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Fashion .. wanted features • . dependability

help make Santa's budget go farther

Swiss and American-made Watches .. budget-priced from only $5..47 to


Quality wrist watches for men and women, all pre–

cision made and priced low for Christmas gifts that

will give so much long-time pleasure! Each one has

an anti-magnetic, shock-resistant movement. Stur–

dily-constructed cases will give you excellent wear.

Shpg. wt. each watch 4 oz. All watches gift boxed.


Men's ..


lowest-priced 1-jewel watch.


Chrome-plated steel case is especially durable.

Attractively styled. too, for Christmas giving.

4 N 1743E-Stoinless expansion bond.......

. $6.47

4N 1744E-As above but with leather strop.

5 .47

IDl Men's . . Gold-color metal case. Stainless steel


back. I-jewel movement. Stick dial.

4 N 1742E-Genuine leather strop... Was $6.47..




Men's Dress .. Handsome lOK yellow rolled gold


plate case. l /40, !OK yellow rolled gold plate

expansion. Fine quality 1-jewel movement.

4N 1701 E........... ................. ..... . $8.94


Women's ..

Amazingly small

case of



chrome-plated steel with stainless steel back. So

practical .. and yet so good-looking. Luminous dial.

Sweep second hand. Especially easy-to-read numer–

als. A fine watch value!

4 N 1842E--With stainless steel expansion bond ....



4 N 1809E-As above but with leather strap. . . . . . . 6.94


New! Women's Water-resistant.

Sm'all chrome–


plated steel case has stainless steel back. Black

sunburst dial features luminous dots, hands, and

sweep second hand. Swiss I-jewel movement.

4 N l 800E- With new "feather touch" all stainless steel

expansion bond.... .. ............. $1 0


4 N 1805E- As above but with leather strop.. . . . . 9



Women's . . Delicate. cushion-style case of gold-


color metal. 1/20, l OK gold filled expansion band

in twisted effect design gives this watch the appear–

ance of costing many dollars more.

4N 1847E--1-jewel Swiss movement. .. , . .......$11.94

4 N 1848E- like above but with block cord band. . 9 .94


Women's. Gold-color metal case in graceful cushion


design. Well proportioned and pretty for her wrist.

1-jewel Swiss movement.

4 NI 845E- Wlth 1/20, IOK gold filled expansion..$11.94

4 N 1846E--With black cord bond... . . .

9 .94


Prices include 10% Federal Excise Ta." wherever

"E" is added to catalog number. Shipping weight

each watch on this page 4 ounces. See pages 7


75, 8().81 for children's thrift watches and

other budget-priced adult watches. All watches

shown on this page approximately


actual size.

Remember . . you can add any of these watches

to your Sears Easy Terms order. Pay only 10%

down and have those you want for Christmas



New! Men's Extra Thin Classic square-shaped case


of gold-color metal. Features a clean-lined,

modern-looking stick dial. 1-je,vel Swiss movement.

Rich-looking alligator-grained leather strap. Expen–

sive watch styling at a thrifty price!

4N 1776E....... ......


It's hard to imagine a man's genuine water-resist–

ant, shock-resistant I-jewel Swiss watch for only

$8.77 and $9.77 .. but our buyer has scooped the

market and found


styles for you at this un–

believably low price! See







Newl Men's Water-resistant, Shock-protected 1-


jewel Swiss movement. Scalloped bezel on chrome–

plated steel case with stainless steel back. Luminous

dots and hands. Sweep second hand.

4 N 1781 E-With stainless steel expansion bond.... $9.77

IV1 New! Men's Water-resistant, Shock-resistant, 1-jewel




with that swank look. Chrome–

plated steel case has scalloped bezel, stainless steel

back. Black sunburst dial, luminous dots, hands.

4 N 1796E-Simulated leather inserts on stainless steel

expansion bond.... ............. .. .$9


4 N 1797E-As above but with leather strop.



New! "Men's Water-resistant, Shock-resistant,



Swiss moyernent with latest styling in its stainless

steel expansion band. Simulated leather inserts on

band. Chrome-plated steel case, stainless steel back.

Full Arabic, luminous dial.

4 N 1782E- Red sweep second....... .... ....... $9


WI Men'sl-Je.:..el Sport Watch. Gleaming chrome-plated


steel case. Streamlined modern dial. Luminous.

Sweep second hand. Stainless steel expansion band

with simulated leather inserts.

4 N 1767E . .. .. .... ............ .. ..... ...... $8.44

4 N 1766E-As above but with leather strap..


Rugged, Handy Pocket Watches

Durable, yet low priced. Gleaming

nickel-plated steel cases. Ideal for out–

door, utility use . . protected in pocket.




S!e~~~d~ c?e~~t~~a~ked. ~~~

sweep second hand. Shipping wt. 4 oz.

4 N 1669E............. _........ $3.97


Easy-to--read black hands, numerals.


Two-tone dial.

4N1659E- Shipping wt. 4 ounces. .. . $2.47


Westdox Pocket Ben. Non-shatter


crystal. Black numerals, white dial.

4 N 1655E- Postpoid !Wt. 4 oz.I .... $4 .68

4N1656E- As above; but luminous numerals,

hands. Dark dial.


IWt. 4 oz.I .... $5.78

Famous TIMEX Watches for Men and Women

Each of the nationally advertised TIMEX watches

below has an exclusive shock-protecting feature. Pat–

ented V-Conic movement is designed for maximum

strength and durability. All watches gift boxed for

holiday giving.

Men's Luminous Waterproof*

Practicality combines with a splash of style . .


truly a man's watch bright and shiny chrome–

plated steel case of this TIMEX is built to take rough

and ready treatment. Stainless steel back. Arabic

numeral and marker dial has luminous dots and hands.

Sweep second hand.

Simulated leather inserts on stainless steel expansion

band make this watch exceptionally good-looking for

its low price tag.

Add Christmas gift watches toyour Sears Easy Terms

order. Only 10% down for orders of $20 or more. See

inside back cover of this book for complete details.


(Shipping weight 4 ounces.)

4N 1725E.... . ........ .... ....... . .. ..... $14.25

Women's Luminous Waterproof*


Trimly tailored with an eye toward the casual cos-


tume. Designed for durability with a dash of

jaunty, sporty styling. Luminous dots and hands. Con–

venient sweep second hand. Raised gilt Arabic numerals

on black dial. Gleaming chrome-plated steel case and

stainless steel expansion band constructed to take hard

wear. Simulated leather inserts on band add a touch

of fashion interest. Stainless steel back.

Perfect for wear with sports clothes. An ideal gift;

order early for Christmas.


(Shipping weight 4 ounces.)

4 NI 881E........ ...... ..........

. .... $14.25

*Means that wafch is waterproof and dustproof as

long as the crystal, crown and bock remain intact;

ii removed, that they are expertly replaced