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Dolls' High Chair-simplifies

small ''mother's'' problem

of feedlnq hungry dollies.

Natural-finished hardwood

with nursery motif. Braced

k~~~q fr.;'~~~ ~~~t\eo".1~

little girl will love this toy.

About 21 Inches high.

79N857DL-Del'd. 2.29

Our Finest High Chair-big

enough to hold her largest

doll. Made of wood in

bright, non-toxic colors.

Adjustable food tray; color–

ful play beads. Complete

with footrest for tiny feet.

Sturdily made. Size about

30 inches high.

79N9231 DL-Del'd. 3.49


Dolls' "Happi-Time" Bath

Table. Plastic top swings

over plastic tub to form a

table. Clip to drain water

out; handy pockets hold

soap, spon51e and comb.

Keeps little ' mothers" busy.

Metal folding- frame is abt.

121h x 21 x 27* high.

79N9237DL-Del'd. 6.98

New, Drop-Side Woaden Crib. Dolly will

sleep tiqht with never a chance of falling

in this sturdy Natural-finished wooden crib.

Strong fibreboard ends have large nursery

decorations on Pink background. Side can

be raised or lowered just like a real crib.

Smooth-rolling casters on leqs. See (4)

below for .mattress and pillow set to



this crib. Size about 24 x 14 x 20 Inches

high. A delightful gift for any little girl.

79 N9236 DL-Price, delivered .... 6.98

De luxe Drop-Side Crib-Our Finest. Dolly

will snugq!e down to pleasant dreams In

this "just-like-real" crib. Strong metal con–

struction with metal spring bottom. Decal

decoration and colorful wooden play beads

decorate head and foot. Side can be raised

and lowered. Size about 26 x 15 x 201/2

Inches hiqh. Brightly colored plastic mat–

tress (included) fits into crib and can be

easily washed. Both in assorted colors

79N9235DL-Price, delivered ... 12.95


Dolls' Drop-Side Bed

with storage drawer.

t rdily constructed of Pink

enameled wood with fibre–

board head, removable

heavy cardboard bottom.

Storage drawer beneath for

doll's clothes or bedding.

Decal-decorated head,

colorful beads at foot. Side

can be raised or lowered.

Size about 18' high by 24*

long by



79N9234DL-Del'd. 5.50


Wooden Drop-Side


Crib for dolls; pretty

pastel Pink. Animal deco–

ration at head, play beads

at foot. Removable bottom.

Abt. 16 x 23 x 121/2 in. wide.

79N9233DL-Del'd. 3.29


Cradle Rocker Bed for


dolly. Pink enameled

wood with removable slat

bottom. Size abt.


x 191/2

x 101.h Inches wide.

79N9232DL-Del'd. 2.19


Doll Cradle Bedding


set-desiqned to en–

sure the utmost comfort for


Durable plastic–

covered mattress comes in 3

sizes to


cribs on this page.

Tiny pillow Included.

Mattress abt. IO x 191/2*.

62N934-Del'd..... 98c

Mattress qbt. 12 x 22*.

62N935-Del'd.... 1.19

Mattress abt. 12 x 24*.

62N936-Del'd.... 1.29

. . .






. . .







. .




. .




For playtime pleasure


Description of Items Shown on Opposite Page


De luxe Doll Pram. Your little girl will love to take


her dolly for a walk in this elegant new-st);'le

suburban doll pram. Body is all-metal construction with

chrome trim. Chrome-plated hood spreaders, gear,

handle and fenders. Styled just like Mother's with wash–

able vinyl 4-bow hood and visor. Features a clear-view

apron so that dolly can always be seen. Flexible springs

give a cushlony ride. Non-slip plastic handqrip. Body

size about 24 x !O:JA inches; pusher height about 29

inches; rubber-tired spoke wheels about 71/2-inch dia–

meter. Attractive Coral body and hood, with White

trim and apron. 2.00 down, 5.00 monthly.

79N8289DL-Price, delivered .............. 23.95

Doll Pram as Above but with Blue body and hood, White

apron and trim. 2.00 down, 5.00 monthly.

79N8295 DL-Price, delivered .............. 23.95


Convertible Doll Carria11e with steel frame-a gift


to make your little girl's eyes shine. Covered in

fine quality washable Turquoise vinyl plastic with

White inserts. Four-bow hood with visor, clear-view

.,pron. Body ls mounted on helical sprinqs for smooth

tidlnq. Equipped with brake, anti-tip stand. Converts

easily to stroller--just lift boot, lower footrest. Body


about JO x 25 inches; pusher helqht about 27 inches;

rubber-tired wheels about 61/2-lnch diameter.

