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Set. A strongly built piece of


apparatus designed for rugged

use. The 6'10" top bar is constructed of

heavy 2-in. steel tubing. The legs

are 6-ft. and securely joined by socket

clamps. The crossbar hanger for the

glide ride is welded to top bar. The

glide ride itself Is of heavy steel and

hangs from two 1• steel tubes. Safety–

edge seat and channel are welded into

one unit. Handlebars are welded to

drop, as are foot-bars. The ride has 4

nylon bearings. Swings have heavy–

gauge steel seats. These hang on 750-lb.

tested galvanized chains, with non-tilt

hangers running on nylon bearings.

There are also 2 flying rings and a

trapeze bar. The gym set is finished

in weather-resistant enamel.

79N7229DL-Set, delivered. 29.95


Wooden Rocker of one's very own,


to rock happy hours away. Few,

if any, toys possess such unfailing ap–

peal for children as a rocker. This one

Is of excellent quality. Strongly made of

hardwood, It is finished in a Natural

color. The rocker has comfortable arm–

rests and the legs are well-braced.

About 10%" wide, 23" high.

79 N 9003 DL-Price, delivered. 4 .49


Roll-Top Desk and Chair Set. Sturdy


construction and practical desiqn

distinguish this attractive set. The

roomy roll-top desk Is made of durable

hardwood with a beautiful off-white

"Roxatone" finish. Smooth-rolling top

permits easy operation for child. 3

pigeonholes and full width front drawer

to provide space for books, games etc.

Desk is abcut 37• high, 27V:z" wide,

16V2 • deep. Chair Is abcut



with seat abcut 14" from floor. For play

and study. Jn Off-White only.

79N9040DL-Set, del'd ..... 29.95


Toy-Box Wagon. Toy and toy-box


combined In one. Every child

needs a toy-box to pack away his toys

for tidiness. Made of wood-and-Mason–

ite, realistically lithographed and paint–

ed in bright colors to resemble a circus

lion's cage. Toy-box has wooden handle

and wheels. As a toy alone It provides

child with all the fun of a colorful, easy–

to-haul wagon. A practical, attractive

gift. Size Is about 253/4 x 133,4•.

79N9044DL-Price, delivered. 6.95

"Skelly" Game

Is loads of Fun

Study 'n' Game Table with Exciting Games

It's new! All-steel playtable with fascinating games.

Top brightly lithographed In full color. Use table for

homework, parties, TV snacks, as art easel. Complete with

dart beard, checkers, geography game, drawing board

and crayons, "Skelly" qame, racing



table, weights and measures. Instruction book.

79N9052DL-21V2 x so• top, 2SV:z• high ...... 18.95

Gay nursery furniture


Items Shown on Opposite Page


Our Feature Value I 3- Piece Folding Kindergarten Set. All


children love to play house and entertain their friends.

Here is an ideal set for tea-parties and games. Table with

two chairs are of strong all-steel construction. Table top Is ply–

wood reinforced with steel, covered in attractive long-lasting

leatherette. Corners are strongly reinforced. Table measures

abcut 36 x 24•; height from floor abcut 21 •. Chairs are of all–

steel construction with leatherette-covered seats. Size abt.

26%" high, 13" wide, seat 14" from floor.

79N9056DL-3-piece set, in Red-and-Grey only .... 16.95

5-Piece Set. Table and four chairs. As abcve. 2.00 down.

79N9047DL-5-piece set, in Red-and-Grey only .... 23.95

Extra Chair for above sets, or for use as a separate chair.

79N9048DL-Red-and-Grey. Each, delivered ....... 3.79


Roy Rogers 3-Piece Folding Kindergarten Set-exclusive


with Simpsons-Sears. Colorful Roy Rogers and Dale Evans

motif on table-top always delights youngsters. Set consists of

sturdy table and two chairs with extra-strong steel framework,

finished In baked-on Red enamel. Table top and padded chair

seats are of simulated leather with plywood backing. Table has

chrome-plated corners, folding legs, 24" sq. top, 20%" high

from floor. Chairs abt. 27• high; seats 13V4" sq., 13314" from floor.

