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To brighten Christmas for chi ldren

Ideal for Decorating ... Quaint, Gay Swiss Village' The most unusual

Christmas candy item offered for many a season. Included in this kit are

all the candy and accessories needed to build 5 picturesque candy build–

ings and a toy train. Buildings include church. depot, store, hotel, an<t

farm house. No special skill is needed to build. Directions are simple and

clear. Contained in the kit: die cut frame work and over 3 pounds of

candy, which includes 1


pounds French Bouquet, 181 candy cigarettes. ·

5 ounces gum drops and spearmint leaves, 3 ounces assorted jimmy can–

dy, 4 ounces green sugar, 2 sugared Swiss figures, 1 candy Christmas tree.

roll of 42 wafers, plus tooth picks and powdered sugar.

Sears Introduces Its New Game and Party

Pinata •. A party game of Old Mexico

87 N 8793-Shipping weight 6 pounds.

Enchanting, Forest Bright

Candy Cottage

Candy House. Lots of fun to put

together. and the whole family

can work on it . . Makes a cheery

mantel decoration or center piece

tor children's parties. There is

plenty of candy provided . .. so

you can nibble while you build.

Candies in the kit are: sugar

wafers, snirkles, candy cigarettes.

candy hearts, spearmint leaves,




fairy breathlets, and green sugar.

Assembled cottage measures



x 8 inches. Form and base

for cottage are pre-cut of sturdy

cardboard. Everything necessary

for construction of this house in–

cl ucled in kit including two

pounds' candy and complete in–


87 N 8731 -Shpg. wt. 3 lbs . .. $1.99

The Pinata has been used at children's parties in

Mexico and our Southwest for years. This is a game

that can be played by clllldren and grown-ups. Any

number of people can play.


Old Fashioned Candy

The players form a large circle around the Pinata

Christmas Tree Trimming

[[] Candy filled Toy Drum and

Bug les. Brightly colored

drum decorated with cartoon

characters, 10-in. clia. Two plas–

tic bugles. Wrapped in cello–

phane. tied with bright ribbon.

:Filled with 3 ounces of candy.

which is hung from the ceiling or a pole or stick. The

Kit. Decorate your tree in the

Pinata can be suspended from a string passed through

old fashioned way, with

an eyelet. thus allowing its height to be adjusted. The

Christmas goodies. Contains

players take turns being blindfolded and try to break

4 candy filled cellophane

the P inata with a stick. Each player is given one or

cornucopias, 2 foiled choco-

two tries. When the Pinata is finally broken, the candy

late ornaments, 2 large candy

and prizes it contains fall out and the players scramble

canes, 6 small candy canes, 2

87 N 8808-Shpg. wt, 2 lbs .... 98c

. $3.97


St. Bernard Dog with Candy

filled Barrel. Designed to

rescue any youngster from the

blues. A loveable clog with a

brooding face; lO-in. tall. Brandy

barrel filled with 2 ounces of candy.

Order several today.

87 N 8942 -Shpg. wt. 2 lbs... . $1.97

for their share.

snirkle candy filled stock-


Candy Filled Fire Pail and

[] Plastic Telephone with Pops.

:r.lade of cardboard, wire, and brightly colored fes-

ings, 8 pink and green balls,

Shovel. Fire engine reel fire

Combination bank and toy

tooning. Each filled with 100 pieces of candy (20 oz.)

4 chocolate decorated trees,

pail and shovel ... ideal for the

phone. Bell rings when dial is spun.

and 20 novelty toys. Each 20 inches tall.

2 candy filled butterflies, 8

beach. Filled with pops, hard

No sharp edges to injure the chil-

87 N 8745-Santa Pinata. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs............ $4.97

cherries on a wire.

candy, and bubble gum. Total

clren. Almost actual size, looks like

87 N 8746-Pecos Pete Pinata. Shpg. wt.


lbs.... . ... 3.97

87N8787-Wt. set 3 lbs .$1.98

candy 1 pound.

real tiling. 8 safetystick pops.

87 N 8747-Clown Pinata. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs........... 3.97

Save 29c .

. .2 fo r 3.67

87N8941-Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 8 oz.... 97c

87 N 8940-Shpg. wt. 1 lb .... $1.00




Remember .•. you can add your holiday candies


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