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Keep Toddlers Away

2 29


from Dangerous Spots


Folding Plastic

2 98

Training Seat



For Traveling


• Popular





• Hardwood construction

• Harmless non-toxic finish

This sturdy play pen


throuqh a standard door with–

out foldinq. Folds flat for com–

pact storage. Masonite floor,

round dowels, one row of col–

ored play beads. Positive lack–

ing corners. One-piece sides

and ends. Natural finish.

1 N8469DL-Del'd . . 10.95

2-in-I Commode


Con be used as a

commode trainer or

is easily converted

into a step-stool



Commode Step-Stool.



tubular arms and legs, plastic tips.

Molded plastic seat. Attractive natural-fin–

ished scalloped wood front rail. 10' sq.

Plextone (mottled grey) back with nursery

decal. Safety strap. Black non-slip rubber

tread on outside back. Ensemble includes




. . . . · · · · · · · · 6. 29


Folding Safety Gates to safeguard your

toddler from stairs, doors or windows.

trongly constructed of hardwood, finished in

Natural color varnish that will not harm baby.


4 ft. Del'd . . 2.29

1 N8466DL-Ext. up to 6 ft. Del'd .. 2.59

1 N8467DL-Ext. up to 8 ft. Del'd . . 2. 79


Plastic Folding Training Seat with built-in


deflector. Safety strap and nursery

decal. 60(Pink), 80(Blue), OO(White).

1 N8773DW-State2ndcolorchoice .. 2.98

2-Piece Ensemble


Mattress, Bumper Pad

Crib mattress. 42


tempered steel

coils overlaid with posture

board. Padded with colored

felt. Heavy-gauqe washable

sanitized vinyl p,lastic cover

in "Raq Doll' pattern–

printed top, plain bottom.

Ventilators, taped edges. 24

x 49', fits crib 27 x 51'.

Hiqh-back bumper pad .

Tufflex-filled. Cover matches

mattress. Tape ties. Back 26

x 11•, arms 26 x 7'.

1 N82050DW-Del. 14.95

As above, but larger mattress.

27 x 52', fits crib 30 x 54'.

1N82051DW-Del. 15.95

Convenien .. . Colorful . . . Inexpensive Tables

Just Made for Casual Living and Entertaining


Entertain the Easy Way this Christmas


with a set of these inexpensive

hostess tables. Also ideal for those

informal " TV suppers" at home. Can


conveniently stacked as shown when not

in use. Strong tubular Black metal legs.

Delightful Rose pattern on Black metal

tray. Size 12 x 17 x 24' high.

1 N3530DW-Set of 4. Del'd ... 9.95


Wood Hostess Tables. Black enamel


table and stand. Hardboard top

on folding "X" type legs. Metal clip

holds tables firm when set up. Attrac–

tive Gold color motif on top. Stand has

carrying handle and sturdy base. Size

18 x 14', height 20V2* when open. Can

be folded up neatly and compactly.

1N3529DW- Setof4. DeJ·d . . 10.95






Santa recommends them


Description of Items Shown on Opposite Page


3-Piece Youth Bed Ensemble. Bed 36 x 66", select kiln-dried

wood. Ribbon slat spring, steel side rails. Cotton layer felt–


ed mattress, "Chlorophresh"-treated cotton cover. Pink-and–

Blue nursery_ pattern cover. 54 (Honey Maple), 00 (White).

1 N8360DW-3-pc. ensemble. State color no. Del'd . . . 39.95


3-Piece Crib Enstomble with Bonus Offer of toy spaniel puppy.


Apartment size crib 27 x 51* made of kiln-dried lumber finish

in Honey Maple. Safety drop side. Easy-rolling casters.

Sturdy Cable Fabric Spring of strong angle iron.

Spring-filled Mattress 25 x 49". 42-coil construction with colored

felt layer and posture board for firm support. Ventilators. Taped

edges. Vinyl cover in Multicolor nursery pattern.

1 N8452DW-3-pc.ensemble.. 3.00down,delivered .. . . 29.95


4-Piece Crib Ensemble with Bonus Offer of large, cuddly


panda bear (18* high). Ensemble includes:

Crib size 30 x 54* with single safety drop side and button catch

releases. Sanitary plastic teething rails on all 4 sides. Colorful

plastic twirl balls, line decoration around decals on fool end.

Large, easy-running plastic casters. Select kiln-dried lumber.

State choice of 54(Honey Maple) or OO(White).

4-Position Ribbon Slat Spring. Easily adjustable.

Spring Filled Mattress. Size 27 x 52*. 42 tempered steel coils over–

laid with posture board for firm support. Well padded with

colored layer felt. Washable Sanitized vinyl plastic cover in

Multicolor nursery pattern. 4 ventilators. Taped edges.

High-Back Bumper Pad. Tuflex-filled. Vinyl plastic cover matches

mattress. Tape ties. Back 26 x 11", arms 26 x


1 N8453DW-4-pc. ensemble. 5.00 down. Delivered . . 49.95


Convertible Baby Carriage with Heinz Bonus Offer. Chrome–


plated tubular undergear. Painted anti-tip stand and

brake. 2-tone color, 4-bow lined hood; streamlined, chrome–

plated hood arms. Sun visor. 36" padded body with soft boot.

