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Our Best Convertible 100% Miracle Fiber Automatic Electric Blankets .. New From -Cover to Exclusive "Color-matched" Control

• Patented Convertible Corners

.. pull the nylon tapes, change

blanket from flat to fitted.

• Automatic Pre-heat .. blanket

reaches desired temperature in

actually half the usual time.

• Plastic Control Hanger . . .

books anywhere you desire, keeps

control at your fingertips.

• Lightweight Man-made Fiber

Cover ... provides warmth with–

out "sleep-stealing" weight.


A completely new concept in electric bedding ... a wonderful way to give the

gift of blissful controlled sleeping comfort to those special folk on your

Christmas list! Designed with important new style and operating features ...

all new from modern miracle fiber cover to sleekly styled control.

Lustrous 1003 nylon satin bindings ... a full 7 in. wide at top and 1}1 in. wide

at foot ... guaranteed to wear life of blanket or a new binding free!

Firmly woven of a new mothproof blend of 50% miracle Du Pont Orlon* and

50% lustrous rayon ... wonderfully washable; holds its size, shape and softness after washing. Softly napped, lightweight and exclusively "convertible"

(a Sears patented feature) . .. blanket can be used flat, tucked-in or changed to

fitted style by the simple adjustment of durable nylon tapes sewn into the round–

ed bottom corners. Made with


sensitive "safety" thermostats and specially

insulated waterproof wiring.

Blanket itself guaranteed a full five years against failure or defects ... our

most powerful electric bedding guarantee!


returned within


years, replaced

at no additional charge . .. if returned after



blanket will be replaced at

small charge for each month over 2 years up to


years from date of sale. Order

several .. . one for yourself, others for gifts!

Actual weight of blanket less than


pounds. For 110-120-volt AC. Approved

by Underwriters' Laboratories. Washable; do not dry clean.

Please state Ha.rmo11y IIouse color

Tuscan pink, Ming blue, Spice beige, Sun–

shine yellow or Cherry red; also dark green. Boxed and in carton.

Blanket features Sears exclusive control with face of the decorator gr:ty plastic

case color-matched to "go-with" your blanket. Control offers


separate choices

of warmth, has separate on-off switch and "glo-lite" dial. Now with "Automatic

Pre-Heat" ... turn blanket on and heat flows through to warmyour bed to the

desired temperature in half the normally required time! Handy new plastic con–

trol hanger keeps control right at your fingertips ... attach to any positon on

headboard or siderail, or use as usual on your night-stand. Complete with cord.

96 N 7096-T


bed size, single control .. . some warmth over entire bed.

66x84 inches; uses 135 watts. Shpg. wt. 10 lbs............... Cash


Sanforized Percale Automatic Sheets

Work just like an automatic blanket to provide

year 'round sleeping comfort ... yet they're the

lightest weight electric bedding you can buy. Fine

quality percale .. . mercerized and Sanforized for

maximum shrinkage of 1%.


separate choices of

heat; ivory-colored plastic control case with pilot

light and on-off switch; 6 sensitive "safety"

thermostats. Guaranteed two vears from date of

sale against defects in materials or workmanship

or replaced at no charge. UL approved; uses 140

watts; for 110- 120-volt AC. Size 70x84 inches.

State Harmolly House pastel color

Mint green,

Tuscan pink or Horizon blue. Washable. Boxed.


N 7000-Single control. Shpg. wl. 4 lbs.....



N 7001 -Dual control. Shpg. wt. 5 lbs...... 19.97

96 N 7097-Double bed, single control ... some warmth over entire bed.

72x84 inches; uses 180 watts. Shpg. wt. 10 lbs..••............ Cash 28.97

96 N 7098-Double bed, dual control ... each sleeper chooses own warmth.

72x84 inches; uses 180 watts. Shpg. wt. 12 lbs ............... Cash 34.97

Fine Quality Fitted Automatic Blankets


A thrilling gift . .. a wonderful investment in con-

trolled sleeping comfort! A lofty and lovely auto–

matic electric blanket finnly blended of 253 Acrilan**

... wonderfully washable, mothproof, mildewproof

man-made fiber ... 503 rayon and 253 cotton.

Fitted ... shaped bottom corners slip over mattress,

hold blanket firmly, provide time- and work-saving

convenience. Heating element e.'Ctends only to foot.

does not fold over; e.xtra fullness provides ample toe–

room. Beautifully styled ivory-colored plastic control

features "glo-lite" dial, slanted face and separate

"on-off" switch. Made with specially insulated water–

proof wiring; washable .. do not dry clean. Rich

bindings of lifetime guaranteed nylon taffeta .. 6

inches wide at top.



inches wide at foot. For any

110-120-volt AC. UL approved; with cord. Actual

weight of blankets less than



Guaranteed 3 years against defects in materials or

workmanship; if returned

2 years, replaced

at no charge; after 2 years replaced at small charge

for each month up to 3 years from date of sale.

State Harmony House color

Tuscan pink, Ming blue

or Mint green; also imperial red. Boxed.

96 N 7084- Twin bed size with single control.

66x84 inches; uses 135 watts. Shpg. wt. 9 lbs... Cash


96 N 7085- Double bed size with single control.

72x84 inches; uses 180 watts. Shpg. wt. 9 lbs.... Cash 22.97

96 N 7086-Double bed size with dual controls.

72x84 inches; uses 180 watts. Shpg.


11 lbs.....Cash 27.97


and ..Chemstrand T.M.1for acrylic fiben.

Machine-washable Miracle Orlon Robes


Brighten up someone's Christmas morn with this

vibrantly colored. versatile robe! 100% moth–

and mi!dewproof, stain-resistant DuPont Orlon ...

firmly woven with a soft, heat-holding nap on both

sides and finished with neat rolled fringed edges.

