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A Great New Swe ate r-Shirt

Knit of Easy Care Orlon*

$12.70 each

So smart, so practical, we predict it will be–

come the pet item in his leisure wear ward–

robe. Exceptionally soft and resilient.

Washes easily, dries quickly, needs no

blocking. Will never lose its shape, size or

resiliency. Moth and mildew resistant.

Looped on rib knit collar, placket assures

neater appearance. Rib bottom, cuffs. Hand

wash alone.

State size

small (34-36-inch chest), me–

dium (38-40), large (42-44). Wt. 1 lb. 8 oz.

33 N 1557-Gray combination

33 N 1558- Brown combination.... Each $ 12.70

•·DuPont trade-mark for acrylic fiber

Luxurious Ban-Lon®

Sweaters and Knit Shirts


each to



A wonderfully soft, warm and durable

textured nylon that resists fuzzing.

Highly absorbent. Interlock knit for a

super-smooth fit . Washes easily, dries

quickly. Hand wash separately.



small (34-36-in. chest); medium

(38-40); large (42-44).


Long Sleeve Sweater. Ribbed V-

neck, bottom and cuffs.

33 N 2070-lt. blue

33 N 2072-Block

33 N 2071-Red

33 N 2073-Beige

State size. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 2 oz.. Each $7.7 2

[]] Sleeveless Sweater. Ribbed V-

neck and bottom. Shpg. wt. 12 oz.

33 N 2066-Beige

33 N 2068-Red

33 N 2067-light blue 33 N 2069-Block

State size above.

. ..... Each $5.97


Short Sleeve Knit Shirt. Ribbed

jacquard design collar, hemmed

cuffs and bottom. Placket closure has

3 pearl buttons. Shipping wt. 13 oz.

33 N 1735-Block

33 N 1736-Red

33 N 1738-lt. blue

33 N 1737-Beige


size above . . .

. .. Each



Long Sleeve Knit Shirt. Same as

(C) except has long sleeves with

ribbed cuffs. Shipping weight 15 oz.

33 N 1740- Red

33N 1741-Beige

33 N 1742- lt. blue

33 N 1743-Block





. .....




The New KNIT LOOK ..


Hi-bulk O rlon* Knit Gloves. Peccary pigskin palm.

Bi-swing thumb. Seamless.

State size

small, me–

dium, large (see Chart page SS). Shpg. wt. pair 3 oz.

33 N 5477- Block with block polm...

. . $4.94

33 N 5478- light ton with cork pigskin palm.. . .


33 N 5479-Charcoal groy with gray palm............ 4.94


Woven Royon Elastic Be lt. Bermuda weave. 1-inch


State size

small (28-32-in. waist) ; medium

(34-36); med. large (38-40), large (42-44) . Wt. 4 oz.

33 N 4234- Brown

33 N 4236-Navy....... Each $ 1.8 7


Manicure Knife- Maney Clip. A cutting blade and

nail file fold inside this sleek stainless steel money

clip from Germany. Shipping weight each 2 oz.

8 N 9247.

Each $ 1.67; 2 for $3.00


Attcche Case with Portfolio and 14 Imported

Cheeses. A gift that's smartly different .. a subtle

compliment to his sophistication and good taste. Case is

rugged, scuff-proof, vinyl-coated material closely re–

sembling leather, measures 18x12 in. Matching port–

folio has all-around zipper. Beautifully packed with a

de luxe assortment of 14 fine cheese and cheese spreads

from Austria, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland

and Italy. Shipping weight 15 pounds.

87 N 08041E-75c Federal Excise Tax included.... .. $17.9 7

Co-ordinated Leisure Outfit. Knit shirt is high-bulk

Acrilan*, noted for soft texture, warmth without

weight, easy laundering. Washable; won't shrink. Ivy

style slacks of fine virgin wool flannel in smart, sub–

dued stripe featuring plain front styling and adjust–

able backstrap. Zipper fly. Belt matches shirt.

Slack sizes:

28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36; 38, 40-in.

waist; 28-35-in. inseam.

State which size is waist, in–

seam. Shirt sizes:

small (14-14)/o-in. neck); medium

(15- 15)/o); large (16-16)/o); extra large (17-17Y,).

State size.

Shpg. wt. set, 4 lbs.; slacks, 1 lb. 11 oz.

45 N 4237- Groy shirt, Chorr.oal gray slacks..

. $1 5.50


N 4238-Tan shirt, Dark brown slacks.


45 N 3220- Chorcoal groy slacks Ina beltl.


45 N 321 8- Dork brown slacks lno belt)..


• Chemstrand trademark