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The "Hand-screened" Textured Look

"Morning Glories and Butterflies" Tailored Ensem·

ble. Chromefast acetate .. lustrous sun-resistant col–

ors. Plump quilting, uni.quely stitched. Jumbo cord

welting . . extra full flounce. Vivid multicolor print

spreads (solid color flounce}, pinch-pleated draperies,

and cafe curtains with sell loops. Solid color pillows

are foam rubber; never need plumping. Zipper cov–

ered for quick changes, easy washing. Washable, but

dry cleaning recommended for quilted items. Cotton

padded, muslin covered hardwood headboards. No

cutting, drilling; bolts, nuts included.

Spreads, draperies, cafe curtains in one multicolor

print only (as illus.). Flounce, pillows, headboard

covers in solid colors only.

State HH color for solid

color flounce, pillows, and headboard covers


blue, Tuscan rose. medium Bronze green, Federal

gold, Spice brown; also



24 N 813Y-full Spread 97x110 in: Wt. 3 lbs. 10 oz. Ea. $12.60

24 N 814V-Twin Spread 82x110 in. Wt. 3 lbs.


oz. Ea. 12.60

24 N 815V-Print Unlined Drapery. 24x90 inches long each

side. Shipping weight l lb. 13 oz..... ...... .... Pair




N 817V- Print Unlined Cafe Curtains. 35:x36 inches long

each side. Shipping weight 11 oz..

. ........ Pair $3.77

24 N 811 F-Solid Color Headboard Cover for 24 N Ml005

headboard. Shipping weight 1 lb. 1 oz.. . .. . ..... Each $6.67

24 N 81 2F-Solid Color Headboard Cover for 24 N M1006

headboard. Shipping weight l lb. 3 oz.. ... ...... Each $8.67

24 N M1005-Chippendale Headboard. Twin Size 39 inches

wide. Shipping weight 16 lbs.................. Each $13.90

24 N M1006-Chippendale Headboard. full Size 54 inches

wide. Shipping weight 22 lbs................ . Each $15.50

24 N 1901 4¥-Solid Color Square Box Pillow. About 11x11

inches. Shipping weight 1 lb. 2 oz... . ....... Each $2.94

24 N 19015¥-Solid Color Round Box Pillow. About ll·inch

diameter. Shipping weight 14 oz............ . . Each $2.94

Many inore Bedspreads

ond Bedspread Ensembles

in our Foll General Cata–

log. All fabrics . . oll

styles. Select yours ot the

price yau wont to poy.

Satisfaction guaranteed or

money beck.

Quilted Everglaze® Chintz Ensemble . Wonderfully low priced s9.94


Lowest price we've seen for a quilted chintz en-

, semble of this fine quality! The rich lustrous col–

ors take on extra warmth and depth in smooth

glossy chintz. Exciting diamond pattern cotton

quilting .. detailed with cord welt trim. Tailored

for neat fit. So easy to keep your crisp chintz en–

semble spanking fresh and clean. It's washable ..

no costly cleaning bills.

Unlined pinch-pleated draperies too . . give

your windows the pert crispness characteristic of

chintz. Your bedroom will have that complete,

matched look. An excellent gift choice to delight

someone special without hurting your purse.

Please be s·ure to


Harmony House color when


Ming· blue, Frosty pink, Federal gold,

medium Bronze green; also apricot, spring violet.

A wide selection of beautiful colors.

24 N 1103V-full Size Bedspread about 96x110 inches.

Shipping weight 2 lbs. 12 oz... ............ Each $9.94

24 N 1104V- Twin Size Bedspread about 82x1 10 inches.

Shipping weight 2 lbs. 3 oz.......

. . foch $9.94

24 N 11 59¥-Matching Drapery 24x90 inches long each

slde. Shipping weight l lb. 9 oz.... . ....... Pair $6.67

Short of ready cash? Sears has the answer


for information


fas y Terms, see



Headboard covers are shipped from factory near New York City. Order and pay postage from mail

order house. Items marked "M" as 24


M1005 shipped freight, express, or truck; all others are mailable.

HH means Harmony House "go-together" colors