79N8293DL-Price, delivered .............. 14.95


The Christmas Present little Girls Dream Of--<>ur


finest convertible doll carriage. All-steel frame

covered in best quality leatherette. Converts easily to

stroller. Has 4-bow hood and visor, body mounted on

4 helical sprinqs for a smooth ride. Non-slip plastic

handgrip on chrome-plated pusher. Chrome-plated

double brake, anti-tip stand, fenders, hood spreaders,

side arms and hubcaps. Padded removable boot has

pocket that contains 3 Polyethylene baby bottles and

packaqe of Kleenex. Body size about 12 x 30*, pusher

heiqht 30*, rubber-tired


spoke wheels. Comes in

Silver White with White padded linlnq, Coral trim and

Mylar piping. 2.00 down, 5.00 monthly.

79N8294DL-Price, delivered ........... . .. 21.95


New .. Colored Doll Pram. All-metal Pastel Green


body and undergear, with harmonizing Green

plaid desiqn on washable vinyl hood and apron. Body



about 16 inches long by 8 Inches wide, pusher

helqht about 19 inches, easy-to-push disc wheels about

41/2-inch diameter. A gift that's sure to please.

79N8285DL-Price, delivered ....... : ....... 4.95


Gay Doll Pram of Grey enameled steel with Blue


vinyl hood, White Inserts and White vinyl apron.

Silver effect hood spreaders, wheels and pusher. Four

Grey enameled mudguards. Body size is about 18 x 8

inches, pusher 201.h inches hiqh. Stamped wheels about

53A-inch diameter.

79N8286DL-Prlce, delivered ............... 8.95


She'll Be Proud to Own this colorful, new doll pram


with all-steel construction. Attractive pastel Yellow

body and underqear with harmonizinq washable Yellow

plaid vinyl hood and visor, clear-view apron. 4 chromed

mudquards, chromed pusher. Anti-tip stand and brake.

Body size is about 20 by 10 inches, handle height about

25 .inches, 61/:[inch diameter rubber-tired wheels.

79N82870i -Price, delivered .............. 11.95


Convertible Doll Carriage will convert to stroller


Just like Mother's. Durable Grey steel frame sus–

pended on 4 steel springs. Washable leatherette cover–

ing. 4 chromed fenders, chromed pusher. 3-bow hood

has clear-view apron. Anti-tip stand, adjustable foot

pan, and brake. Body size about 18 inches lonq by 8

inches wide, pusher about 23 inches· high, stamped

5-inch wheels. Comes in pretty Pink, with Charcoal

Grey hood and apron.

79N8292DL-Price, delivered .............. 10.95

IUl Doll Stroller with folding steel frame, Liqht Grey


enamel finish. Blue-and-White plaid cover on

visor and body. Body size about 81h inches lonq by

8 inches wide, pusher height about 25 inches, diameter

of rubber-tired disc wheels


about 33,4 inches.

79N8409DL-Prlce, delivered . .............. 3.49


Sturdy Stroller-ideal for your little girl when she


takes her dolly shopping. Grey enameled steel

frame. Body covered in Coral washable vinyl with

nursery design trim. Handy shoppinq bag attached at

back may be taken off and worn as shoulder bag. Body


81/2 x 81/2*, pusher 251.h•, disc wheels



79N8410DL-Prlce, delivered ............... 5.29


Doll Stroller and Swing. Strong metal frame enameled


Light Pink to harmonize with washable Red

plaid vinyl seat, sun hood and shopping bag. Seat ls

easily removed and attaches to metal frame to make a

swing for dolly. Metal swinq frame abt. 25' hiqh, body

abt. 91/2 x IO•, handle height abt. 27', front wheels 41/2'

diameter, rear wheels 5'.

79N8411 DL-Stroller and


Delivered ... 7.49


Versatile Convertible Stroller--<:hangesfrom carriage


to stroller in a jiffy. Frame is made of sturdy metal to

withstand bumps and wear. Washable Yellow-and–

White vinyl cover on body and hood. 3-bow hood.

Body size about 14 inches long by 8 Inches wide, pusher

height 22 Inches, disc-type rubber-tired wheels about

41/2-inch diameter.

79N8291 DL-Price, delivered ............ .. . 7.79