79N9042DL-Set, delivered ...................... 14.95

Extra Chair to match abcve set. Children love to entertain.

79N9043DL-Red-and-Yellow. Each, delivered ..... 3.98

All-Steel Rocker to match 79N9031DL. About 21• high.

79N9033DL-Each, delivered ................. 3.69


3-Piece Modern Kindergarten Set. This newly designed set


has a multi-color finish that enhances its charm as a

delightful, practical gift. Of durable hardwood construction, the

modern design is set off with decals on table and chairs. Tubu–

lar legs are finished in Gold color and have plastic tips to

protect floors. Table Is abcut 24 x 18 x 19" high. Chair seat

is about 11 x 9•, seat 12V2• from floor.

79N9057DL-3-piece set, delivered ................ 14.95

Extra Chair for above set, or for u9e as separate chair.

79N9058DL-Each, delivered ...................... 4.49


Chrome Kindergarten Set-Blue Waverly. One of our best


sets In adult-type furniture. Modern, handsome extra–

large 3-plece set fashioned after Mother's. Chrome construction

with rubber-tipped chrome legs on table, smooth arborite top

that easily wipes clean with damp cloth. Table size Is about

24 x 18 x J8• high. Seats and backs of chrome construction,

chairs are well-padded and covered in washable plastic. Chairs

are 2oy2 • high with 12V4" square seats abcut 12• from floor. Set

comes in attractive Blue Waverly design only.

79N9038DL-3-plece set, delivered ................ 19.95

Extra Chair to match 79N9038DL abcve.

79N9039DL-Blue Waverly design only. Each .. .... 5.49


De luxe Kindergarten Set. For a cherished and useful gift


for children, this de luxe set ideally qualifies.



provide endless hours of fun for coloring, doing puzzles and

playing games. The table and two chairs are of all-hardwood

construction, finished with a high-gloss natural varnish. Turned

table lei;is are set into hardwood stays, reinforced with crossbars.

Top of table is about 22 x 18"; height from floor is abcut 18".

Two Windsor-style chairs have seats abcut lOV4• square and

abcut 11• from floor. Chairs themselves are about 22• high. This

set Is excellent value.

79N9004DL-3-pieceset, Natural color only .......... 9 .95

Extra Windsor Chair to match 79N9004DL above.

79N9005 DL-Natural color only. Each, delivered .... 2.98

IUl Chrome-Plated Rocker. Child-size colorful rocker has Red


plastic seat and back. Steel legs and armrests are chrome–

plated. Plastic covering quickly wipes clean with damp cloth.

Rocker seat measures about 123,4 x 12V4". Height about 22V2•.

79N9009DL-Each, de!. Easy to assemble ........... 7.95


New TV Chair-Table. Here


a sensational new child's

TV chair that converts Into a table. The back of seat flips

forward to become a brightly lithographed serving tray or desk

top. Children from 3 to 12 will love this chair-table for T.


viewing. Sturdy tubular steel, baked enamel finish. Seat

covered In washable plastic. It measures abcµt 12" wide,

about 11 V2• from the ground. Tray about 14 x 91/2".

79N9053DL-Each, de!. Easy to assemble ........... 8.49


TV Saddle Chair. This delightful TV saddle keeps your


child happily seated erect as he "rides off" to chase the

"rustlers" Real Western-style all-leather saddle with reins,

tie-strings and lariat. Studs, conchas, medallion, "bedroll"

and "saddle blanket" add to authenticity. Rubber-tipped hard–

wood legs. Saddle seat about


from ground. For ages 2 to 10.

79N9055DL-Each. Easytoassemble ............... 6.95

Ill Padded Rocker with Foot Stool. The two pieces are beaut!–


fully covered In a two-tone plastic of White, and light

Turquoise with a wavy Gold color line; trimmed with White pip–

ing. The plastic covering resists dirt and wipes clean with damp

cloth. Rocker measures about 20" high; seat about 12% x 13 ,

about 10" from ground. Stool abt. 11 x 8 x


high. Rocker and

stool padded for child's comfort. Easily assembled.

79N9054DL-Rocker and stool. ................... 14.95