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Today's Bedspreads and Ensembles

of easy-to-wash, no-iron fabrics

Fine Harmony House styling, quality





HH means Harmony

House "go-together" colors

New in Spreads! Tailored Chenill e $10.50





A bedspread that offers you everything! It's good-looking.

cas;--to-carc-for. wears for years. Plump flulJy rosettes .. ex–

quisite hobnail and punchwork design artfully tufted to soft velvct–

like Cord-0-\\"alc Chenille. Threads arc viscose rayon .. give lint–

frec performance. Background cloth is cotton.

Super sizes. Lavish full flounce is i::raccfully gathered .. tailored

at corners to


neat smooth


Expertl;- fashioned to give look

of elegance with minimum work. Pre-shrunk*, wash with care. :\'o

ironing necessar.'· .. rm,cttes blossom out to original softness. Select

your new bedspread from room-warming pastels that arc su re to

put cheer into ;-our bedrooms.

State llarmony lfonse wlor


pink. medium !\ling blue. Sunshine


or white.

24 N 677- Super Full Spread. Aboul 98x108 in. WI. 4 lb. 14 oz. Each $ 10.50

24 N 678- Super Twin Spread. Aboul 78x108 in. WI. 4 lbs. 4 oz. Each 10.50

Exquisite Cellini Cloth Ensemble $12.50



Exciting tailored ensemble unique in texture, elegantl.'· simple

in style.


excellent taste. it's at home in an.'· decor. Lintlcss

vicosc rayon and cotton threads are woven to create striking shad–

ings and highlights. Clean cut modern design of thick high pile

tufted chenille. Border design on spread flounce and draperies.

Flounce has rounded corners for graceful folds. tailored for smooth


Fashioned in super sizes for luxurious covering. Matching un–

lined draperies have pinch pleated tops. Pre-shrunk*; \\'ash with

care; no ironing needed.



II II color when ordering


ment ivory, Parchment beige, Federal


med. J\ling blue.

24 N 686V-Super Full Spread aboul 96x 110 in. WI. 4 lbs. 9 oz. Each $ 12.50

24 N 6 87V-Super Twin Spread about 81x110 in. WI. 3 lbs. 11 oz. Each l 2.50


N 6 88V-Drope ry 25x84 in. long each side. Wt. 3



oz. Pair


Children's Gay Choo Choo Spread






Colorful design in the brightest of bright cheery colors. Sure to

delight an)· child lucky enough to receive one. Thick, ·ffuffy high

pile design stands in high relief on background of soft wavcline

chenille. Happy Choo-Choo is complete to the last detai l .. tracks,

smoke. even a tunnel. house. signal lights and flags.

Truly practical .. made to please. Pre-shrunk* and washable

with care .. no ironing necdecl ever! Takes a child's rough and

tumble fun .. slow to show soil or wrinkles. What more cou ld

mother ask for, Multicolor design on blue or tan background


Please be sure to slate color



24 N 348- Full Size Spread about 90x105 in. Wt. 2 lbs. 12 oz. Each $6.74

24 N 349-Twin Size Spread about 72x105 in. Wt. 2 lbs. 4 oz. Each 5.74

Chenille Rugs . . Child's Delight $2.98 •"'"

So soft. cuddly. Detailed in tluffy chenille with skid-resist hacks ..

no sliding. No-iron. pre-shrunk* cotton; they're washable with

care. Size about JOxJ5 inches. Adorable in any child's room.


24 N 166-lovoble Bunny. State Harmony House color Frosty pink, med.

Ming blue, light Sunshine yellow; olso white. Wt. 1 lb. 6 oz... Eoch $2.98

[] 24 N 167- Purring Pussycat. Harmony House color Down groy, frostv

pink, medium Ming blue, light Sunsh ine yellow; also white. Shipping weight

1 pound 6 ounces.

. ........... Each $2.98


24 N 165- Cocker Spaniel Puppy. State Harmony House color Frostv

pink, Spice beige, light Sunsh ine yellow; also white. Wt. I lb. 6 oz. Ea. $2.98

*.\I I Scars chenilles arc pre-shrun k; maximu m sh rinkage 33