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less cover

Best-selling Kenmore Automatic Skillet

Pocked with features, sensationally priced!




M agic Hostess Ice Crusher


$2.50 down


a month

Here's an extraordinary gift for the

woman who has everything! Makes

perfect ice for every occasion . . for

fruit cocktails, freezing ice cream,

chilling gli.ssware, relishes, etc. She'll

love the way it crushes ice cubes,

coarse or fine, as fast as she can feed

them in. Removable tray holds crush-

ed ice. Powerful 200-watt motor. UL

approved. 110-120-volt AC. White

plastic housing with gold-color trim.






in. high. With cord,

i:on-off" switch.

34 N 8241 - Shpg.


11 lbs. . . .$21.88

Women everywhere are raving about electric skillets and fry pans

-and no wonder, they cook almost anything better and easier.

Use them to fry, pan broil, grill, bake, stew or warm food.

• It's immersible. Entire pan area can be clunked in suds up to

mark on handle. Polished interior makes cleaning easy

• Controlled heat .. holds any heat "simmer" to 420°. Frying

guide on handle. Signal light·shows when dialed heat is reached

•Big 4-quart capacity. 11)/i inches square, 2 inches deep

• Thumb rest on handle protects against burns. Extra helper

handle. Polished aluminum body; black plastic trim. UL ap–

proved. 110-120-volt, 50-60-cycle AC only. 1100 watts

• Protected by famous Kenmore 1-yr. replacement guarantee

34 N 6953-With cord, recipes. No cover. Shpg. wt. 8 lbs. 8 oz.. .$11.88

34 N 6954-Squore Aluminum Cover. Sh pg. wt. 2 lbs. 4 oz..


Dual magnetic lid lif1er



from can



Kenmore Automatic Electric Can Opener

She'll adore the man who chooses this precision engineered,

all new Kenmore Automatic Electric Can Opener for her

Christmas gift. Opens round or oval-shaped cans in a

wink! Faster, better, easier, safer .. never leaves a danger–

ous ragged edge. So easy to use .. so safe that even a child

can operate it. No more struggling and cranking .. just

place the can in position, depress the control handle. The

dual magnetic lid lifter picks the lid from the can as it is

opened. :\fade of high impact, two-tone beige-color plas–

tic to match or contrast with kitchen decor. Chrome–

plated handle, cutter and drive gear. Lifetime lubricated

never needs oiling. UL approved for 110-120-volt.

50-60-cycle AC only. 200 watts. With cord. wall mount–

ing bracket and instructions. 3x3x7 inches J:tigh.

34 N 8331 - Shipping weight



. ... ... $16.95







greate r grill a rea !

No better way to make delicious golden waffies, four at a time!

More than just a waffie baker, it doubles as a king-size automatic

griddle-useful every day of the year!


18 hamburgers,


bacon and eggs for 4,


4 sandwiches, or a whole tray

of canapes on its big 216-sq. in. surface. Has larger grill area,

slide-lever temperature control, built-in drain spouts. Chrome–

plated; black plastic trim. UL approved. 110-120-volt, 50-60-

cycle AC. 1320 watts. 1-yr. replacement guarantee.

34 N 06450- 13!4 xl2Yix4l1< in. high. With cord,

recipes. Shipping weight 17 pounds....... $19.50



Harmony House Colors for

Kenmore Space Saver Toasters!


arm her heart with an unusual gift--0ur newest

Space Saver Automatic Toaster trimmed in her

choice of 4 kitchen-right colors. Precision engineered

to eliminate "bulkiness," take up less space. The

whole family will enjoy the way it toasts one or two

slices of bread, slice after slice, to their favorite

shade of golden brown. When done, toast pops up,

current shuts off. Silent thermostatic control. 1-yr.

guarantee. One-piece seamless chrome-plated steel;

plastic base. Hinged crumb tray. UL approved. 110-

120-volt AC. 900 watts. With cord.

State color

Aquamarine, Sunshine yellow, Cherry

pink. Parchment ivory.

34 N 6341 - Bll, x5x6


inches high. Shipping weight


pounds 6 ounces .... . . . ..... ..... . .. .... .. $13.88

34 N 6342- Kenmo re Space Saver Tcaster. Some, but with

brown plastic trim. Shog.


4 lbs. 6


. . . . . . .