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Outstanding Value! Diamond Argyle


socks-903 soft warm wool, 103 tough

nylon with features usually found In more

expensive socks. 2-ply yarns and nylon en–

sure Jong wear. Shrink-resistant; colorfast.

Assorted designs. Hand frame knit. Brogue

weight. Choose group I to wear with Blue,

Grey; qroup 2 to wear with Brown, Tan.

Sizes 101/2, 11, 111/2, 12. Ankle length.

33 N511 0-Gift-boxed. Del'd. 2 pair. 3.00


A Gilt He'll Show His Friends-hand


frame-knit socks of Sanforlan Botany

wool in brogue weight, with nylon reinforce–

ment. Extra-strong 3-ply yarns throughout.

Washable and colorfast. Assorted Inlaid

diamond·designs. Choose set 3 to wear with

Blue or Grey suits; set 4 to wear with Brown

or Tan suits. Sizes 101/2, II, 111/2, 12.

33N5122-Boxed. Del'd ... 2 pairs. 3.88


Super-Soft 3-ply twist Australian


Botany wool. Sanforlan treated–

won't shrink out of shape. Nylon-reinforced

for extra wear. Hand frame knit 'lri Argyle

patterns of color-controlled dyes--colors

will not run. These are the best quality

ankle socks we offer, with features found in

the most expensive imported socks. Set 5

blends with Blue or Grey; set 6 blends with

Brown or Tan. Sizes 101/2, II, 111/z, 12.

33N5123-Boxed. Del'd ... 2pairs. 5.00


You Don't Hove to Know His Size to buy


these socks-they fit all sizes 10 to 14.

Hand frame-knit in assorted designs. Made

of 703 pure Botany wool for warmth, com–

fort, absorbency and 303 best quality

stretch nylon for perfect fit. "Kroy" shrink–

treated. Completely washable; colorfast.

Wear set 7 with Blues and Greys; set 8 with

Browns and Tans. Will fit all sizes IO to 14.

33N5124-Boxed. Del'd .. . 2 pairs. 3.00

As ·above but machine-knit of 683 fine

combed cotton with 323 stretch nylon.

Colors and sizes as above. Economy-priced.

33 N5125-Boxed. Del'd ... 2 pairs. 2.00


Cushion Foot Flex-Fits, our most com–


fortable socks. 503 Sanforlan-treated

Botany wool for warmth, absorbency, with

503 stretch nylon for extra-wear, perfect.

fit. Terry soles cushion every step. Wlll fit

any size "JO to 14. Shrinkproof; colorfast.

00 (White), 75 (Cardinal Red), 08 (Charcoal

Grey), 30(Yellow), 48(Wine), 88(Navy).

Fit sizes 10-14. Asstd. neat. Self-knit designs.

Ankle length with elastic tops.

33 N5046-Del'd. Pair. 1. 19; 2 pairs 2.25

Half-hose length with elastic topsT

33 N5085-Del'd. Pair. 1.49; 2 pairs 2. 75


Lambswool "Nubby" Socks. Cashmere–


soft Australian lambswool, nylon–

reinforced. Shrink-resistant. Ankle length,

elastic tops. Ideal for wear with the latest

"tweed" effect clothes. Choice of 08(Char–

coal Grey). 72 (Flame Red), 97 (Peacock

Blue). 79(Powder Blue). Sizes !01/z, 11, I


33N5069-Pair, delivered ........ 1.50

rr;1 Special Price Diamond A.rgylits




of wool or spun nylon. Ankle length,

elastic cuffs. Sizes 10, 101/2, II, 111/2, 12.

Wool. Warm, absorbent, shrink-resistant.

Nylon-reinforced. State color number.

09(Black with Pink), 48(Wine), OJ (Grey).

33N5021-Del'd. Pair.1.19;3pairs3.00

Nylon. Shrinkprool. Long-wearing. State

color no. 48(Wine), SO(Brown), 80(Blue).

33 N5022-Dei'd. Pair. 1. 19; 3 pairs 3.00


New Hand Frame-Knit socks in minia–


ture block design; brogue weight

pure wool, nylon-reinforced. Kroy shr!nk–

treated; colorfast. Ankle length, rib-knit

tops. 09(Blaek), 02(Light Grey), 88(Navy).

