylinder; removable

cvlinder· no-bounce segment shift; single,



spacing; touch adjuster;

ribbon reverse; 2-color ribbon. In hand–

some tan vinyl plastic-covered case.

Try our new "President" for 30 clays.


in regular way.)


not thoroughly

delighted, your money back.

3 N 04577- Pico type. Wt. 20 lbs:.... $109.50

3 N 04578- Elite type. Wt. 20 lbs.... l 09.50

!Pica Size

Elite Si·zel

Style plus efficiency plus solid value for home or office: Sears Combination Desk Sets

New telephone efficiency!


Personalized lnltialist Twins!


Budget 4-piece Desk Set. Vinyl-plastic side panels. 24K

gold trim. 14x24 inches. With rocker blotter, perpetual

calendar, letter opener.

State color

brown, dark green, red.

3 N 0559- Budget Desk Set. Shipping weight 3 pounds.... .. ... $3.89

[[] Better: 5-piece Leather Desk Set. Genuine-leather side

panels in smooth glazed finish. 24K gold tooling. 14x24

inches. Handsome desk fountain pen with base, perpetual

calendar, rocker blotter, desk blotter, slim-style letter opener.

3 N 0272- Better Desk Set. Stole


ton or dk. green. Wt. 3 lbs. $7.95


Our Finest 5"!>iece Genuine-leather Desk Set. Featuring

famous easy-writing Esterbrook desk pen with handsome

base. Genuine-leather side panels. heavily padded for luxury

look. Rich 24K gold tooling. 14x24 in. With perpetual calen–

dar. rocker blotter, desk blotter, brass-finished letter opener.

3 N 0271 - 0ur Finest. Srare


brown or dork green. Wt.


lbs. $10.85





Budget Onyx-base Desk Pen Set. Onyx base



With brass roll-type perpetual calendar that sets for day,

elate, and month. Plus smart, easy-flow ball-point pen with

wide gold-color band. Uses standard refill cartridge.

3 N 563-Stote base



or block. Wt. 2 lbs. 2 oz.... $5.39


Better Onyx-base Desk Pen Set. Rich onyx base larger

than in (D) above: 3x7 inches. Features heavy 2-wire

brass letter rack. With brass roll-type perpetual calendar and

dependable ball-point pen with features as in (D) above.

3 N 564-State base


white or block. Wt. 2 lbs. 12 oz...... $7.49


Our Biggest and Best Onyx-base (2-pen) Desk Set. With

the largest, handsomest base of


4x8 inches. Includes

brass roll-type perpetual calendar as in (D) above, but fea–

tures executive-type double-pen styling. Two ball-point pens,

each with gold-color band. Use standard refill cartridges.

3 N

573- Stote

base color·white or block. Wt. 3 lbs. 14 oz... . .. $8.50

The smart new way to phone

numbers, memos in a flash.



New telephone index with

built-in memory: remembers over

1,000 phone numbers. names,

addresses with the push of a but–



The new, easy

way to efficient memos-gives you

the paper, "hands" you the ]:l'encil!

Each with A-to-Z initial tabs for

smart personalization; each i11

walnut, .green, or ivory color.

Please state color.


3N574-Set of both. !Wt. 2 lbs.I $3.95

3N575-Autodex only. !Wt. l lb.I 1.95

3N576- Automemo only. !Wt. l lb.I 1.95