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Salted-In-Shell Peanuts.

Roasted, evenly salted. A

really deliciously prepared pea–

nut to please everyone. These

nuts make excellent stuffing ior

children's Christmas stocking.

Insured fresh and crisp. Shpg.

wts. 4 lbs.; 7 lbs.


Flavorful Mixed Nuts-In-Shells. A tasty

assortment of nuts. Includes walnuts, Cal–

ifornia almonds. Brazil nuts, Oregon filberts,

Southern pecans. Order some today.


Country Inn Salted Nuts.

Our finest salted nutmeats.

Delicious Peggy Kellogg Salted Nutmeats.


87 N 8753-Whole India Cashews. 63/, oz. cans.


Shipping weight 3 cans, 2 pounds.

87N 8672-3-lb bag ..... $1.66

87 N 8673-6-lb. bag. . . . . 2.97

87 N 8675-2V2 lbs. mixed nuts. Wt. 3 lbs ... $1.59

87 N 8677-5 lbs. Shpg. wt. 6 lbs .......... 2.98

87 N 8678-Save 27c on 10 lbs. Wt. 11 lbs .. 5.69

25-lb. Economy Carton. Ideal for parties.

Hand-selected assortment of

salted nuts. Brazil nuts from

South American jungles, Span–

ish almonds, cashews from In–

dia, filberts from the Mediter–

ranean area, Southern pecans.

Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.

3 cans... $1.98; 6 cans ... $3.79; 9 cans ... $4.98

87 N 8756-Mixed nuts, cashews, pecans, filberts,

almonds, Srcazi\ nuts. 63/4-oz. cons. Shpg.


3 cans 2 lbs.

3ccns... $2.19; 6cans... $4.19; 9cans ... $5.98

87 N 8759-1


cashews, 1 con mixed nuts, 7V4


con peanuts. Shpg. wt. 3 cans 2 lbs.

3 cans.. $1.98; 6 cans... $3.79; 9 cans. .. $4.98

87 N 08679K-Shipping weight 28 pounds. .$12.98

87 N 8676-1-lb. can...... $1.95

Cookie Assortment

[] Delicious, buttery As-

sortment of fancy Cook–

ies. These bite sized cookies

are ideal snacks to be served

with refreshments. Some

plain and some fancy. 2U



attractive gift tin.

87N8799-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs.$1.97

[] Made from tree ripened

fruit; with fresh fruit

flavor. Nine lovely sherbet

glasses filled with



preserves . . 3 strawberry, 2

each of boysenberry, grape

jam and orange marmalade.

87N8788-Shpg. wt. 11 lbs.$3.97


A really attractive gift package. 4 glasses

of jelly, 4 glasses of cheese, and 4 deli–

cate, painted China jelly dishes decorated

with authentically colored flying ducks; they

will brighten up any breakfast table. 1 oz.

ea. Blue, Sharp, Rum, Herkimer cheese;

Quince, Grape, Mint, Apple jelly.


2 Cartons King Size Candy Cigarettes. 20 assort-

ed packages of sugar candy cigarettes designed to

look like real cigarette packs. Simulated filter and

each pack has tbe flip top box. Each carton is deco–

rated to look like the real thing in a bright Christmas

wrapping. 7:!11 ounces of candy per box.

87 N 8773-2 cartons, 20 packs..... Shpg.


I lb.....$1.00


Treasure Chest Bank Filled with Chocolate. Yo-

ho, ye lubbers, to the cove. The family will enjoy

saving with this handsome replica of a real Captain

Kidd treasure chest. Filled with 50 pieces of coin



chocolate wrapped in gold color foil.

Hand painted and made of sturdy metal. Locked

with real padlock and key. Takes up to SOc pieces.

87 N 8772-6 oz. of candy. Shipping weight I lb.......$1.47

87 N 8732-Shipping weight 2 lbs......... $2.97


Whirly Bird Helicopter. A replica of the 47-D

used by the Army, Navy, and Marines. Am–

phibious type aircraft complete with pontoons ...

it makes an excellent bath tub toy, it floats. Made

of durable plastic; no sharp edges. Red and gray

coloring. 3 oz. of cellophane wrapped hard candy.

87 N 8794-Shipping weight 2 pounds ............... 97c


Toy Plastic Train with 4 cars. See the engine

puffin' 'round the bend .. a train inspired by

the Disneyland sceam engint:. The Candy Land

express will steam in Christmas morning loaded

down with gaily colored pops and hard candy in

seasonal wrappings and the children's eyes will

pop. Engine bell rings. Contains 6 oz. of candy.

87 N 8824-Shipping weight 2 pounds 4 ounces. .....$1.97


little Girl's Overnight Case and Hat Box.

An overnight case just like mother's. Includes

puppet with elfin face, molded plastic doll's head.

Green and white case, plastic handle. Inside dec–

orated with attractive floral design. 8 oz. of candy

. . 1 package licorice, 1 of strawberry candy.

87 N 8823-Shipping weight 2 pounds. ...........




20-inch Candy and Toy Filled Christmas Stock-

ing. Santa couldn't have filled them better.

Contains 12 oz. of Christmas candy and 15 novelty

toys to brighten any child's Christmas. Toys in–

clude whistle, yo-yo, crayons, sailboat, puzzles.

checkerboard, toy wrist watch. Buy one for each

child in the family. Excellent mantle decorations.

87 N 8812-Shipping weight 2 pounds.

. .... . ...



Order your holiday candies, nuts and specialty items early; be sure vou have them in time for the holidays