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Embroidered Banquet Set


Chinese hand-embroidery high–


lights this charming imported

banquet set. Woven from pure

White cotton, with finely detailed

hand cutwork outlined with delicate

Ice Blue embroidery. Launders

safely. A set for gracious mealtime



a gift to



9-pc. set includes cloth abt. 68 x

86•, and 8 napkins abt. 16 x 16•.

96N603-Set, delivered .... 7.95

13-pc. set includes cloth abt. 68 x

102• a11d 12


abt. 16 x JG•.

96N604-Set, dehvered ... 10.95

Imported Cutwork Applique

Tea set woven from smooth White

cotton. Assorted embroidered designs

In Cornely style with cutwork and

colored applique effect. Includes

cloth abt. 34 x 34•, and 4 napkins

abt. 11 x 11


Washable. A lovely

Christmas gift. White background

with applique in 60(Pink), 80(Blue),

20(Green), 30(Yellow).

96N828-5-pc. set, del'd ... 1.69

Nottingham Lace Tablecloth


A lovely cloth to grace your


festive table ... to form a back–

ground for your finest china and

silverware. This Nottingham lace

cloth is woven from sturdy 6-point

cotton in a dainty floral design,

and has graceful scalloped edges.

Long-wearing and hand-washable;



used again without ironing.

Just stretch to original size and

shape, then dry flat. Your choice

of 3 sizes. Soft 50 (Ecru) shade.

96N353-Abt.52x52". Ea. 1.89

96N354-Abt. 52 x 70•. Ea. 2.49

96 N 355-Abt. 67 x 88". Ea. 3. 79

Special Purchase Cloths

Novelty hand screen-printed cloths

at exceptionally low prices. Woven

from good quality cotton and rayon,

they feature a novelty kitchen

pattern in gay, cheerful colors.

Washfast. Two popular sizes. Your

choice of 70 (Red), 90 (Turquoise),








Ea. 1.00

96 N 830-Abt. 48 x 6J •. Ea. 1. 49

Our Finest .Damask Set


This Imported damask set is


made from the finest quality

rayon-and-cotton, and features an

artistic modern scroll pattern. A

new, completely washable set avail–

able In 2 popular sizes. 51 (Parch–

ment Beige), 90(Turquoise)


(Maize) ,60 (Pink) ,20 (Grn.) ,00 (White).

5-piece set includes cloth abt. 54 x

54 •, and 4 napkins abt. 13 x 13".

96N827-Set, delivered .... 3.98

9-piece set includes cloth abt. 56 x

78", and 8 napkins abt. 16 x 16".

96N826-Set, delivered .... 5.98

Dobby Weave Tablecloth

Imported · spun rayon-and-cotton

tablecloth in the popular dobby

weave. Assorted plaids and checks

In gay, bright colors. Two sizes. An

inexpensive cloth to buy ... an ever–

useful one to own. 70 (Red), 80 <Blue),

30(Yellow), 20(Green). Please state

color number on your order.

96N102-Abt.48x48". Ea .. 69c

9 6 N 103-Abt. 48 x 66•. Ea.. 98c

Protection for Chairs and



White Lace Plastic chair, sofa covers.


96N235-3-pc.chairset,del'd. 1.29

96N236-3-piece sofa set, del'd ... 1.79

96N237G-Both sets (6 pc.), del'd. 2.98


Cotton Lace chair and sofa covers.


Choice of 50(Ecru), or OO(White).

96N204-3-piece chair set, del'd .. 1.79

96N244-3-piece sofa set, de!'d .. 2.98

Madeira-Type Cotton Bedroom Set


6-piece bedroom set. Madeira hand–


embroidery on cotton. I runner 18 x


1 runner 18 x


2 oblong pieces


x 14", 1 oblong piece 6 x 12*, and


square 12 x 12*. OOrWhite) only.

96 N 242-6-piece set, del'd ........ 1.98

Two-Tone Lace Tablecloth


Our best Harmony House lace


tablecloth to provide a gracious

setting for your holiday entertain–

ing. British-made of firmly woven

2-ply cotton yarns,


features an

intricate 2-tone design in Light and

Dark Ecru. Styled after an authen–

tic Italian (Madeira-type) cutwork

pattern, and carefully detailed with

finely scalloped and picoted edge.

Launders well by hand. This attrac–

tively gift-boxed cloth will make a

delightful Christmas present.

About 68 x 88 inches.

96N364-Each, del'd...... 9.98


plastic top

Cotton insulation



3-Layer "Table Topper"

2-in-one combination of tablecloth

and protective pad. Pliable, soft–

draping cover of White opaque plas–

tic in damask pattern. Backing

of soft plastic. "Topper" is f1lled

with quilted layers of thick new

cotton insulation. Protects table

from heat, liquid, scratches.

96N 1125-Abt. 50 x 70". Ea. 3.98

96N1126-Abt. 50 x 90•. Ea. 4.98