33N5126-Sizesl01/2,ll,lll/2,l2 .. 1.98


They 're Bound to Fit. Flex-Fit solid

color socks


all sizes I0 to 14. Choose

set 9 to wear with Blues and Greys and set

JO for Browns and Tans. Choice of 1003

stretch nylon or 503 wool and 503 nylon.

1003 stretch nylon. Shrinkproof, extra

long-weeiring. Colorfast. 6 x 3 rib knit.

33N5127-Del'd. Box of 3 pairs ... 2.75

503 Sanforlan ·wool-503 stretch nylon.

Wool for warmth, absorbency; nylon for fit.

33N5128-Del'd. Box of 3 pairs ... 3.50


More Flex-Fit Stretch Socks, this time


in fancy patterns. Choose from 1003

stretch nylon or wool-and-nylon. In boxes

of 3 pairs. Set 11 to wear with Blues, Greys;

set 12 for Browns, Tans. State set number.

1003 stretch nylon fits all sizes JO to 14.

Shrinkproof, colorfast, Jong-wearing.

33N5129-Del'd. Box of 3 pairs . .. 2.98

50% Sanforlan botany wool-50% stretch

nylon. Warmer, more absorbent. Fits 10-14.

33 N5130-Del'd. Box of 3 pairs ... 3.79


Personalized Sock Set of 3 pairs of


stretch nylon hose--one size fits all

sizes 10-14.

Wear-defying, shrinkprool.

Ankle length, elastic tops. Consists of I pair

Grey, I Blue, I Brown. State I Initial.

All initials except-I,



U, V, X, Y,


33 N5118-Set, delivered .. ....... 3.00




. . .



. . .

Supple, Top Grode Saddle Coif

Hand-laced, Double-Knotted Edges


The rich tan leather harmonizes with dark–

brown hand-laced edges. Removable !eather–

covered pass case with dome fastener. Four

double-sided windows. One large bill pocket.

Change purse and key holder. Special secret

compartment. Measures about 41/4 x 311z• closed.

Please state color by number. 53(Tan) only.

33 N7300-Gift boxed. Delivered ..... . . 3.50

New Personalized Signature Wallet

Imported English leatherware


Just write signature on the gold leaf ... remove

leaf ... and qold signature remains, protected

by skilfully constructed heavy-gauge plastic

window. Of quality jet-black rich-looking hide

with bill compartment, coin purse, stamp and

card pockets. Accordion-style pass case allows

JO views at once. State color number.

33 N7417-09(Black) only. Delivered .. .. 4.98


English Made

Our Finest Imported Saddle Goatskin

Wallet with Distinctive Hand lacing


Here's a gift that will reflect your own good taste.

Our finest imported saddle goatskin wallet in rich

wood colors with handsomely embossed design.

Complete with change purse, pass case with tab

fastener and 4 double-sided windows; identifi–

cation window. 2 bill compartments-one with

zipper. Gift boxed. State color number.

33 N7 404-53(Tanwood) or 70(Redwood). 4.50

Select English Cooch Hide with Crest

Reduced 52c for Christmas Giving


English-made, wallet features the removable

accordion-style pass case with tab fastener, that

shows all cards and photos at one time (10 views}.

Made of select English coach hided with Gold

leaf crest. Bill compartment, car and note

pockets. Was 4.50 in '57 Fall Book. Gilt boxed.

Please state color number. 53(Rlch Tan) only.

33N7402-Denvered, now only .... . .... 3.98













die pigskin; hand-

occo leather wallet.

co-grained leather

laced edges. Has two

Has one zipper and

wallets in assorted

bill compartments,


styles. Pass case has

change purse, remov-

ment. Removable

4 windows; change

Wallet, Key Case


Our newest and


finest set-made

of specially selected

Highland calf by

English craftsmen.

Bill compartment,

stamp, ticket pockets,

coin purse, pass case.

Matching key case

has 4 key hooks.


able case with 4 dou-

leather-covered pass

purse; key, stamp


hie-sided windows.

case with 4 double-

pockets. About 41/z x

Size 41/2 x 31/2• closed.

sided windows; card

31/z• closed. Colors:

SO (Brown) on!


pocket. State color no.

09 CB!k.) or SO (Brown).

33 N7307-Del. 1.98

09(B!ack), SO(Brown).

33 N7304-Del. 1. 98

2for ..... 3.00

33N7301-Del. 3.98

2lor .. ... 3.00


SO(Soft Brown) only.

33N7418-Del. 5.98