Simply remove boot to convert to stroller. No-draft plastic apron

in contrasting color with clear plastic windscreen. Chrome–

plated, adjustable pusher, fenders and hubcaps. 9* wheels with


rubber tires. Folds compactly. State color choice of 98(Silver

White with Blue) or 80(Blue with Silver White) .

1N8503DW-4.00down,5.00monthly. Delivered ...... 42.95

ICl Combination Play Table and Chair with Heinz Bonus Offer.


Chair back folds down to form play table. Grey laminated

plastic table top banded in aluminum. Padded chair seat and

back. State choice of 70(Red), Ol(Grey), or 30(Yellow).

1 N 881 2 OW-Shipped legs detached. Delivered . . . . . . 20. 95


Chrome-and-Plastic Hiqh Chair with Heinz Bonus Offer. Con–


verts to youth chair by removing tray. Raised sides and

back for easy cleaning. Non-spill, 3-posilion adjustable tray,

15 x 8\12' deep. High padded back, padded seat and sides. Safety

strap. 3-pasition adjustable footrest faced with plastic, banded

with aluminum trim. Chrome-plated tubular legs, non-marring

tips. Black-and-White piping on back and arms. Attractive

patterned vinyl on-seat, arms and back in· choice of 80(Blue),

01 (Grey), or 30(Yellow). Laminated plastic footrest and tray in

matching pattern but Grey only. Seat 111/2* square.

1 N8747DW-Price, delivered ... . .. ... . ... . .... . . ... 16.95


Child's Basket Chair with Heinz Bonus Offer. Rattan peel


woven over solid rattan pole with Golden color varnish

finish. Metal-capped f;,et. Diameter 18V2•, overall height 20'.

1 N8745DW-Prtce, delivered ............... . . . ..... . 3.99


3- Piece Commod"' Chair Ensemble with Heinz Bonus Offer.


Natural finish wood chair, swingover tray, colorful nursery

decal. Pink-and-Blue vinyl plastic seat pad, cover, tape lies.

1 N8760DW--Complete with plastic chamber. Del'd .... 5.29

Beautiful Dinettes and Kitchen Stools


High-Back Step Stool. Chrome-plated tubular steel frame,


padd_ed seat and back upholstered in "Mother-of-Pearl"

pattern. 2 steel steps with non-slip rubber treads; fold in when not

in use. Plastic caps on legs. 62(HH Cherry Red), 04(HH Dawn

Grey), 23(HH Sage Green), 37(HH Sunshine Yellow).

1 N2918DW-Seat ht. 24'. Delivered . . ...... . ..... . . 12.49


Step Stool as above but less high back. Colors as above.


1 N 2921 OW-Price, delivered . . .. ........ . .. ... . . 8. 98


Utility Stool. Chrome-plated tubular legs, circvlar footrest.


Padded, vinyl-covered seat in "Scandia" pattern. Choice

of 02(Light Grey), 90(Turquoise), 60(Pink).

1 N2938DW-24* high. Delivered ... ... .. ...... ... . . . 6.95


7- Pc. Chrome Dinette Suite. Table 36


48"' extends to



with centre leaf, Surfboard sides and bowed ends. Polished,

flared apron with contrasting Black insert. Chrome-plated tubular

legs are tapered and have chrome-plated supports. Chromed

self-leveling floor protectors. Chairs:


tubular chrome-plated

frame. Posture form, concealed back posts. Comfortable well–

padded seat and back. Colors:


(Grey) table top with 2-torie

Grey and Red chairs, 60(Pink) table top and chairs. 30(Yellow)

table top and chairs.

1 N28054F-Table and 6 chairs. 5.00 down, del'd .. .. 119.95

5-Pc. Chrome Dinette Suite. Table as above but 30 x 42", extends

to 54• with centre leaf. Chairs and colors as above.

1 N28053F-Table and 4 chairs. 5.00 down, delivered .. 89.95

1 N29053F-Exlra chairs for extra seating. Pr., del'd . . . . 22.95


5- Pc. Black-and-Brass Dinette Suite. Table 30 x 42*, extends


to 54* with 1 leaf. Surfboard sides, bowed ends. Flared

brass anodized apron, contrasting Black insert. Black-finished,

tubular, tapered legs have brass supports. Brass-plated self–

leveling floor protectors. Chairs.


tubular Black-finished

frame. Posture form, concealed back posts. Self-leveling brass–

plated floor protectors. Well padded seat and back.

Colors_: 30(Yellow) table and chairs; 60(Pink) table and chairs;

02(Light Grey) table and chairs. State color number.

1N28055F-Table and 4 chairs. 5.00 down, delivered .. 89. 95

7-Pc. Black-and-Brass Dinette. Table as above but 36 x 48",

extends to 60' with centre leaf. Chairs as above. Same colors.

1 N28056F-Table and 6 chairs. 5.00 down, delfvered. 119.95

1 N29055F-Extra chairs for extra seating. Pair, del'd .. 22. 95