Completely machine-washable without fear of dam–

age to its loft or lovely looks .. . dries quickly with a

minimum of shrinkage, holds its size and shape.

Robe available alone or can be purchased in com–

bination witb handy reversible plastic carrying case

(one side red, reverse side red and blue plaid). Case

has zipper closing and sturdy carrying handle.

State do11Si11ant color

red, green or midnight blue.

96 N 8781 - 50x70-inch robe; weight l"' lbs.

Shipping weight 2 lbs. 4 oz........... Robe alone



N 8783-Robe above with case. Wt. 3 lbs. 12 oz... 10.77


N 8784-56x76-inch robe; weight 275 lbs.

Shipping weight 2 lbs. 8 oz.... . ....... Robe alone 10.76


N 8787-Robe obove with case. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs.... 13.16


"Pretty Plus" Used in Combination with Soft-tone Pastel Bedding from our Big Fall General Catalog


GOOD Muslin with pastel floral basket pattern

embroidered on a snowy white background.

Size 42x36 in.; 3-inch thread drawn hems. A pretty

gift at .such a tiny price! Wrapped in plastic.

State pastel color

blue or pink on white.

96 N 7906-Shipping weight pair 9 ounces.... Pair



GOOD Muslin in delicate soft-tone pastel color

with contrasting all-over dogwood floral pat–

tern. Size 42x36 in.; 3-inch hemstitched hems.

State pastel background color

pink, blue, green or

yellow. Attractively gift boxed.

96 N 7907-Shlpping weight pair l pound..•. Pair



FINE Combed Percale ... smooth, lustrous,

snowy white 'cases with an eye-catching,

"rambling rose" floral pri11t pattern. So lovely ...

so up-to-the-minute in bedding fashion. Size 42x


inches; wide 4-inch hems. Nicely boxed.

Color white with multicolor print pattern.


N 7914- Shipping weight pair I pound .... Pair


GOOD Quality Muslin ... your choice of three

pretty patterns at one practical price! Ideal gift

item ... equally nice to own yourself. Firmly wove11

and carefully crafted to look worth more than their

tiny price. All 42x36-inch size. Nicely boxed.


"Floral Rose" Hand-loomed Embroidery ac-

cents a white backgrow1d. 3-inch thread-drawn

hems. Color red embroidery ou white. Washfast.


N 7908-Shipping weight poir l lb. 2 oz.. . Pair



Variegated Blue Schiffli Embroidery, a pretty

floral pattern and soft-tone solid color blue

border add smart good looks to a sparkling white

pillowcase. 3-inch hemstitched hems. Washfast.

96 N 7909-Shipping weight pair l lb. 2 oz... Pair



"Mr. and Mrs." delicately embroidered in pastel

pink on a crisp white ground. Perfect gift for

a couple. 3-inch thread drawn hems. Washfast.

96 N 7910-Shipping weight pair l lb. 2 oz.. . Pair


OUR BEST Muslin ... firmly woven, smooth and dur–

able. Choice of three striking designs ... each with

delicate embroidery on a soft pastel background. Size

42x36 inches. Attractively gift boxed. Washfast.


Soft Pastel with Matching Bow-knot Embroidery

on a wide, wide 4-inch hemstitched white border.

State color

pin.k, blue or yellow with white.

96 N 7912-Shipping weight l lb. l oz.... ..... Pair


[] Two-tone Floral Embroidery above and below the

3-inch hemstitched hem. Truly distinctive!

State color

green with gree11 and white embroidery

or yellow with yellow and brown embroidery.


N 7913-Shipping weight l lb. l oz......... Pair



"His and Hers" Schiffli Embroidery accented by

star pattern along the 3-in. hemstitched border.

State color

blue with white, pink with white or

yellow with gray embroidery.


N 7911 - Shipping weight l lb. l oz......... Pair



GOOD Quality 3 -pc. Muslin

Sheet Set ... snowy white with

multicolor floral design on 4-inch top

hem of sheet, matching allover print

on the 42x36-in. pillowcases. Double

bed sheet. 81x99 in., has I-in. bottom

hem; 'cases have 3-inch hems. Attrac–

tively gift boxed. Washfast colors.


GOOD White Muslin 3-pc. Sheet

Set with 18-inch wide multicolor

"Floral Bow" panel printed above the

3-inch top hem of an 81xl08-inch,

double bed size sheet. Pillowcases, 42x

36 inches, feature floral cluster, 3-inch

hem. Sheet h;,.s I-inch bottom hem.

Truly stylish bedding sure to please

any home-maker . . . attractively

boxed. Washfast colors.


GOODQuality 3-pc. PastelMuslin

Sheet Set with crisp white scallop–

ing along the 3-inch hems ... distinc–

tive, makes sheet


perfect comple–

me11t to white bottom sheets. Set in–

cludes 81x108-in. double bed sheet

with 1-inch bottom hem, 42x36-in.

pillowcases. Washfast. Boxed.


Fine Quality 3-pc. Com;>ed Per-

cale Set with multicolor pastel

"pansy" print on a pure white back–

ground. The smooth fabric and fetch–

ing floral are sure to catch the eye of

the woman in your life! Pillowcases,

size 42x38Y. in., have allover print, 4-

in. hems. Double bed size sheet, 8lx

108 in., has design on 5-inch top hem;

1-inch bottom hem. Washfast. Boxed.


N 7812 - Wt. 3 lbs. l oz.... Set



N 7809-Wt. 3 lbs. 3 oz..... Set





96 N 7810- Wt. 3 lbs. 3 oz.. . .. Set



State Harmony


ouse color


pink, Sunshine yellow or Mint green.

96 N 7811 - Wt. 3 lbs. 3 oz.... Set